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Servantology™–The Periodic Elements of Servant Leadership.


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Servantology™ — The Period Elements of Servant Leadership unpacks 22 elements found in the DNA of all servant leaders. Like a periodic table containing chemical elements ordered by their atomic number, Servantology is a periodic table of the activating elements found in servant leadership. These 22 leadership elements are ones that both the leader employs and that their associates, direct reports, and team members experience.

Set Off a Chain Reaction with Your Servant Leadership

Based on the research findings of over 300 high-capacity ethical leaders and 50 world-class companies, author Christopher Meade, Ph.D., explores the unique attributes of each of the 22 periodic elements of servant leadership. These elements function like catalysts that help create and sustain a culture that is alive and healthy and achieves remarkable life and business outcomes.

ISBN: 978-1-64316-184-6


Book Outline

Servant Leadership = Character + Competence = Relationships and Results

Servant Leadership builds upon the foundation of strong character guided by clear ethical principles. Once a character foundation is in the process of being forged, then competence becomes the pursuit. When combined, character and competence create a synergy that produces a transforming experience both in the leader and in others. The outcome is trusted relationships and winning results.

Achieve Results AND Build Up People:

Servant Leadership is more than a philosophy of being nice to people or just giving them what they want. There are elements of empathy, active listening, and developing others, paired with elements of accountability, telling the truth about job performance, and giving honest feedback about behavior and attitude. It is both/and leadership.

Servant Leadership is one of the most effective ways to accelerate business results. The catch is all of the “elements” work together to spark a dynamic, energizing, engaging, galvanizing, and high-performing team and organizational culture.

Generating Leadership Synergy

These wave-maker attributes swell and generate a cascading effect on everything a leader does. Like spark plugs, these catalytic elements ignite a chain reaction in a team and organization. When these leadership elements fire, engagement rises, productivity multiplies, well-being soars, teams hum, and organizations achieve exceptional business outcomes.

Servantology™ — The Period Elements of Servant Leadership contains the leadership essentials for this new world that is fast becoming skeptical of anything to do with the notion of leadership.

ISBN: 978-1-64316-184-6

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