Winner of the CEO Today Management Consulting Award

Winner of The CEO Today Management Consulting Award 2018

Awarded to those firms and consultants who have demonstrated tangible successes across a number of industries and sectors.

CEO Today Management Consulting Award Recipient 2018

Effective in bringing experience to the real-world scenarios

Hi Chris. Thanks so much for your training you provided at Apple. We equally enjoyed our time with you and our class. We liked how you brought personal experiences in to illustrate the real-world scenarios we encounter. We appreciated your flexibility with the scheduling and making it so easy to do business with you. Thanks for coming to Cupertino!

Emese, V. Global Product Manager; Smith, B., Senior Product Designer Global Apple iTunes Retail Marketing
Apple, Inc.

Engaging and impactful with you

The feedback has been very positive. Thank you for leading a great learning session with us yesterday. It was enjoyable and very insightful. The team has been talking all morning about how engaging and impactful it was with you. We appreciated the simplicity of the model and ability to immediately apply it. We all felt it was a great use of our time and are looking forward to putting what we learned into practice.

Steve, GM Bing Ads Marketing; Brad, Bing Ads Marketing; Upasana, EMEA Marketing; Mike, Sales Director, Solutions & Architecture; Jenn, Conference Learning Manager

I found it very valuable

Thank you so much for your time and energy. It was a pleasure meeting you and going through all of this together as a leadership team. I found it very valuable and we’re already putting it to good use…Everyone had such a great time and we all learned a lot about ourselves and each other! All the best!

Mary, Director of Legal Operations, Technology and Strategy and President of CLOC; Stephanie, Admin Business Partner

Opened our eyes

Thank you for coming to Ford Field. Your session was awesome…insightful…engaging…informative…enjoyable…and fun. I speak for all of us when I say that you really opened our eyes to how differently each of us perceives the workplace. It was a wonderful day. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our staff regarding your training. I’m sure it will improve our work performance collectively. You provided us takeaways that will last for a career. It was a great session!

Eliot, Vice President of Finance; Emily, Vice President of Marketing; Veronica, HR Manager; Karen, Director of Security; Didi, Senior Marketing Manager; Jared, Director of Business Development; Scott, CRM Manager; Liz, Operations
NFL Detroit Lions

Team has wonderful things to say

Our Instagram team had wonderful things to say about your leadership training. We really appreciate your time. Also, the materials you provided us were extremely helpful in understanding the team’s strengths and will provide tons of value for us in the long run. Thank you so much!

Alyssa, User Experience Team for Instagram and Facebook

Helped our team find commonalities

Thank you for the great session. It helped our teams find commonalities and strengths we can leverage from each other.

Deni, Client Delivery Engagement Manager | Legal Learning Compliance Programs

Tangible. Relatable. Actionable.

It was a great session and I had almost every single leader on my team comment to that effect. I think we’re making progress on getting folks to work together and see the best in their colleagues’ actions. Today was another step on the path to making this team really hum! I thought you did a fantastic job of making our team training tangible, relatable and actionable. Thank you again for your time.

Travis, Senior Vice President, ISG Sales, Global Business Operations
Dell Computers EMC

Privilege to receive the team training

Chris, the feedback we received from the teams was great. Thank you for sharing your expertise and teaching as well as the resources and follow-up. They were very informative and thought-provoking sessions…It was a privilege to receive the team training from you and also a 1-1 coaching sessions…We were engrossed in the team training and 1-1’s and the great coaching sessions…We enjoyed our conversations and resources…We hope to see you around the campus soon.

Tammy, Senior Manager & Director; Yutaka, Senior Staffing R&D Engineering; Scott, Senior Manager of Learning & Development; Eric, R&D Manager; Tao, Manager Hardware Engineering; Frank, Manager, Release Engineering & Cloud Gaming Engineering & Infrastructure; Dylan, Manager, Cloud Front End Engineering;
Play Station | Sony Cloud & Interactive Entertainment

Well worth the investment

Thanks, Chris. You did an excellent job. The team enjoyed it. Out of the six different development and training programs I evaluated, including flying in executive coaches, you were chosen because of your reviews, ratings, and reputation. All those factors being strongly positive, and I can tell you our experience today matched. We got a lot of great feedback in the last couple of hours that this is the best thing we’ve done in years. Your value to our team this afternoon was fantastic and well worth the investment.

Tom, CEO, former Rear Admiral USN, former Director, Global Operations (J-3) at US STRATEGIC COMMAND | Clint, SPHR Director of HR
Space Foundation

Appreciate your prework and passion

Chris, thank you so much! It was a fun day. We had great feedback on the session for our marketing leadership team. We were all so appreciative of your prework and passion in the leadership event!

Emily, Senior Vice President, Marketing US; Kyndra, Vice President, Global Marketing, Starbucks Rewards & Partnerships; Dan, Senior Director, Marketing and Category Management, Licensed Stores at Starbucks

Much appreciated


Thank you again for facilitating our “StrengthsFinder” training session. Our teams are excited and energized with what we learned about ourselves and each other. Thank you for the coaching…much appreciated! We will definitely utilize it.

Francis, Global Footwear Planning

Feedback from the team was very positive

Thank you for facilitating our event, Chris. It was really insightful, and the feedback from the team was very positive about what they learned about each other. We enjoyed the session and took away some valuable insights.

Melanie, Senior Manager, Manufacturing Quality, Enablement and Strategy | Justin, Senior Product Manager
Amazon Web Services (AWS) HW Engineering

Bring value to our company

Thanks, Chris, for all you’ve done for us as a leadership team. We value you and the work you’ve done with the executive group. The team thoroughly enjoyed your leadership coaching and development sessions with you. Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with us. You have helped take us to the next level for this new season in front of us. Thanks also for always showing up and bringing such value to our company.

Senior Leadership Team
GameStop's TechBrands - SimplyMac | SpringMobile | Crickett Wireless

Thank you for the great training

Hi Chris. Thank you for the great training! We learned a lot from what you shared. We enjoyed the opportunity to work with you. Very best to you!

Aillie, Director, Strategic Learning
Stanford University

Excellent training for our team

Thanks again, Chris, for your support and excellent training for our team! We are excited for the learning to take root. This has been a powerful experience.

Winston, Director of Implementation, Turnaround Arts
John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Bring us together

Thank you so much for coming! There was a lot of great feedback from the staff. Every single person enjoyed your presentation. You were able to bring us all together as a team. There’s a saying, “When you’re ready to learn the teacher shows up.” I hope you know the work that you’re doing is so valuable…you are helping the world to be a better place.

Sharon, Chief Deputy US Marshall
US Department of Justice, U.S. Marshall's Office

Extremely insightful

It was an excellent team event. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the morning with you. We greatly appreciated your time and facilitation with this team training workshop. The whole team thoroughly enjoyed it. It was extremely insightful for our global franchise team. We discovered more about ourselves and each other and how to work better and smarter. This will only help us become an even stronger team as we move into the future with this newly assembled team.

Emily, Global Marketing; Fred, Global Franchise Director
Abbott Laboratories

Event resonated with the team

Thanks for  your leadership and guidance in yesterday’s team session. The event really resonated with the everyone I’ll be working with the team to ensure they sustain the thinking, awareness, and approach as they lean into the work that needs to be done this year. I’m planning to share some of the findings with the greater leadership team here so they can understand the drivers of this team and hopefully it will address some of the issues they have been feeling. Thanks again!

Eric, European Marketing Director
Marval Avengers | Square Enix | Crystal Dynamics

Love your energy

Chris, you were awesome today.  Love your energy. Thank you for your engagement. You were incredible.

Avery, GM, Head of Men’s Division
Jordan Brand at Nike

Enriching team experience


Thanks so much for coming out and for leading such an engaging, interactive, and fun training…You brought some great insights to us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the information you provided to us! It was a fun, meaningful, insightful, valuable, and enriching team experience for my colleagues.

Elena, Global Talent Development; Kim, AMER Employee Relations; Kerry, Employee Relations Manager; Josh, Employee Relations Programs Manager; Reynaldo, Senior Accountant; Taylor, Employee Relations Manager

Best “assessment” type session ever attended

Thank you for leading our session. It was the highlight of the offsite! We are hearing great feedback about the session last week. Thank you so much for your passion and professionalism. As we anticipated, we have been getting requests for sessions from the EVP’s for their division leadership teams. Dinner was dotted with conversation about strengths. One leader told me that this was the best “assessment” type session he had ever attended. Chris, thanks for your insights and energy. Our goal was to help people learn a little about themselves and each other, AND that was definitely achieved. Because of you, they also got some great ideas about how to use strengths with their teams. I call the session a complete success. Thank you for making it happen.

Kelly, CEO | Martha, Chief Human Resource Officer, EVP Human Resources | Steven, SVP, Manager, Talent Strategy, Learning & Development
City National Bank

A great learning event

Thanks, Chris. You were awesome! I’ve already received a lot of positive verbal feedback this afternoon over the team training session. Safe travels and thanks again for a great learning event.

Nicole, Headquarters Training Officer | Washington Learning Center
Department of Treasury | Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

Big impact

Thank you for investing in our team of 50 sales leaders from around the world. You had a big impact on everyone at our annual sales academy here in Santa Clara, CA. We enjoyed not just your content and expertise but the way you can connect with such a diverse audience. Several commented on how they gained new insights about themselves, their strengths, communication styles, and emotional intelligence. This is a great foundation to kick off our year-long sales academy.

