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About Leadership Alive, Inc.

Transform You. Transform Business.

Founded in 2005, Leadership Alive, Inc.® is a leader-building organization that helps inspire, coach and resource leaders, managers, teams and organizations. We help accelerate workforce engagement, galvanize groups into high-performing teams, develop trusted leaders, and create organizational cultures that achieve exceptional business outcomes.

Leadership Alive, Inc.® is led by Christopher Meade, PhD, recipient of the CEO Today Management Consulting Awards which recognizes and honors top firms and most respected management consultants and their C-level executives who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number of industries and sectors (Top 25 USA | Top 100 Internationally).

Transformed Leaders Produce Business Outcomes

At Leadership Alive, Inc.,® we guide leaders into greater personal growth that directly affects their leadership. Personal transformation has a profound effect upon how business transformation takes place. When leaders (or teams) experience personal transformation there is a ripple effect to all who are in their wake. Transformed people lead differently because they are different. Transformed leaders produce different results in people and business outcomes.

Transformation Releases A Ripple Effect

Transformed leaders leverage strengths and manage limitations in themselves and with others more effectively. They possess stronger self-awareness and self-management skills. They have others and team awareness. They handle stress better and they cultivate cultures of trust on their teams. Transformed leaders employ communication strategies that connect with colleagues in new ways. They do this especially in times of change, pressure and conflict.

Increased Capacity Produces More Credibility

Because transformed leaders connect better with people they build trusted relationships in and outside their departments. Their increased capacity and consistency which gives them more credibility. Transformed leaders expand the emotional intelligence on the team. They grow in empathy. They give and receive healthy feedback. They earn and extend trust. They build healthy teams that thrive because they increase team and organizational engagement.

Transformed leaders leverage strengths and manage limitations in both themselves and others more effectively. — Christopher Meade, PhD

Transformation Maximizes Potential In People And Achieves Results

Vision-casting, managing change, gaining buy-in, creating alignment, working as a team, developing others and championing strategic execution all begin to come together when the transformation is alive. Teams come together in new ways and begin to fire on all cylinders because leaders and mangers are “showing up” in transformed ways. Business results are different because these leaders are different. This is why we do what we do at Leadership Alive, Inc.® and why we say, “Transform you. Transform Business.”

Our Values Create Value For Our Clients

Our values embody the spirit and personality of our organization. Our values translate into specific actions and decisions we make that ultimately serve and deliver value to our clients.

  • Simplicity: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication—LD.” Be lean. Laser focus. Less is more. Create synergy. Leverage the Pareto Law. Eliminate drag to gain thrust and lift.
  • Be Fast And Don’t Hurry: Speed is competence. Learn fast. Act faster. Responsiveness demonstrates respect and trustworthiness. But don’t hurry. Pay attention to detail. Do your homework. Lead with a non-anxious presence. Be fast with tasks and present with people.
  • Walk The Talk: Live the kind of life you recommend to others. Own it. Be it. Live it. Bring it. Share it.
  • Passionaries: Love what you do and you never work a day in your life. Stoke the fire within. Work with purpose, joy and passion. Lead out of your strengths. Be ambitious for the success of others.
  • Warriors With Soul: Be a voracious learner. Develop black-belt skills in your business acumen. Be “ninja-like” in your skill-set. And possess soul. Be a warrior for the human spirit. Lead with character. Be ethical. Display compassion. Choose courage. Believe in people. Be an ambidextrous servant-leader. Deliver results and build great relationships.

Transform You. Transform Business. Personal transformation produces winning results in people and business outcomes. — Christopher Meade, PhD

We Provide Expertise And Personalized Service

We provide corporate facilitated trainings, keynote speaking, and digital resources to leaders, managers, and teams. We specialize in workforce development, talent acceleration, servant leadership training, management effectiveness, and creating cultures of organizational health and excellence. We offer:

  • Professionally Prepared, Dynamically Delivered Team Facilitated Training Experiences
  • Engaging, Insightful and Inspiring Keynote Presentations
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • World-Class Resources & Relevant Industry Tools
  • Insightful, Informative, Instructive, and Inspirational E-Books

Leadership development is critical to any organization that would like to improve and Chris Meade is the foremost expert in helping it get there.

David Bottamini, PE Engineer III Public Works, Clark County Washington

Today was another step on the path to making this team really hum! I thought you did a fantastic job of making our team training tangible, relatable and actionable.

Travis, SVP ISG Sales - Global Business Operations, Dell Computers EMC

Leadership Alive, Inc.® brings a unique perspective that is insightful and helpful in developing the whole person. Chris has added value and acumen into my skill-set as a leader. He has not only equipped me, but helped me lead others to develop their vision and passion too.

David Cutbirth, President and Founder, DC Engineering

We Are Strategic Partners With Our Clients

Leadership Alive, Inc.® we work with our clients as strategic partners in providing value by developing their talent base, strengthening their teams, and increasing their leadership impact. We help companies navigate challenges in culture, people, innovation and leadership. Our clients value our personalized, high-touch service and the expertise and impact we bring to their teams and organizations through our training and coaching experiences. We help companies grow and change their business outcomes by serving the whole organization, beginning with leaders and teams.

ROI: Value To Our ClientsDr._Chris_Meade_top-keynote-motivational-speaker

We partner with companies that invest in their talent and desire to scale their leadership capability.  Our clients tell us we add value to them in the following ways:

  • Increase self-awareness and others-awareness to their managers, leaders and teams
  • Equip managers and team members in how to build stronger connections with others
  • Increase capacity and credibility of leaders and managers by building trusted relationships
  • Utilize more effective communication strategies with others
  • Grow stronger emotional intelligence throughout the organization
  • Create strategies for greater buy-in and building teams in alignment
  • Aid managers and leaders in building higher engagement with their teams
  • Guide conflict productively rather than negatively
  • Provide insights and skills that empower associates to handle stress more effectively
  • Help teams be their best
  • Inspire the organization toward excellence and accelerating its potential
  • Achieve results and build people
  • Bottom Line: We make teams and organizations better. Your success is our success.

Thank You For Considering Us

We would be delighted at the opportunity to work with you and your team if you feel we would be a good fit and could help you accomplish your training goals and business objectives. Feel free to contact us on the Quick Connect Form on the right side of the page if you would like to begin a conversation. Thank you!

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