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Motivational Topics and Talks – Reno, Nevada

Motivational Keynote Speaker, Christopher Meade PhD in Reno, NV

Motivational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, specializes in motivational keynote talks and speeches on the topic of Maximizing Human Potential. He is an inspirational, sometimes humorous, and engaging motivational keynote speaker with experience in a multitude of settings.

As a high school drop out who ended up earning a PhD and becoming an award-winning graduate business professor and entrepreneur, Chris Meade brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires audiences with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors and improve in their lives and businesses. Chris’ story is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams and goals.

Motivational Keynote Speaker in Reno, Nevada | Maximizing Human Potential

Five Motivational Talks To Choose From:

Developing A Winning Mindset

HeadOur attitudes are the most important thing about us; more important than our past, money, education, or appearance. Our mindsets determine our future because they determine our effectiveness. The late John D. Rockefeller said, “I will pay more for a person’s ability to get along with other people in life than for any other skill they possess.” In this talk, inspirational and motivational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, will share four simple, yet powerful principles of how to turn your mindset into a force multiplier that aids you and others in accomplishing your work, goals and dreams while making authentic friendships all along the way.

The Truth About Change

FutureThere are three changes every person can count on this year: new problems, new pressures and new possibilities. Change often evokes negative feelings and anxiety, but it doesn’t have to. The Chinese word for “crisis” is composed of two words: danger and opportunity. Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that opportunity lurks wherever there is chaos. Motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, unpacks three non-negotiable attributes that are the antidotes to the challenges that change brings and that each of us face in life and work. Discover these transformational qualities that every forward-looking person must embrace if they are to be successful and happy in their lives and careers.

Dream On!

Moon MissionAll great accomplishments begin with a dream. While speaking about the Apollo Space Mission, President John F. Kennedy said, “We choose to go to the moon not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.” Each of us have our own “moon mission” to accomplish in our lives and careers. Fear of failure, self-doubt, the unknown, and limited resources will always try and hold us back from launching forward. In this talk, motivational and inspirational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, will inspire and motivate you through stories and images of how men and women throughout history have changed their lives and the lives of others through acting courageously in pursuit of a simple dream. Discover the secret of how you can not just have a dream, but live your dream each and every day.

Moving Forward: The Only Way Out Is Through

hikerWith every peak there’s been a valley. For every leap forward, there’s been a stumble back. Every person experiences setbacks and the fear of failure in life; and sometimes the fear of failing is worse than the failure itself! But if we give in to this fear it will hinder us from accomplishing our dreams and living the life we desire to live. And before we know it, we can end up settling for a life of “could of, should of, would of.” Often, the only way out is through! In this talk, inspirational and motivational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, shares four essentials for overcoming the fear of failure that will set you on a path to living the good life, a life we dream of living; one that is authentic and with no regrets.

The Heart To Win

Fish copyWinning first happens with the determination of heart. It’s more often connected to an “extraordinary mindset” than it is with superior ability or talent. This is true not just in sports, but in business and in life. If we come out of the starting blocks with a mindset to lose, we’ve lost even before we’ve started. In this talk, motivational keynote speaker, Dr. Christopher Meade, shares three insightful attributes that winning individuals and teams possess. This motivational talk will energize you and improve your race strategy for life and work as you rediscover how winning is first found in the heart.

Speaking to a leadership team at Nike, Inc. in Portland Oregon.

Chris Meade Speaking copy

Speaking at the Adjutant General’s Leadership Day.

Chris Meade Keynote Speaker

Top Motivational Keynote Speaker in Reno, Nevada

Author. Professor. Corporate Trainer. Leader-Builder.

Dr. Chris Meade - Leadership AliveDr. Christopher Meade is an author, leader-builder, entrepreneur, former business dean, award-winning MBA professor, small business owner, and an energizing and dynamic motivational keynote speaker. Chris specializes in motivating and helping managers, leaders, and teams get better.  As a master storyteller, Chris inspires audiences with his authenticity and passion to rise above their challenges and obstacles and lean into their full potential and bright future. Chris accelerates growth in leaders, galvanizes work teams together, and trains and inspires managers and leaders how to boost employee engagement within their organizations in order to maximize performance, increase customer engagement, and improve business outcomes. Chris is the author of Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture. Alongside motivational speaking, Chris serves as a leadership coach to a wide range of executives, leaders, teams, and organizations and an MBA university professor. He speaks at conferences, conventions, and training events in the Reno, Nevada area and throughout the United States and China.


Gallup Strengths Coach Chris Meade

Reno, Nevada: “The biggest Little City in the World.”

Settled outside the Las Vegas metro area, Reno, Nevada is right inside the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range at the edge of the Great Basin. It clocks in with over 225,000 residents and an average family size of 3.1. Reno is a desert climate resulting in extremely warm temperatures and only receiving about seven inches of rain per year. Reno can be found neighboring Carson City, Sun Valley and Sparks, Nevada. Similar to Vegas, Reno, Nevada is most famously known for its casinos and being the place where Caesars Entertainment Corp. had its beginnings. To me, Reno has always been one of the bright spots in the middle of nowhere.

Reno also is filled with tons of activities to take part in while visiting. Many locals and tourists spend time on Diamond Peak or Mount Rose skiing and snowboarding. When the weather shifts, Reno’s Truckee River is a prime spot to go whitewater rafting. Also, if you happen to be in the area in September, you’ll be just in time for the Reno Air Races, a seven day event that is described as the “world’s fastest motor sport.”

Reno Business Industry

Reno’s largest industries stem from tourism, casinos and hotels and technology and it’s top employers include Washoe County School District, University of Nevada, Reno, Washoe County, Renown Regional Medical Center, Peppermill Hotel Casino, International Game Technology, Integrity Staffing Solutions, Silver Legacy Resort Casino, Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center, Atlantis Casino Resort.

Reno_Nevada chris meade

 Reno, Nevada  Education and Universities

The University of Nevada is a large facet for revenue and is also one of the top universities in the area including Truckee Meadows Community College, Career College of Northern Nevada, University of Phoenix, Morrison University, and Nevada School of Law at Old College.

Reno, Nevada Hospitality and Hotels

If you need a great location for a convention or conference make sure to check out the Reno-Sparks Convention Center, Davinci Meeting Rooms, or the Nevada-Utah Conference Seventh. Reno, NV also has hotels and accommodation for any price range. Whether you’re in town for business or getting away for the weekend, Reno has great service and wonderfully rated hotels such as the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Hampton Inn and Suites Reno, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Skybridge Suites, Hilton Garden Inn Reno, and Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. And…don’t forget you’re sunscreen!

Dr. Christopher Meade is top motivational keynote speaker who inspires audience with passion and vision for the future. Chris speaks in the Reno, Nevada area.


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