Global Sales Academy

Great talk on trusted servant leadership

Chris, thank you for such a great presentation and for taking the time to visit NAVSEA (Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, DC). Thank you for what you do to spread the word about servant leadership!

(Keynote Speaker at the Distinguished Leadership Speaker Series in Washington, DC.)

Jamie, Team Ships Strategic Operations NAVSEA; Garrett, R&D and Applications Engineering
Department of Defense Washington DC | Naval Sea Systems Command

Excellent experience

This was an excellent experience for our group of 25 team members. Chris Meade provided new ideas and perspectives on how we operate, strengths we can leverage and how we can improve on a group and individual level. Feedback was unanimously positive across the board.

Rasberry, Program Manager Business Process Improvement
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

Valuable insights

We had great feedback from our team on your presentation. We were able to gain some valuable insight into collective talents and strengths. Everyone really enjoyed the concepts you brought forth. Thank you for being such an open, honest, and amazing speaker.

Demetrius,Technical Marketing Engineer; Lauren, Marketing Program Team

Reap 100-fold from your investment

I cannot thank you enough for the investment you’ve made in our people. The buzz that has followed your talk is off the charts. All our team keeps saying is how amazing you were and when we can have him back. I know our team will reap 100-fold from your investment and beyond. It was such a joy to bring your level of wisdom and ability into the room. Thank you so much!

Todd, Franchise Owner
Orkin Pest Control

Given us a strong base

Thank you for all the enthusiasm and energy you brought to our team training event that you facilitated at Haas…It was very inspirational and it definitely deepened our understanding of how to work more cohesively as a department. There was very good anecdotal feedback from the teams. You have given us a strong base to build on for further discussion. In fact, if there was one piece of consistent feedback for growth, it was that we would have had more time for discussion of our talents and how to work together as a team and across the teams to really allow them to become strengths. I think you should consider that good news — they want more! PS – Thanks also for being so responsive to our numerous emails. It seems that when working with a large group of people, you can have lots of different issues emerge!

MBA Team; Abby Scott, Assistant Dean, MBA Career Management & Corporate Partnerships
University of California Berkeley, Hass College of Business

Really interesting

Thank you so much, Chris. The team event was really interesting and I met some new people in the breakout sessions.

Annie, Associate General Counsel | Compliance

Fabulous content and delivery

Thank you for a great morning and a very engaging set of team exercises. We look forward to implementing some of the practices you shared and continuing to build on our strengths as individuals and teams. Thank you again for your fabulous content and delivery.

Leadership Team
IHG, Intercontinental Hotel Group

You conversational style was a hit for the team

Although I had somewhat of an idea as to what to expect from your workshops, I was blown away by your execution. Your examples and conversational style were a hit for me and the rest of the team. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will do my best to get you back for a follow-up.

Andre, PhD, MBA Sr. Director, Market Access Field Team Lead
Lantheus Holdings

Still talking about your presentation

Thank you, Chris! The Kaiser leadership team is still talking about you and your keynote presentation. You did a great job and the material was spot on.

Irene Chavez, Senior Vice President Area Manager
Kaiser Permanente

Helpful, informative and productive

Thank you very much for today, Chris. It was an extremely helpful, informative, and productive session this morning. Everyone thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed the event. Our sincere thanks to you for facilitating.

Alma, Director, Global Implementation Strategy, Planning & Delivery and GRS Americas Deployment
IHG ® Hotels & Resorts

You were a great addition

Thanks, Chris! You were a great addition to our leadership meeting and I enjoyed working with you!

Katie, Senior Manager, Communications
Comcast NBC

Knowledge, insights, advice, and leadership

Progressive Leasing

Thank you for coming out and sharing your StrengthsFinder knowledge, insights, advice, and leadership with our 62 managers, supervisors, directors and VPs of our Progressive team. Several participants have expressed their appreciation for what was taught. In fact, there are executives that are considering hosting a similar training for their teams too.

Director and VP of Executive Team
Progressive Leasing

NPS score was 86–you were amazing

Chris, thank you again! We already got great feedback. We are happy to share with you that your NPS score is 86, which basically means–you were amazing! The Channel Team gave great feedback and the overall sentiment was a very successful team event. We’ll definitely be in touch and look forward to working with you again in the future to deliver more impactful learning opportunities!

Jerome, Senior Channel Sales Leader US Central West; Attri, Senior Program Manager; Kaitlyn, People Development & Culture
Nutanix, Inc.

Nice job facilitating

Thanks, Chris. We really appreciated the session today. It was an awesome workshop. You did a nice job facilitating it and I love the extra materials you put together to compliment the training…we really got a lot out of it…and great takeaways from your session.

Josh S., Vice President and Retail Payments Product Manager; Rich B., Senior Network Engineer; Jairo S., Information Technology Services
Federal Reserve Bank

Great session

It was a great session. Thank you for your time and energy in leading us through this leadership training. The feedback from participants was very beneficial. They liked the way it identified their personal strengths and how it was individualized to them as leaders. They said it helped them recognize the bigger picture in using those traits to serve others and the greater good of the company.

Matt, Vice President, Sales Operations; Craig, Sr. Director, Human Resources; Christina, HR Director
ACCO Brands, US Operations

Our team has been re-energized

Appreciate you helping us dive into the deep end of being vulnerable enough to renew and rebuild trust and trusting behaviors. It was an awesome and enlightening session for our organization The leadership team really loved your style and the great conversations we had. It was a great session. Our team has definitely been re-energized; hence, excited about our continued collective success as we move forward.

Miron, Chief Operating Officer; Juli, Sr. Marketing Manager; Natalee, Management Team
Home Depot Quote Center Organization

Very positive for us

Department of Veterans Affairs

The experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team. I appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. I highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your workshop was an incredible learning experience and I had a lot of “takeaways” and some thoughtful reflection. I appreciate your openness and passion. Thanks again for your wonderful training.

Tammy Skrinski, Veterans Service Representative; Christie Neal, Veterans Service Representative
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Training was spot on

You did a fantastic job. The training was spot on. Thanks again for everything. We had a great time. We’re looking forward to this new season with our team. This will form the basis for building more trust and effective relationships going forward.

Mignon, Human Resources Manager
Menzies Aviation

He quickly gained the confidence of the engineering managers

Chris Meade facilitated two leadership sessions in the Intelligent Audio Division of Knowles; one with the senior leadership team and another with the broader management team. With his impressive knowledge of the subject, he was able to quickly gain the confidence of the engineering managers who pushed on the concepts and asked probing questions on the topic of leadership.  He is a very experienced facilitator with a genuine style that comes across immediately. This was definitely time well spent for our team and in fact, many of the managers are taking the StrengthsFinder concepts back to their teams in anticipation of building a trusting, development culture. We highly recommend Chris and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Colleen, Vice President, Human Resources
Knowles - Intelligent Audio

Enjoyed your presentation and approach

Thank you for being our keynote speaker at our event today. We had some very important clients in the room and we will build off of this event for future years. We had several individuals who came up to us afterwards and commented on how much they enjoyed your presentation and approach. Thank you!

Gary, Vice President of Sales and Account Management
United Healthcare

Everyone loved the training

Chris – Thank you so very much for the excellent training. It was spot on for our team in helping them start to reflect on their results and how to build upon their talents – as well as a great opportunity for our team to reconnect with each other…We just got the survey results back; everyone loved the training and found it very helpful.

LIsa, Associate Director at U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control Dept of Treasury | Ann, Training and Strategic Operations Coordinator Licensing Division │ Office of Foreign Assets Control │ U.S. Department of the Treasury

We left engaged, self-aware, and energized

The Taj leadership team would like to say thank you for the effort and expertise that you brought to our offsite training in April. Our team found the session to be very insightful and we have taken many things away from the training. We left engaged, self-aware, and energized by the end of the day. All the attendees appreciated the way in which you broke down and simplified some of the seemingly complex principles. The training was a great success and we are already looking forward to the next one. We are confident that this gives us a strong base as a leadership team that we will continue to build on.

Corinna, General Manager; Sandeep, Director of Human Resources and Training
Taj Hotels, Palaces, Resorts & Safaris

Left our culture better by helping develop it

It has been such a pleasure working with you this past year. I appreciate the personal and professional development that I have gained from you during that time. Every month we have been able to learn something new to help with our business acumen. I have enjoyed seeing your passion to share knowledge but also passion to leave a culture better than the way you found it by helping it develop. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for being who you are…The world needs more people like you.

Patty, Senior Manager Business IT; Andrew, Manager HR
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

Great sessions yesterday

Great sessions yesterday! Thank you, Chris, for helping us learn more about our strengths and emotional intelligence. You have helped raise our awareness in discovering the important roles these play in our teams and how we can grow in greater performance as a team. The executive leadership group looks forward to working with you.

Kathleen, Director of Human Resources
Samba TV | Free Stream Media Corp

Wonderful job of making the team feel comfortable

Thank you, Chris. It was a great experience. The team thoroughly enjoyed the training. I think most gained valuable insight and introspection that will allow us to work better as a team. You did a wonderful job of making the team feel comfortable and safe in sharing their perspectives, personal communication, and thought styles, which is not always easily achieved.

Daniel, Chief Revenue Officer; Samantha, Director, Sales Operations and Programs
CDS | Connected Dealer Services

Our CEO thought you were great

The day was hit! The evaluations were excellent. Folks were very engaged. Our CEO thought you were great. He told me he would like to work with you again. We really enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday; it was very eye-opening. Thank you for doing an amazing job. It was a truly worthwhile day. We look forward to carrying on our discussions in our all-staff and team meetings.

