A new kind of leadership 360° experience that is more productive and satisfying. Provides personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

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Executive Leadership Team Coaching 360

A new kind of leadership 360° experience that is more productive and satisfying. Provides personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness.

Many leadership 360 feedback reviews are focused only on fixing gaps and negative performance. This kind leave leaders hesitate to participant in a 360 review. But Everything DISC 360s are a new kind of leadership 360 feedback tool that is positive, strengths-based and action oriented. The Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders isn’t just any 360. It combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DISC assessment tool, plus three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a 360° experience that’s more productive and satisfying

How is the DISC Leader 360 is Different?

1. We took the sting out of 360 feedback.

For many leaders, 360s can be a frustrating experience. At best, open-ended comments can be unfocused and unhelpful. At worst, they’re a way to anonymously take a jab at a colleague. And ultimately, they can even derail the learning process. Open-ended comments can be unfocused and unhelpful and can even derail the learning process. With our exclusive selectable comments feature, CommentSmart, raters can give focused, balanced, constructive feedback—that the leader can actually use. This time-saving option allows raters to expand on their ratings by choosing from a list of highly-tested comments.

2. We made it easier to understand and use.

Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders isn’t a collection of dry spreadsheets and charts without any explanation or story. Clear visuals and a conversational narrative style interpret and explain the data, making the report easy to understand and use.

3. We answered the “Now what?”

With a lot of 360s, the leader’s response can be, “Now what?” Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders answers that question by giving leaders their next steps with three strategies they can focus on now for improving leadership effectiveness. The result is a 360 experience that’s more productive and satisfying.

Leadership 360 Assessment Profile Example

The Profile

• 22+ pages all about the leader
• Research-validated model
• Intuitive, easy-to-read visuals
• Rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns
• Comprehensive listing of rater comments
• Three strategies for improving effectiveness


Leaders can have unlimited raters in the following groups:
• Direct Reports
• Peers
• Manager
• Others.




The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio UniversityThank you for presenting an excellent session on the DiSC Leadership to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Class. The Fellows were unanimous in rating you and your session as the highest rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with you breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. The insight the Fellows gained will help mold them into an effective team. Thanks for providing the ‘glue’ to bring this group together. We’ll be back and would love to have the opportunity to work with you again.  Nancy Cooper – Fellowship Coordinator, Ohio University

Very positive experience

Department of Veterans AffairsThe DiSC training experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team.  We appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. We highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your DiSC workshop was an incredible learning experience and we had a lot of “take aways” as well as some thoughtful reflection. We appreciate your openness and passion.  Thanks again for your wonderful training! Tammy Skrinski, Christie Neal – Veterans Service Representatives

DiSC Management Facilitator, Certified DiSC Trainer

Dr. Christopher Meade is an authorized partner of the DiSC Management Profile and expert certified DiSC Management trainer and facilitator. He brings nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership  and management experience to his role as Chief Training Officer at Leadership Alive, Inc.,®. Chris holds a PhD from the University of Idaho in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Chris has coached 2,000+ people through their DiSC Profile and StrengthsFinder results and facilitated trainings for a 200+ teams-organizations.  Some recent trainings Chris has facilitated include: Nike, Microsoft, Salesforce, NFL Detroit Lions, Dell Computers, Federal Reserve Bank, Walmart eCommerce, U.S. Department of Treasury and Veteran Affairs, Cisco Systems, United Healthcare, BodyBuilding.com, Confluence, Emory University, SCL Health Services, Progressive Finance, U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, SimplyMac of Game Stop, Department of Health and Human Services-USA, Austin Heart, Children of the Nations, and Code.org. Chris is also an author, entrepreneur, MBA professor, executive leadership coach, corporate trainer, and a motivational keynote speaker. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions, management retreats, and DiSC team-building training events throughout the United States.