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Driving Employee Engagement – Gallup Q-12 Survey and Workshop (Onsite and Virtual)


Employee Engagement Is Fuel For Your Performance Engine

Most well-run companies are endeavoring to innovate forward, attract and retain top talent, reduce turnover, and meet their quarterly performance scorecards. But we all know that we can’t attain our goals if we can’t engage our employees.

Measuring employee engagement through a survey is important, but survey data alone doesn’t change behavior, improve business outcomes, or create cultural change in teams. We believe the real challenge with employee engagement is not figuring out how to measure it, but what to do afterward.

Creating a Workplace Where Employees and Teams Excel

How do you create a workplace environment where employees and teams excel? Regardless of what business you are in, you are in the people business. Your employees are your greatest asset. When they do well, so do you.

Gallup Q-12 Engagement Survey Instrument

This employee engagement survey (Gallup’s Q-12 survey) and follow-up workshop helps develop, implement, and sustain a strategy to create a culture of engaged employees and teams. We use a scientifically validated 12-item survey that was developed by Gallup, the Q12, to assess the level of your team’s engagement.

After teams take the Gallup Q-12 survey and the results are tallied by department, a debrief and strategy workshop takes place. In this workshop, we work with you, your managers, and your teams to make the elements of “engagement” a day-to-day event, in order to achieve the business results you’re looking for.

Gallup Employee Engagement Follow-up Workshop: (In-Person and Virtual Options)

This training workshop is presented in a half-day, 4-hour format. This professionally prepared, dynamically facilitated workshop is designed for teams and managers who have taken the Q-12.

The workshop is all-inclusive and includes Gallup’s Q-12 pre-survey questions, engagement team results, certified Gallup facilitation, supplemental materials, and follow-up resources for teams and managers. The training is held either onsite at your organization or at an area hotel conference room if you are wanting to do an offsite with your teams. We also offer virtual team workshops for smaller teams.

Driving Employee and Team Engagement

  • Over the span of 30 years, Gallup has partnered with a diverse set of clients to achieve a culture of engaged employees and make it a reality for thousands of organizations in every sector.
  • This employee engagement workshop will also teach you the common pitfalls to avoid and how to achieve world-class team engagement that includes dynamic people systems that create an exceptional workplace culture.
  • The Gallup Employee Engagement model helps drive business results by first understanding the ways employees relate to their job and, in turn, perform in their roles and execute their responsibilities at work.

Effective in bringing experience to real-world scenarios

Thanks so much for the training you provided at Apple. We enjoyed our time with you and our class. We liked how you brought personal experiences to illustrate the real-world scenarios we encounter. We appreciated your flexibility with the scheduling and making it so easy to do business with you. Thanks for coming to Cupertino! Emese, Global Product Manager; Smithy, Senior Product Designer Global Apple iTunes Retail Marketing–Apple, Inc.

Very positive experience

Thanks so much for coming out and for leading such an engaging, interactive, and fun training. You brought some great insights to us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the information you provided to us! It was a fun, meaningful, insightful, valuable, and enriching team experience for my colleagues. Elena, Global Talent Development; Kim, AMER Employee Relations; Kerry, Employee Relations Manager; Josh, Employee Relations Programs Manager; Reynaldo, Senior Accountant; Taylor, Employee Relations Manager–Salesforce

Employee Engagement Corporate Trainer, Gallup-certified coach

Dr. Christopher Meade is an authorized Gallup partner, Gallup-certified coach, and expert corporate trainer and facilitator. He brings nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership and management experience to his role as Chief Training Officer at Leadership Alive, Inc.®. Chris holds a PhD from the University of Idaho in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Christopher has coached 10,000+ people and facilitated trainings for 500+ teams and/or organizations.

Some clients Dr. Meade have included Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Salesforce, NFL Detroit Lions, Sony PlayStation, Starbucks, Facebook, Dell Computers, Federal Reserve Bank, Walmart eCommerce, U.S. Departments of Treasury, Commerce, Defense, and Veteran Affairs, Cisco Systems, United Healthcare, Emory University, SCL Health Services, U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management, SimplyMac of Game Stop, Johnson & Johnson, Department of Health and Human Services-USA, Home Depot, Children of the Nations, and Code.org.

Christopher is also an author, entrepreneur, executive leadership coach, corporate trainer, and motivational keynote speaker. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions, management retreats, and team-building training events throughout the United States.

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