Sally, Director of Training and Organizational Development; Sue, Director of Individual Giving; Kim, Community Development Manager
National Psoriasis Foundation

Dr. Meade’s work with us was indispensable

I had the privilege of spending the last year and a half with Dr. Christopher Meade who brought servant leadership education as part of Clark County’s Workplace Improvement Program. Although other trainers were evaluated, we were fortunate that a world-renowned expert on servant leadership was right in our backyard. Dr. Meade’s initial lecturette on what servant leadership was all about blew us away. He painted a much different role for the county’s leaders where it was our duty to be ambitious for the success of others, help them grow, and practice ethical behavior. We immediately signed up Dr. Meade to educate our 300+ leaders. We have found Dr. Meade’s work with us to be indispensable for new and incumbent leaders alike. The investments made in our people are already showing up in greater teamwork and improved productivity which has lowered our overall cost of doing business. Our plan is to continue to use Dr. Meade to help us further transform our culture as we model servant leadership and collaborative teamwork for the rest of the county.

Sam, Chief Information Officer
Clark Country Washington State Government

Helpful on many levels

Thank you for a fun training session. We really enjoyed it. Your enthusiasm, well-rehearsed material, and tools made the courses on StrengthsFinder for Teams, Emotional Intelligence, High-Performance Management, Leadership Essentials, Employee Engagement, and Multi-Generational Work Styles so very engaging. We love how you facilitated the courses. You’re a great instructor and have a lot to share. We found it very helpful on many levels and already passed your information on to other HR professionals.

Rose, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, Staff Development, Training Coordinator; Tony, Labor-Employee Relations; Sunny, Human Resources: Aaron, Promotions Division
CalPia - State of California

You kept everyone engaged and interested

We received really good feedback from the wonderful and enriching classes you gave. The way you presented the material really kept everyone engaged and interested. I know I really appreciated getting a new perspective and understanding of ourselves and those we work with. We’re very grateful for how everything turned out. Thank you for your inspiration!

Michelle, Chief, Division of Human Resources; Kris, Deputy Director
CalTrans - State of California Department of Transportation

Great work with our teams

Thank you, Chris, so much for all of the great work you’ve done for our teams at Veeva Systems. We have received great feedback. Your sessions were one of the most beneficial topics we covered. You had a lot of great content for the team to leverage to not only better understand themselves, but also those around them. Thank you for your energy; it set a great tone for the summit.  We also wanted to personally credit you on your style and ability to connect with the employee base. We hope we have the opportunity to continue to work together.

Tim, CFO; Michele, VP of Finance; Jenn, Director, Employee Success; Vonne, Director of Revenue Operations; Nicole, Regional Manager, Employee Success
Veeva Systems, Inc.

Great time in the team sessions

Thanks, Chris, we had a great time in the team sessions today. The staff has all said it was very useful.

Dr. Meade provided leadership training and development to a large, diverse leadership team of approximately 65 managers and directors at the Smithsonian Institution. These women and men served in various leadership roles within the Office of Contracting and Personal Property Management. He has worked with the Smithsonian Institute for three different offsite team training events over the past couple of years, two of which were virtual.

Natascha, Deputy Director; Watson, Property Manager
Smithsonian Institution

Graduate teacher of the year

Dr. Christopher Meade received the Graduate Teacher of the Year award in 2012 and was nominated again in 2013, 2017, 2018, and 2019. He was a commencement speaker at two different graduations and helped facilitate learning for approximately 60 different MBA cohorts. As a former business dean and director of global initiatives in China, Chris also was a guest speaker in 15 different cities throughout China.

George Fox University Leadership Team
George Fox University

A great session

Thank you, Chris, for the time you spent with our sales and marketing teams this past week. It was a great session and I think a lot of people learned about themselves and had some very good takeaways to continue their personal improvements.

Jeff, Vice President of Sales and Account Management
CSA Travel Protection

The training was phenomenal

Dr. Meade recently came to Emory University to work with our Fuld Fellows on leadership training. I found his training to be phenomenal and a great success. Thanks again for leading a wonderful session yesterday! We appreciated your willingness to work with our team! This is an incredible tool that will help to unite our office.

Jasmine, Associate Dean for Communications and Public Relations; Susan, Director of Corporate and External Relations; Melissa, Assistant Professor and Program Director
Emory University | College of Nursing

Fabulous content and delivery

Thank you for your fabulous content and delivery. I continue to receive strong positive feedback from our teams about your sessions. I appreciate your help here at HCP. I feel like we can structure further sessions that will continue the discussion about the strengths, values, and strategic direction of the organization. We look forward to implementing some of the practices you shared and continuing to build on our strengths as individuals and teams.

Lisa, VP Human Resources
HCP, Inc.

We received rave reviews of your presentation

We received rave reviews after your presentation. Thank you so much! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome. We truly enjoyed your presentation. We would be happy to recommend you if given an opportunity.

Renee, CEO; Jason, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Learned new ways of thinking and working

Thanks, Chris, for your active engagement today. It was a great workshop. Good energy and many valuable insights. We all learned and opened ourselves up to new ways of thinking and working together.

(Genmab is an international biotech company specializing in the creation and development of differentiated antibody therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.)

Scott, Chief Information Officer

Love hearing the buzz going around

Thanks, Chris! The teams enjoyed the session very much, and our small teams are looking forward to following up in our small group team meetings next week. I love hearing the buzz still going around the office – people are definitely using “what are your strengths?” as a connecting point this week!

Megan, Human Resources

Informative and entertaining to learn

We really enjoyed having you at our leadership event this week. It was informative and entertaining to learn about the unique strength combinations of our team. We referred to them often during the rest of the meeting!

Megan, Regional Manager
MWI Animal Health California

Best presenter we’ve ever had

Thanks for your contribution to our team retreat. We received many positive responses from everyone. We enjoyed your energetic personality and your presentation. You are the best presenter we have ever had. You kept everyone’s interest at all times. We reviewed our “Key Takeaways” and many of our board and staff members commented on how much they got from your presentation. Several key themes came up over and over again as well. We appreciated your energy. It was just right for our group. Hope we have the opportunity to work with you again.

Courtney, Director of Special Projects; Linda, Corporate and Board Coordinator
Omni Family Health

We all had fun, super impactful

Chris—We cannot thank you enough for joining us last week. The team is still talking about the assessments and event. Our entire team found this event super impactful. We all had a lot of fun, and you did an incredible job. You are a great leader in this space. We appreciate you taking the time for our team. We will be incorporating this new knowledge into our day-to-day work lives!

Christine, Visual Effects, Original Studio Film | Dan, Visual Effects Coordinator | Original Independent Film

You are a great trainer

Thank you, Chris! You are a GREAT trainer…Thank you for providing a great leadership program that’s informative both personally and professionally. It was very beneficial.

Sal, Chief Operating Officer; Janis, VP of Human Resources
Confluence Technologies, Inc.

Powerful and insightful

Wonderful presentation! Thank you so much for what you offered, Chris. I have gotten really positive feedback on the experience from all who were present. Thank you so much for your time and wonderful presentation. We really enjoyed learning about all of our strengths and found it to be very helpful. It was certainly powerful and insightful for me. We’ll use what we learned very intentionally in our planning.

Steph, Director of Spiritual Wellness; Julie, Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider
Canyon Ranch Resort

The session was very insightful

We truly enjoyed having you join us today and to guide us! The session was very insightful and informative and will provide us with a way to approach communication differently using a straightforward method. Thank you so much, Chris!

Annalisa, Consultant; Pian, Consultant; Lori, Consultant
Point B Management Consultants

The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio University

Thank you for presenting an excellent leadership session to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Leaders Class. The fellows were unanimous in rating you and your session as the highest rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with your breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. The insight the Fellows gained will help mold them into an effective team. Thanks for providing the ‘glue’ to bring this group together.

Nancy Cooper
Ohio University Medical Fellowship Coordinator

Impactful session and conversation

Thank you, Chris, for an impactful session today! I already received a few thank you’s from the team acknowledging the power of the conversation today. Look forward to future collaboration opportunities.

Asis, Director, Global Sales Compensation Analytics M&A

Great training session

Thanks, Chris! Great training session.

(Dr. Meade provided a two-part leadership training event to employees, managers, and senior leaders of Digital Scientists, a group of software development, UX design, and machine learning experts based in Atlanta, Georgia. The focus of the training was on developing a high-performance culture where diverse teams adapt, align, and thrive.)

Marian, Human Resources Manager
Digital Scientists

Global leadership team acceleration

ebay leadership training

We helped galvanize and accelerate a newly formed international team of professionals from the Global Customer Service Technology Group at eBay. Assisted in creating team synergy and collaboration in order to more effectively leverage individual and team strengths together.

Thao, Senior Finance Manager - Global Customer Service Technology at eBay

Great course. Well received.

Thank you, Chris.  It was a great course. The feedback on the training has been very positive and well received. I too enjoyed the training experience you provided. Thank you for supporting us.

Rick, Director, Product Operations; Clark, Product Engineer Manager; Khim, Project Manager, Product Lifecycle Mgmt.
Cisco Systerms, Inc.

Training was great

Chris, we thoroughly enjoyed the training, and I look forward to working with you again in the future. The training was great!

Ashley, Director of Child Development Services | Ursula, Associate Director
Volunteers of America

Helped us get to know each other deeper

Thank YOU for helping us all get to know each other a little bit better and in such a useful way. We found your expertise and facilitation very helpful and inspiring as we look to the future. Onward! I have sat through probably 30 leadership training seminars/conferences in 3 different industries I have worked in. I have never had a successful seminar/conference online—that has now changed. You were fantastic today.  You were incredibly patient and did just an amazing job.

