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Keynote Presentation — ETHIC: Leveraging The Human Factor In the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Accelerated Change.2024-03-04T17:28:16+00:00

Keynote Presentation — ETHIC: Leveraging The Human Factor In the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Accelerated Change.

Innovation, Ethics, and Artificial Intelligence Keynote Presentation

The landscape of contemporary industry has changed forever. We live in a new world where the tectonic plates of culture are shifting faster than we can keep up. We have moved from the industrial age to the information age, and now are entering the post-knowledge age. Acceleration at a breakneck pace is the new normal. Some call this the age of machine learning, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain economy, robotics, and mobile commerce.

The Future of Work

McKinsey Global Institute estimates that by 2030, close to 30% of occupations in the U.S. will be automated. There will be a massive impact, dislocation, and job creation as a result of these technologies. Uncertainty over the future creates anxiety and insecurity. But embedded in the unknown are incredible opportunities for a flourishing life and society.

ETHIC™  Answers the 2 Big Questions

  • In our pursuit of innovation using advanced technologies, how can we create and commercialize, yet do it in an ethical way that builds trust?
  • How can we strengthen our brand, position ourselves strategically for the future, and do it in a way that helps human beings flourish?

ETHIC – Five Ethical Guardrails For Innovation + Human Flourishing

This poignant and inspirational keynote presentation walks listeners through captivating disruptive innovation examples and their unique challenges and opportunities. Because many innovations are yet to be regulated, we need forward-thinking, ethical leaders to help innovate the way forward in a way that is ethical and responsible. We need thought leaders who can help guide not just what can be done but also what should be done.

Using Map and Compass amid Unknown Unknowns

Like a map and compass for the unknown world ahead, ETHIC™ provides five guidelines or markers to keep us on a course in this new world. It’s a world where jaw-dropping innovation still needs to intersect with the world of human flourishing.

Ethical Decision-Making Model and Lens

  1. Ethics Around AI and Innovation is Everyone’s Responsibility.
  2. Trust Acceleration: Transparency of Inputs, Outcomes, and Processes.
  3. Human Flourishing and Human Wellbeing.
  4. Intelligent Enterprise Growth with Integrity.
  5. Culture of Learning and Trust That Accelerates Innovation.

ETHIC™ is the New Competitive Advantage of Industry 4.0

ETHIC™ will guide us forward in a way that allows technology to serve us and not vice versa. When employed with groundbreaking innovation, ETHIC™ will be a catalyst for a competitive advantage.

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