Debbie, MA, JD, SHRM-CP, Director, Human Resources | David, Chief Financial Officer
Opportunity Council

Your presentation was phenomenal

Your presentation was phenomenal and very engaging. It was an excellent session and very interesting. We were able to learn a lot about ourselves and how to work more effectively with each other as a team. Thank you for your time at the Leadership Mentoring Program.

Christophe, IT/IS Director; Matt, Senior Human Resources; Hamid, Project Engineer; Brendi, Program Administrator
Parker Aerospace

A fantastic experience

Thank you from all of us here at the Washington State Wine Commission. This was such an inspiring day and a thorough and enjoyable training session! It was an excellent opportunity for us to further learn about ourselves and the others on our team. The experience was just what we hoped it would be. After you left, we all talked about how much we all learned about ourselves and each other. It was truly a fantastic experience and will surely pass on the great knowledge we gathered!

Chris, Cayenne, David, Stephanie, Leah, Jayne, Marketing and Leadership Team
Washington Wine State Commission

Pleasantly surprised by the results

Department of Health and Human Services

This was great having you join us. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. I’ve gotten only positive feedback from the supervisors and managers about the training. Everyone I spoke to felt they walked away with greater insight into their own leadership strengths. We enjoyed your training yesterday! We appreciate you sharing your talents and strengths with us!

Dr. Tara, Judy, Rana, Jeff, DSHS Leadership Team
DSHS | Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

A great experience

Thank you so much, Chris. Appreciate your facilitation. This was a great experience. It was fun to see the team interact with each other.

Juli, Marketing Director
Mud Bay

Thank you for your guidance

Thank you for all your guidance and for helping the team through their discovery of themselves and of each other as a team. I know it was their favorite part of our two-day strategic off-site. Thank you also for the follow-up materials. I know the team would like to have this for reference as they continue to learn about themselves and the others around them.

Melanie, Assistant Brand Producer for Marvel's Avengers
Crystal Dynamics

Impacted us going forward

I’ve heard so many positive comments about how great the training was and how beneficial our folks found it. We appreciate how this will impact us going forward. Your ability to incorporate humor into your training is a skill within itself. Again, thank you for a wonderful day of learning. I know your workshop will benefit our supervisors going forward!

Diane, Executive Director | Lucinda, Human Resources & Employee Relations Manager
Alamo Area Council of Governments

Amazing session you had with us

Dear Chris, just getting back to the office now from our leadership conference last week and had the opportunity over this past weekend to reflect on the amazing session you had with us. I wanted to thank you for playing such an important role not only on our leadership journey but also as we embark on building a world-class brand. The feedback from everyone has been so positive, and we certainly look forward to using what you bought to us as part of our culture moving forward.

Jaclyn, Human Resources Director
SmartStop Self Storage

A wonderful day

Yesterday was great fun for us! I heard from several people who really enjoyed your presentation and personal stories. Thank you again for your time and insights. We learned a lot. What a wonderful day of informative fun.

Deb, Principal, AIA, NCARB, LEED BD&C | Leslie, Principal | Raissa, Office Manager
OH Planning+Design, Architecture - OHPD

Very impressed and greatly educated

We were very impressed and, more importantly, greatly educated by your presentation and information. It was a perfect fit for us. Your presentation was relevant and rewarding. The evaluations were spot on and the exercises were a bit of an awakening. I truly enjoyed participating in your training. Thank you.

Steve, Commander; Phyllis, Administrative Team
Bartlett Police Department (Chicago Suburb)

The team responded well

You did a great job yesterday and the team responded really well! We were really pleased with the whole day. I am hoping we can keep the momentum going! Thanks again for being with us.

Kristi, Project Resource Manager
Net Tech

Exactly what our teams needed

Thank you so much, Chris. We appreciated your time and expertise! You were great! Feel free to use us as a reference if the need ever arises. The training was exactly what our teams needed. I am hopeful everyone learned something valuable, as I know I did!

Angy, Senior Director of Leadership Giving
United Way

Appreciate your experiences, wisdom and energy

Your presentation was well received and snippets of it were used throughout the day as reference. I heard, “In Dr. Meade’s talk” many times throughout the day. Thank you very much for getting the day started. We all appreciate your experiences, wisdom, and energy. It was the perfect lead-in for the subjects we covered throughout the day.

Rob, ODOT/OSP Wireless Communications Section Manager
Oregon Department of Transportation

The team enjoyed the learnings

Thank you so much for spending time with us. The team really enjoyed the learnings and is eagerly looking to apply. It was lovely working with you today.

Anthony, Director of Talent Relations
BuzzFeed Inc.

Great having you at our event

Thanks, Chris. It was great having you at our event! We really liked your presentation to the State of Idaho Department of Insurance. Also, we look forward to reading some of your work. Take care and thanks again.

(Dr. Meade was a keynote speaker at the annual State of Idaho Department of Insurance Conference. The topic was titled, “Amplify Your Impact: Transform You. Transform Business.” The talk focused on how to lead strategic change, innovation, and transformation in an age of artificial intelligence.)

Ellen, Director of Human Resources; Travis, Senior Insurance Analyst
State of Idaho | Department of Insurance

Thanks for an educational session

Thanks again for a very educational session. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Jerry, Senior Scientist
GlaxoSmithKiline Viiv Healthcare

Enhance the way we communicate

Chris, thank you for the team training course! We learned a lot about our team. We feel we have good resources now to enhance the way we communicate and work together. Thanks again!

Tracy, National Account Director | Healthcare Systems

Thanks for the insights

Thanks for the team session and for the insights! Enjoyed the session.

Ambrose, Global Meetings and Business Events, Electric Transportation Advocate
Singapore Tourism Board

Our team found it valuable

Many thanks, Chris, for coming in and facilitating the session! The team found it valuable and helpful. Will keep you in mind as we consider doing future events like this in the organization.

Kevin, Head of People

Great storytelling skills

Meridian Police Dept

As the coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program for the Meridian Police Department, I immediately knew that I wanted Chris Meade to be one of our guest presenters. Talking to a group of police officers is not an easy task; however, Chris agreed to the challenge and was been able to connect with the program participants by using his great storytelling skills that tied the key points of each story into a larger narrative.

Over the years, I have always enjoyed his insightful and thought-provoking presentations on various leadership topics. He brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires people with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors. Chris has a unique way of getting me to think deeply and then act on what I’m learning. I’m a better leader today because of Chris’ insightful talks. During his talks, he is able to draw from his experience as a leader in business, the non-profit sector, a university professor, but more importantly from his sincere desire to see people grow and develop as leaders.

John, Traffic Sergeant & Coordinator of Emering Leaders Program
Meridian Police Deptartment, State of Idaho

Excellent training session

Thank you so much for an excellent training session. I learned a lot about myself and my co-workers. The next day, many of us discussed and explored more ways we could utilize the training in our respective offices and departments.

Edi, OVR Team
Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

Thank you for leading us

Thank you, Chris, for leading us last week! Great session.

Taunja, Leadership Team
Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One

Awesome session

Thank you so much! It was an awesome session!


(SCL Health is a healthcare organization dedicated to improving the health of the people and communities we serve, with 11 hospitals, and more than 100 clinics.)

Tony, Senior Application Analyst
SCL Health

Appreciated your style

Thank you so much! Your evaluations were fantastic! In particular, the content was so applicable and the managers really appreciated your style. There were several positive comments about you sharing personal stories as well as the way you presented. You were personable and brought the content into our real lives. We learned so much about ourselves that we can use moving forward.

Karen, Regional Director & Associate Administrator; Andrea, Practice Manager
Austin Heart

Great to partner together

Thanks, Chris! It was great to partner together. Appreciate the content and the time you spent putting this together. It was an interesting session. Your preparation definitely showed through.

Cassidy, CVD/PVD Process Manager
Micron Technology

We had fun

We loved the training and found it to be super insightful. Thank you! Great information. Our team had fun.

Melissa, Office Manager | Pam, RN, CANS
Facial Aesthetics

Thank you for a great session with my team

Thank you for a great session this afternoon with my team. I have heard a lot of positive feedback on the session and key learnings. Everyone is excited to continue the conversation with follow-up in our sub-teams and larger team. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future.

Ami, Vice President, Vault CDMS Services
Veeva Systems, Inc.

Dynamic presentation

Just wanted to say thanks for the dynamic presentation this morning. My coworkers and I appreciated your enthusiasm and clear communication. The team was engaged, learned a ton and I believe came closer together. Keep up the great work! Great job!

Scott, O.; Director of Sales and Marketing; John, M., Community Outreach
Signature Health

Great discussion, valuable, and fun

Thank you, Chris, for presenting to our team! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about our different styles and approaches and definitely plan on using what I learned with my staff…The day was so well received! I enjoyed it and thought it was helpful in understanding my co-workers. I would recommend it to other people as well…Your presentation was wonderful. I learned a lot…You made the presentation fun and your time is very much appreciated…I enjoyed the workshop very much – it inspired a lot of healthy discussion and reflection…This was especially valuable to me.  Great stuff!

Beth, CEO; Dr. Sharon, Testing Specialist & Psychometrician; Robin, Manager; Kathleen, Exam Coordinator; Stacy, Office Manager
Western Regional Examining Board

Accelerating team performance

Dr. Meade provided a regional leadership team training experience for 25 senior leaders and managers of Citibank who were from around the United States.

Allison, Senior Program Manager

Using new info to frame conversations


Thank you, Chris, so much for this wonderful training session. So useful. I’m always nervous when I’ve required attendance to a training class. I was worried that the team would think it was a waste of their time, but they really enjoyed it. They’re also using the info they learned about themselves and others to frame conversations during meetings – exciting!

Charissa, Communications Director
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

Your energy and explanation of the material was invaluable

Your presentation was wonderful! Your energy, explanation of the material, and stories were invaluable to the experience. Personally I am very grateful to have been in attendance; I saw in a completely new perspective some things I have struggled with for years.

Timika, CS Supply Chain Manager; Jo, Human Resources Manager
Richemont North America, Inc.

Enlightening and definitely useful

Chris, thanks for taking the time to work with us this morning. It was enlightening and definitely useful!

(Dykema is a leading national law firm, serving business entities worldwide on a wide range of complex business and legal issues. The firm was founded in 1926 in Detroit by Raymond K. Dykema. Today Dykema has over 425 attorneys in 13 offices.)

Loni, Director, Retirement & Compensation Plans
Dykema Law Services

Received great feedback

Thank you again for the amazing job you did with our team. It really opened up conversations that needed to be had. We received great feedback from the team as well. A month and a half later, I truly believe our team is more cohesive and functioning better as a result.

Emily, Manager of Emergency Services
Compass Health

Really enjoyed this workshop

We really enjoyed this workshop. Often these sorts of things can put you to sleep, especially right after lunch, but your energy allowed me to be super engaged and take some key takeaways. Thank you.

Natalie, Recruitment Coordinator

Made an impact

I so appreciate your time today and the information and guidance through the materials and discussions. It’s made an impact and will be something we can refer to for some time to come. Thank you again.

Joye, Service Extension Director
The Salvation Army

Leadership team training for finance managers

Dr. Meade presented at a leadership development team training event for a group of financial reporting managers at a Chicago-London-based proprietary trading company in Chicago. CTC actively trades in a broad spectrum of asset classes that include Equities, Interest Rates, and Commodities. Recognized as a leading provider of liquidity and pricing on numerous derivatives exchanges globally, they trade more than 20 hours a day, six days a week.

Lana, Financial Reporting Director
Chicago Trading Company

Fun, insightful and motivating

Chris, we had a great time yesterday! Thank you for making the team activities and conversations fun, insightful, and motivating!  Managers who are normally out the door were hanging around talking about your presentation. The timing could not be more perfect for us. Wishing you continued success.

Janet, Executive Assistant to the President

Enjoyed your facilitation

It was so nice meeting you last week. The team enjoyed your session and facilitation very much.

(AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business and our innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.)

Jessica, Site Lead HR Business Partner

Engaging and worthwhile presentation

Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation! Thank you again for a very engaging and worthwhile presentation!

Kady, Executive Assistant to the President
Western Wyoming Community College

The team appeared riveted

Thanks again, Chris, for your time this morning. The team appeared riveted with the discussion. We wish you all the best.

Brian W., VP of Human Resources
HCA Healthcare - MountainView Hospital, Las Vegas

Pleased with the team training

Thank you! I was very pleased with the team training last week. I met with my management team the next day and they are all on board with committing to implement the behaviors of a high-performing team. We are optimistic that we have the motivation to do it.

Mary, Senior Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Interesting and fun

Thank you for facilitating our leadership session in such an interesting, informative, and fun presentation. Enjoyed the exercises and training. Your enthusiasm made the course more enjoyable and exciting!

Luisa, Jamie, and Leadership Team
Space Force

Terrific facilitation

Thank you for your terrific facilitation yesterday, Chris! Our team got a ton out of the experience.

Sean, Executive Director

Informative and helpful

Thank you, Chris. The meeting was very informative, insightful, and helpful. Thanks for sending the follow-up report and resources.

Dr. Recalde, CEO, Doctor of Optometry and Fellow of American Academy of Optometry.
Lifetime Optometric

Great class today

Thanks again for such a great class today! I learned so much and now have a much different perspective on many topics. I am sure the team does, too. I’m hopeful we will be able to put this to action and grow as we better understand how to communicate with each other in the future!

Kevin, Chief, Installation Management Flight
56th Civil Engineer Squadron Luke AFB, Arizona

Wonderful session on effective decision-making

Christopher, thanks for the wonderful session and materials as promised! Very insightful. Excellent collaboration to learn from experience and for the experience. REALLY GREAT!

Lucel, SVP, CIO Global Services | Karena, Global VP Strategy, Office of the CIO | Anithae, Senior Director, Service Supply Chain
GE Healthcare

A great session

Thank you again! It was a great team session and a pleasure to meet you. I am going to check out your other workshops for a future session…stay tuned!

Cheryl, VP of Human Resources
Providence Health Centers

Impactful and interesting discussion

Thank you SO much, Chris. We really appreciate your training session. It was an impactful and interesting discussion. A fun session, too. It was great!

Jessica, President and Chief Executive Office | Katie, Chief Operating Officer | Virginia, Senior Manager, Events + Audience Development | Sarah, Business Development
Becker’s Healthcare

Couldn’t have picked a better speaker

Thank you, Chris! What a pleasure it was to meet you and to absorb your motivational and inspiring presentation to our conference leaders. I received many positive comments. One of the afternoon presenters mentioned you and said we couldn’t have picked a better speaker.

Pat, Chief Operating Officer
Swan Pools & Spas (California’s leading contractor in residential swimming pool construction with a 50-year track record and over 50,000 projects completed).

Most useful training to date

Chris, I wanted to give you feedback on your presentation and the topic you brought.
· Our staff LOVED your training. They are still talking about it.
· I handed out a survey, and the rating for the quality of the presentation and training content was overwhelmingly marked as “excellent.”
· For those who left comments, they described you as informative, knowledgeable, engaging, a great presenter who really knew his material, most useful training to date, etc.
I could go on. Thank you for sharing the day with us and making a positive impact on our group. It is very much appreciated.

Marci, Human Resources Manager
McMinnville Water and Light

Training and inspiring 70 leaders

Dr. Meade spent the day presenting leadership training for 70 leaders at Texas Health Hosptial for their annual leadership event.

Senior Executive Leadership Team
Texas Health Hospitals | Consists of 24 hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Enjoyed the training

We all really appreciated and enjoyed the training. Thank you, Chris!

Kim, MSW LCSW, Chief U.S. Probation Officer Eastern District of Missouri
United States District Courts

This was great

This was great! Thank you so much!

(Block, Inc., formerly Square, Inc., is an American financial services and digital payments company based in San Francisco, California.)

Katie, Investor relations

Appreciate your expertise

We very much enjoyed your presentation. Thank you for hosting that seminar! We appreciate your expertise and the thoughtfulness you brought to the team.

Janice , CEO | Tammy, Business Administrator
Kanin Energy

The workshop was a huge success

Thank you, Chris! Our team had such a wonderful time in the class. The workshop was a huge success, and the team had a great time. I had quite a few people tell me how much they enjoyed your presentation style and information. It was great to see the whole team so engaged.

m, Director of Marketing and Operations | Autumn, Senior Human Resources Business Partner
Firewalk Studios | ProbablyMonsters

You were simply fantastic

It was a great presentation and impacted our employees. Thank you for the great training yesterday. It was a pleasure to work with you…We grew by leaps and bounds in our session with you. Many thanks for the great training. We are never disappointed. You were simply fantastic! Great to have you as a resource as we continue to build a high-performance team here at HASA. I’m going to recommend my leads do similar training with their teams.

(Hasa, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of high-quality water treatment products used to sanitize and maintain water systems. The company operates across six facilities in California, Arizona, Washington, and Texas.)

Chris, CEO | Vinny, VP of Operations | Rick, VP of Sales, Pool & Distribution | Alma, Director of Human Resources
Hasa Pool Inc.

Outstanding job of facilitating

Thank you, Chris. You did an outstanding job of facilitating the training. I really enjoyed the entire process and very much looking forward to taking a deeper dive into the information you provided.

Doug, Director of Institutional Character and Ethics
Hallmark University

Leadership Academy Leading Strategic Change

Dr. Meade provided leadership training to a group of realtors in the Leadership Academy. He delivered an interactive virtual keynote entitled, The Truth About Change: Finding Opportunity in the Midst of Disruption. These women and men serve in various roles within the organization as well as owners of their own businesses throughout the state of Washington.

Stacie, Chief Operating Officer; Tom, President-Elect, and Leadership Team
Washington Realtors

Enjoyed your training

Thank you so much. We enjoyed your training. It was amazing!

Alicia, SPHR, Human Resources Director; Rob, IT Manager
Ford Dealers | Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Very good session

Thanks, Chris, for your time and for leading us through a very good session.

Pierre, VP Global Food Service Development and Portfolio Management

Great team-training workshop

Thanks again for a great class and workshop! You had great insights. Let’s stay in touch.

Michael, President & CEO
Oculus, Inc.

Keynote presentation was superb

Thank you, Chris, for participating in our 27th annual conference in San Antonio. Your keynote presentation about “embracing change” was superb! The feedback we received from our survey of attendees scored you very high. I thought you might like to see the comments as well in the document I sent you.

(Keynote speaker on Leading Strategic Change, Innovation and Transformation at the annual conference for the National Association of Veteran’s Research and Educational Foundation. This organization focuses on promoting research partnerships to improve veteran’s health.)


Rick, Chief Executive Officer
NAVREF | National Association of Veterans’ Research and Education Foundations

A pleasure having your present

It was a pleasure having you present to our department leaders in Park City, Utah. Thank you, Chris!

Jeremy, Chief Executive Officer
Blue Mountain Hospital

Great learning experience

Chris, this was great. It was very informative and a great learning experience for our team.

Teddy, Deputy Director
Department of Homeland Security

Great way to know our co-workers better

Thank you for the information, Chris. We very much enjoyed our team event this morning. It was a great way to get to know our co-workers more in-depth better.

Phyllis, SHRM-CP, Senior HR Manager
Consumer Cellular

The team training was awesome

The team training was awesome! It enlightened us in how to more effectively work with our teams. I hope we can expand your training to other departments. The information was priceless and will help us in preparing for future career goals and professional growth. You are an excellent trainer and instructor. Four hours seems like a long time for a training session, but at the end of the day, we did not want the training to end. Thank you!

Marcie, IT Project Leader, Shared Technology Services
Avery Dennison

Timely and extremely appropriate

Thank you so much for your willingness to come and speak at our recent Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association (ICCTFOA) Institute. The information that you presented was very timely and extremely appropriate for the members in attendance. Your presentation style is captivating and I received several positive comments about your thought-provoking material and the wonderful illustrations used to clarify the message. Personally, I have taken to heart the material you presented and actually returned to my workplace with a new vision for improvement. I know that others will also benefit from hearing you speak.

Debbie, Caldwell City Clerk
City of Caldwell, Idaho

Our company enjoyed our time with you

Thanks, Chris! Our company enjoyed our time with you yesterday.

Trevor, Principal Executive Leadership Team
(SRM Development is an acquisition, development, construction management, and property management company, specializing in multi-family, senior housing and mixed-use developments across the western United States.)

Received great feedback

Thank you, Chris! We truly enjoyed having you. Thank you for hosting a great team workshop for our leadership group. We received a ton of great feedback from your session. Your dynamic workshop was spot-on for our team and will help us keep improving. We hope to work with you again in the future!

Mark, President | Bryan, VP Product & Marketing
Taylor Farms Retail, Inc.

Helped our team align

Chris, the training was worthwhile, and you are a great instructor. Thank you for taking the time to help our team align and learn how we can use data to optimize our direction.

(Vobev is the first company in North America to offer can-making, filling, and shipping under one roof. Our approach is innovative. Our facility is unique.)

Miriah, Sr. Manager, Training & Development | Lyle, Manager

Appreciate your guidance

We appreciate your guidance today and really enjoyed the session. Thanks, Chris, for providing the team report. We look forward to working with our team to implement a few of the ideas you suggested.

Gurtej, Investment Strategy | Aakash, Development & Partnerships
The Witness Group

Leadership Alive is different

Unlike many leadership programs and consulting services, Leadership Alive, Inc., is different because they not only help train local leaders but they also assist leaders throughout the country at no charge who are either under-served or who are unable to take advantage of traditional training programs. Leadership Alive, Inc., is led by, Christopher Meade, who brings a unique perspective that is insightful and helpful in developing the whole person. Chris helps bring together the heart, mind, and hands of a person to not only “know” but “do.” Today, I’m in an expanded role as a leader and I’m living proof that Chris has added value and acumen into my skillset and into my life as a leader and lifelong learner. Chris has not only equipped me, but he has helped me lead others to develop their vision and passion as well.

David Cutbirth, President & Founder of DC Engineering
(Established in 1998, DC Engineering has more than 150 employees and has offices throughout Idaho, Montana, California, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin)

Quickly able to relate

You were able to quickly relate to our team and learn how to best draw them out. That is no easy feat when you have a group of engineers in one room so thank you for working so hard to do that! I have heard nothing but great feedback as I am sure you will see with your follow-up survey. It was a pleasure to have you.

Kimberly, R&D Program Manager

Feedback has been very positive

Thank you, Chris! The feedback for our company and leaders has been very positive and we will build on the experience for sure.

Lori, Senior Managing Director, California Market Leader

Truly enjoyed your presentation

We truly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. It was first-rate and I am better for having experienced your presentation. I hope our paths cross again.

Peter, VP of Operations
Atrium Hospitality

Everyone appreciated your style

Thank you for your facilitation yesterday. I believe everyone appreciated your style and character.

Evan, District Manager
Mason Conservation District

Incredibly insightful

We loved the team training It was incredibly insightful. We learned so much about ourselves and our coworkers. Thanks so much for facilitating.

McKenzie, Jama Software Marketing Team
Jama Software

Everyone found value in the session

Thank you for your time, Chris, and for facilitating us through such a productive event. It was very good. We talked about it afterward, and everyone found value in the session and has a desire to delve deeper and continue the learning journey. Your resources will be well used and I believe will help to strengthen us individually and as a team.

Tim, President & CEO |Helen, Curator of Programs
Tracy Aviary

Thank you for the team session

Thank you for the team session!

Erica, Managing Director
Stifel Investments Services

What we needed to go to the next level

Thank you for the wonderful training with our division. It was incredibly helpful! It was very engaging and fun too–just what we needed to go to the next level as a team. You helped lead all of us into more self and team awareness and how we can more effectively work as a team.

Jenny, Operations Division Planning & Management
Oakland Unified School District

Well prepared professional

You are without a doubt a very well-prepared and passionate professional. My team enjoyed the session and the way you walked us through the training. It was very helpful. This includes the few that have been through similar training sessions before.

Ron, Vice President of Operations

This was a standout training session

It was great to spend time learning more about ourselves and ways to better lead our teams. I have heard nothing but great feedback from everyone, which should also be reflected in the surveys. We’ve had many training sessions over the years but this one seems to stand out for everyone. The topics and the way you presented the material was fantastic and just what we were looking for. You have a true and genuine passion for leadership and it really shows in your presentations.

Lisa, Director of Customer Service; Mike, Quality Service Manager
Clark Public Utilities

Found the workshop valuable

Hi Chris – I just wanted to reach out directly to thank you for the workshop last week. We found it very valuable and it really energized me and also my teammates – so thank you!

Brittany, Sr. Agility Manager & Chief of Staff

The whole leadership package

Chris Meade is the whole leadership package–-author, motivational speaker, mentor, professor, and entrepreneur. Chris’ ability to bring relevant personal experience and humility to a leadership environment creates an atmosphere in which participants feel free to explore their own adventures and misadventures in a nonjudgmental, supportive, growth-focused environment. Warm, open, friendly and able to integrate humor into any situation, Chris blends well with any group or organization. His extensive knowledge of leadership through graduate and post graduate studies is remarkable. He is well read in trade and scholarly leadership materials and can easily blend that understanding to any situation in the business world. Masterful at prompting and facilitating discussion, Chris’ approach encourages reflection and growth at the personal and professional level. Chris’ books are wrapped in personal insight and can be profoundly moving. Having studied under his tutelage as a graduate student and worked with him on a long-term advisory committee, I would actively seek out Chris as a leadership mentor, speaker and trainer.

Maureen O’Toole, CEO of the Girl Scouts of the Silver Sage Council, Former US Army Lieutenant Colonel
(As CEO, Maureen oversees 2,300 volunteers and 4,200 girls.)

Keynote presentation was spot on

We really appreciate your coming to speak at our Sandvik Coromant Sales & Marketing Kickoff. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and insight. We received a lot of great feedback from our teams. The presentation was spot on with the message we wanted them to get. We appreciate your professionalism and support of our event. Thanks again!

Veronica, VP of Sales, Western US; Tom, Manager & Partner Marketing
Sandvik Coromant Americas

Enjoyed your presentations

Chris, the team really enjoyed your presentations. We thank you for your time. We look forward to watching our leadership team grow as servant leaders.

Kevin, President, New Pools Division
Anthony & Sylvan Pools

I give it five stars

WOW! The content was fantastic and the presentation even better – very captivating. You had our undivided attention. Hands down, an amazing and insightful two days! Your program was extremely enlightening and an eye-opener. You are a great communicator. We will be applying this in our day-to-day communications and relationships. I give it five stars! We thoroughly enjoyed our time with you and appreciated the education you provided.  Definitely changed my perspective on how I can improve by taking the time to slow down and learn how others see me.

(Elder Outreach is an organization of 1200 people from four states providing healthcare to the elderly.)

Jude, Chief Operating Officer | Tiffany, VP of Human Resources, Mary, Jerad, Jennifer, David, Administrators
Elder Outreach

Positive comments from your talk

It was a real pleasure to have you join us. Several people came up to me throughout the evening with positive comments and specific insights they got from your talk. In particular, there was one section where you showed two arrows, with arrows within, that seemed to strike a nerve. While we, pretty uniformly, have people trying to do the right thing, we still need to practice making sure we’re both engaged and going the same direction. We’re probably not alone in that journey, and your perspective really helped. Thanks so much, Chris! I hope to get to work with you again.

Mark, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer
Northwest Bank

Exactly what we were hoping for

It was a pleasure having you come and work with our group. It was exactly what we were hoping for! I’ve received nothing but positive feedback about you and your session. I’ll be looking for other opportunities to have you come in and help us move the organization forward.

Matt, Managing Principal
KPFF Consulting Engineers

Valuable presentation today

Thank you very much for your valuable presentation today. It was a very good morning. Your topic and your presentation style was very much appreciated by the entire group. We are going to follow up by following through with the challenge you gave us. We loved the materials you provided for the teams, too.

Bonnie, Director of Mission; Diana, Manager
Providence Medical Center & Health Services

Better communication with our teams

Thank you for presenting the facilitated team training to our leadership group. It was very informative. We are confident that we can use this to better communicate with our team.

Denise, Sr. Executive Administrator; Joe, Senior VP North American; Kazuo, Head of Nipro Japan; Omar, Head of Latin America; Goichi, President of Americas; Susan, Director of Marketing North American Division
Nipro Medical Corporation (Nipro Leaders were from US, Japan, Canada, Latin America in Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Clinical Training, Finance, HR, Cardio-Med, Customer Service, IT, Operations, Production Management, and Regulation and Quality.)

You were a hit

Chris, Thank you for providing our leadership retreat participants a wonderful experience last weekend. You were a hit! At the end of the day, we traditionally do a round of ‘key takeaways’ from the whole day, and at least 80% of our responses were taken from your presentation.

Courtney, Chief Culture and Communications Officer
Omni Family Health

Leadership session extremely beneficial

Thank you, Chris, for the extra resources. We look forward to reviewing them with our teams. The leadership session was extremely beneficial.

Aisha El-Amin, PhD, Associate Provost & Chief of Staff
University of Illinois at Chicago - Office of the Provost

Learned a lot about ourselves

Chris, it was a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for your presentation. The training was a wonderful experience and you did a great job! I think that everyone enjoyed it and we had fun, too. It was engaging, interesting, and valuable. We learned a lot about ourselves and our colleagues through this experience. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and hard work.

Marlene, FC, Regional Marketing Officer and Regional Marketing Officer; Amber, Administration
St. Vincent Hospital Network

Great session with all positive feedback

Thanks, Chris. Great session with all positive feedback. Everyone loved your presentation, and your delivery was fantastic. Hopefully, the leadership team above will be reaching out very soon to work with their teams.

Josh, Vice President, Strategic Accounts | Nick, Senior Director of Strategic Medical Accounts | Jack, Senior Director, Strategic Accounts
The Qt Company

Servant Leadership: The Upside Down Way of Leading

Dr. Chris Meade was a keynote speaker at the Adjutant General’s Leadership Day with Major General Gary L. Sayler, Adjutant General. He spoke on “Servant Leadership: The Upside Down Way of Leading.”

Major General Gary L. Sayler, Adjutant General
Idaho National Guard

Great discussions afterward

Thank you again for facilitating our leadership group. We learned a lot and had a lot of great discussions afterward. Thank you again!

Nikki, Chief Of Staff
Scribe AI, Inc.

We really enjoyed the course

Thank you for the training today! I know it can be difficult being virtual, but we all really did enjoy the course very much and the tools given. Great virtual training.

Lisa, Assistant Federal Security Director-Mission Support
TSA New Mexico

Gained value from your presentation

We absolutely gained value from your presentation and very much appreciated it! We were able to build off of the momentum you started on Saturday. Thanks again!

Derek, President, and CEO
Infinity Roofing (National Franchise)

Found it very useful

Thank you for spending the time with our team yesterday. We found it very useful and hope we can utilize some of the learnings you provided.

Yaniv, Engineering Leader

Informative and interactive

Thanks again, Chris, for an informative and interactive session. There was value to be had by all. I shared the materials with the leadership groups and look forward to a potential follow-up session in the future.

Susan, Chief People Officer
Strato, Inc.

Leadership training with a global team

Dr. Chris Meade spent the day presenting leadership training to a global team from Asian, Europe, and the U.S. using “Emotional Intelligence: EQiAlive™.”

Leadership Team at Silicon Valley Bank

We will reap the benefits going forward

So worthwhile and I thought your work was masterful. Many thanks for your efforts and expertise. We will certainly reap benefits going forward. We learned a lot from your training. Thank you so much for the awesome session!

Mike, SVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary | Mildred, MSLS Director, Compliance | Leadership Team
AFBA Life Insurance

Insightful managers training

Chris – Thank you so much, again, for the really insightful managers’ training. You’ve left us with some great tools and excellent homework.

LIsa, Associate Director
U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control

Time well spent

Thanks for everything you did for us…and sharing valuable insights and how to capitalize upon them. It was time well spent. One of our departments had a real breakthrough. We appreciated all your help with our teams and guiding us in ways to improve our interactions, realize our strengths, and build deeper trust.

Beth, Chief Executive Officer; Robin, Director of Dental Hygiene Operations
Western Regional Examination Board

You made it fun

Thank you for coming out and presenting to us. You made it fun and engaging, and I was really impressed with the overall presentation.

Nedia, Human Resources Manager
Summitt Clinical Research

We had a great time

Hey Chris, thanks for the insightful class today. The team had a great time!

José, Manager, Member Services

Pacific Northwest Hospitality Leaders

Nestled in the wine country of the Pacific Northwest on 7.5-acre campus, the Schoolhaus Brewhaus and partner, the Bigham Knoll Group, focus on world-class hospitality to visitors from around the world.

Hilary, General Manager and Director of Operations; Leadership Team

You hit on some relevant stuff

Hey Chris, this week, we enjoyed your keynote speech at the NARPM event. You hit on some relevant stuff that we needed to hear. Thank you!

Danny, RMP, Regional Vice President
Home River Group

Assisted in creating team synergy

Dr. Meade helped galvanize a senior management team of professionals at an award-winning brewery. pFriem Brewers was the winner of Brewery of the Year, Best of Craft Beer, and Best BrewPub Experience in the U.S. He assisted in creating team synergy and enhanced communication strategies in order to more effectively leverage individual and team strengths and work styles together.

Leadership and Management Team at pFriem Brewers
pFriem Brewers

Great informative and fun

Our team really enjoyed the workshop. It was informative and very useful. Great information and fun. Appreciate your insight! Thanks, Chris, for coming out.

Jillian, Business Operations Manager | Rennie, Director | Lindsay, Director | Emy, Marketing Director
Apex Real Estate Partners

You were great

Chris–You were great! Thanks again for everything!

(Emser Tile is the largest privately-held designer and marketer of tile and natural stone in the United States. Provided a leadership session for the organization.)

Wendy, Vice President, Builder Division
Emser Tile

Well worth our investment of time and funds

Thank you so much for taking the time to facilitate our leadership event. We enjoyed the team training. It was good information and we definitely found ourselves wanting to know more.We enjoyed the team training. It was a pleasure to have you present and well worth our investment of time and funds. Thank you, Chris!

Gary, Director of Community Safety; Kathy, Community Safety Administrator
Reed College

Amazing how accurate the results were

Thank you so much. It was interesting to learn more about our team. Amazing how accurate the results were.

Mathilde, Marketing Communications Manager
Rawson Industrial Controls

Heard lots of positive feedback

Chris, we truly appreciated having you conduct this learning. It was a really great session. I’ve heard a lot of positive feedback. The information you shared was valuable in helping us to understand ourselves and our leadership style better. I know we will make good use of these insights as part of our continuous development.

Mary, Senior Human Resources Manager
LaCrosse Footwear Incorporated

Great session

Thanks, Chris. Great session. We had some really good sessions last week leveraging strengths and the framework you helped us build.

Joe, VP of Operations | Bill, Canadian Business Manager

Made us a stronger and more cohesive team

Chris, we are still basking in the glow of a successful team training event for our 50 leaders. It continues to generate discussion and insight. Many were pleased. Thanks so much for being a part of our leadership event and making us a stronger, more cohesive team.

Scott, Biologist & Manager/Coordinator
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Leadership acceleration

Dr. Meade worked with a senior team from the Bank of Montreal. The Bank of Montreal, doing business as BMO Financial Group, is a Canadian multinational investment and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with offices in the US.

National Sales & Strategic Initiatives Senior Team
Bank of Montreal

Engaging, informative, fruitful and beneficial

Thank you, Chris, for offering the training to our team. We found the team training engaging, informative, fruitful, and beneficial. The material is very useful.

Abdul, Manager Community Services
Clark County Washington

Appreciated your engagement

Thanks for your time, Chris! We appreciated your engagement in this muli-team experience. We’ve received really positive feedback!

(Put four different teams through the team training.)

Kathryn, SVP, Strategy and Merchandising & Retail Expansion | Maureen, HR Business Partner
Brilliant Earth

Course was engaging and helpful

Thanks again Chris; it was a pleasure. We found the course engaging and helpful. Appreciate the time you took to help us out.

Ed, Business Continuity and Resilience | Danie, IT Solutions
DTCC Tampa & Singapore

Learned a lot from you

Dr. Meade, it was great meeting you yesterday. We learned a lot from you at our all-day annual conference “Executive Decision-Making” at the State of Oregon Public Management Association. Thank you!

Qing, Chief Information Officer
Oregon Public Utility Commission & Public Management Association State of Oregon

Appreciate your help

Thanks, Chris.  You are wonderful, and we really appreciate how you are helping Trico.

Brian, CEO and General Manager
Trico Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Winner CEO Executive Coaching Award

Winner of the CEO Executive Coaching Award for success and unmatched expertise within the executive coaching sector. The CEO Executive Coaching Awards celebrate the best in leadership and management coaching and recognize how integral coaches are to innovation and growth across the business world.

CEO Today Magazine – Executive Coaching Awards 2022

Team all said how much they enjoyed learning

Thank you very much for providing a very interesting presentation for our company. The team all said how much they enjoyed learning about themselves and the team.  I look forward to continuing a relationship with you.


Robert, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Epic Freight Solutions

Lewis-Clark State College

Christopher Meade provided leadership training to a management team at Lewis-Clark State College. Founded in 1893, Lewis–Clark State College is a public college with an annual enrollment of approximately 3,600 students. The college offers more than 130 degrees and is well known for its social work, criminal justice, education, nursing, and technical programs.

Senior Management Team
Lewis-Clark State College

Enjoyed hearing your today

Chris, thanks very much! We really appreciated and enjoyed hearing you today.

(Dignity Health operates hospitals and ancillary care facilities in 3 states in the U.S. with over 55,000 employees.)

Alyssa, Vice President, Chief Investment Officer
Dignity Health

Felt like you were talking just to me

Thanks for the session on Emotional Intelligence. You gave some excellent insights that will be fruitful for my work career and personal life. I can tell you are passionate about how EQ affects people in a team. We really enjoyed your presentation. It can be hard to talk to a laptop in a virtual presentation, but you really made me feel like you were talking just to me by the way you looked at the camera. We are looking forward to working on some of the items on the EQ report and assessments and the handouts you provided to improve our team EQ. Enjoyed the presentation.

Jennie, Finance Administration | Zac, Application Security Engineer | Claire, Credit Review Officer
Farm Credit Services of America

Leadership training for Kaiser Permanente Hospitals

Dr. Chris Meade provided leadership training on Trusted Servant Leadership to a constellation of over 250 healthcare leaders and managers at Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care organization and one of the largest nonprofit healthcare plans in the United States. Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente operates 39 hospitals and 700 medical offices, employing nearly 300,000 employees, including over 80,000 doctors and nurses. It currently operates in 8 states.

Leadership Team
Kaiser Permanente Hospitals

It was a great day

We were super pleased to have you join our company. We had such a wonderful day at our training, mostly because of you. Your presentation and energy for what you believe in is very contagious. As Kathy mentioned, we took a risk by not knowing very much about you or what you had planned for us, but it turned out to be a great fit. Everyone had very positive feedback. We learned a great deal, and I look forward to reviewing the supplemental materials you sent to stretch us a bit farther in my understanding of effective communication strategies. Everyone has been very focused this week but I have heard several comments about the team training workshop–chit-chat about one item or another. It’s nice to hear the staff filtering and using what they learned. I will keep your info handy as we navigate this exciting change in leadership. It was a great day. Thank you, Chris!

Kathy, Founder, President, Creative Director; Beth, Executive Vice President
Schipper Design

Took us to a higher level of EQ

Thank you, Chris, for your time and expertise. There was a lot of positive feedback from the learning event. Even though everyone had an understanding of Emotional Intelligence the work they did using your exercises really focused in on both the personal and social aspects of EQ and the effects of chemistry and relationship building together as a team. For the groups, it was taking their current knowledge to a higher level of EQ development and awareness and got them asking, “How do other people see me?” Excellent work!

Keith, Senior Learning and Development; Racheal, Human Resources Business Partner
Pacific Source Health Plans

Great presentation

Our team really enjoyed your presentation. It was a great presentation. Thank you for your help and insights. Our team really enjoyed your presentation. It was an interesting experience.

John, Partner; Trish, Firm Administrator
Lyons Gaddis Attorneys & Counselors

Loved it

Thanks, Chris. It was a very practical and interesting presentation. We loved it!

(Dr. Meade assisted the senior management and board of directors at a leadership offsite for Eye Recommend, a Canadian organization, focused on delivering member value through training, coaching, strategic product development and providing business resources for more than 500 practices, and 1,200+ optometrists in the Canadian healthcare marketplace.)

Grant, CEO; and Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team
Eye Recommend

Thank you for investing

All of the leaders really enjoyed your leadership module. Thank you so much for investing in our leaders at the International Accounting Firm Academy.

BKR International Accounting Firms
(BKR International is one of the top 10 global accounting associations that represents the combined strength of more than 160 independent accounting and business advisory firms in over 500 offices and 80 countries.

Your presentation was well received

Thanks, Chris, for your time today. Your presentation was well received and fit in perfectly with our leadership development objectives.

David Gnewikow, Sr. Mgr. IT Operations
Golden 1 Credit Union

Informative and beneficial

You did a great job. Very informative and beneficial. The team loved it.

Gerald, Territory Manager
Aeroflow Healthcare

Strategic contribution appreciated

Thank you for teaching and facilitating the leadership session during the recent Master of Strategic Leadership graduate residency. Your strategic contribution to the development of our leaders was appreciated!

Remi, PhD, Director of Adult and Graduate Studies
Life Pacific University

Enjoyed your facilitation style

Thank you so much for the session today. We really enjoyed it and your facilitation style. I took away so much valuable information for myself.

Adrianna, Ed.D.,M.S. | Manager of Organizational Effectiveness
Data Innovations

de Toledo High School Los Angeles

Dr. Meade provided leadership training to administrators, board and staff at de Toledo High School in Los Angeles. Founded in 2002, del Toledo High School is one of the largest Jewish day schools in the U.S. It is found in the West Hills neighborhood of L.A. and has an enrollment of about 400 students.

Leadership team of administators and board
de Toledo High School Los Angeles

Very helpful and well done

Chris, thank you again for your time today with our team. It was very helpful and well done!

Iowa Dept. of Transfporation

Leadership team event was very beneficial

Thank you for partnering with us in this leadership development. I have had an opportunity to debrief with each of the executive team members and they all agreed that the leadership team event was very beneficial. They appreciated the way you facilitated the discussion and felt the conversations were candid and productive. Since our gathering, several of us have had the opportunity to connect individually to discuss further our leadership styles.

Monique, Chief People and Administrative Officer
First Tech Federal Credit Union

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exercises

Thank you for leading the workshop last week. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the exercises and appreciated the insights you shared.

Landyn, Chief Operating Officer

Leadership team training for NBC Universal

Dr. Meade provided a leadership team training event on Emotional Intelligence for the senior leadership team at NBC News Digital. The leadership team consisted of CTO, VPs, senior directors, directors, managers, and leaders from the divisions of the digital business intelligence team, data engineering team, content and APIs, mobile & TV apps, R & D, web, IT operations, product, and UX design, product and design, operations, release management, and video engineering leadership group for NBC Universal. He helped galvanize a new global team for this media leader.

Kyri, Chief Technology Officer
NBC Universal

Awesome experience

Thanks so much! This was an awesome experience.

Rachel, Head of Sales | Jaime, Head of Business Operations & Finance

Thank you for helping our team grow

Thank you so much for spending time with us yesterday and helping our team grow. We appreciate the resources you sent too. A very interesting and beneficial day!

Michele, Chief Operating Officer
Vector Solutions

Reactions from our team are positive

Thank you for your time and effort. We enjoyed it and the reactions from our team are positive!

Maikel T., President
Alltec Lifting Systems | Specialized For Petrochemical, Refining, Power, Nuclear, and Offshore

Impactful to the team

Over the past two weeks, I had time to reflect on my team and the work we collectively do. I just wanted to thank you again for the session. It has been very impactful to the team, and their willingness to show so much vulnerability has brought us even closer together. Very proud of this team!

Sylvia, Vice President of Client Solutions Group Marketing
Dell Technologies

Idaho Power leadership coaching

Dr. Chris Meade provided leadership coaching to leaders at Idaho Power. Located in Boise, ID, Idaho Power purchases, sells, transmits, distributes, and generates electricity in eastern Oregon and southern Idaho. Founded in 1916, Idaho Power now employs over 2,000 full-time employees.

Leadership coaching to leaders
Idaho Power, an IDACORP Company

Leadership training to professionals at Legacy Health

Dr. Chris Meade spent the day with hospital leaders at Legacy. Randall Children’s Hospital, part of the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center in Portland, OR, offers pediatric services in oncology, dentistry, burns, ENT, emergency medicine, eye care, orthopedics, surgical, a neonatal ICU, audiology, urgent care, sleep disorders, rheumatology, radiology, among other services. The 334,000-square-foot building is a part of Legacy Health, which employs 13,000 workers.

Leadership team
Legacy Health Systems

Leadership team training for Walmart e-Commerce

Christopher Meade provided leadership team training to a global eCommerce team at Walmart. Walmart eCommerce operates websites in ten different countries. Their largest website, Walmart.com, sees up to 100 million unique visitors each month.

Leadership Team
Walmart e-Commerce

A very transformative session

Thank you, Dr. Meade, for joining us as our keynote speaker at our national leadership conference. It was a very transformative session. Attendee responses to your keynote, “Developing Trusted Servant Leadership – A New Kind of Leader for a New Kind of World,” were fabulous. Here are just a few statements from the evaluations: amazing and engaging speaker…genuine…great takeaways…held my attention the whole time…interactive and relevant…animated and dynamic…great presentation without fake feel-good stuff…inspiring. We appreciate you sharing your passion for leadership with our leaders.

James, President-elect, ALA; Nicole, Associate Director, Volunteer Relations; Cheri, Relations Coordinator
Association of Legal Administrators

Wonderful Session

Much thanks for the wonderful session today.  We look forward to future sessions with you, Chris.

Sam, Deputy CIO
Washington County Oregon

By far, the best I have seen

A sincere thank you for the team session yesterday. Being in HR, I have seen numerous facilitators conduct team training sessions and you were, BY FAR, the best I have seen. You had the team engaged and speaking openly, even though some of them were uncomfortable. I sincerely appreciate the discussions and insights you provided into the team. This will be extremely valuable for the team as they continue to grow.

Mandy, Sr. Manager, HR Operations
Dell EMC Storage

Excellent session

Chris – Thank you for the session yesterday. Excellent.

Bruce, Sr. Recruitment Manager
Sila Money

HR leadership acceleration

Dr. Meade assisted the Human Resources Department in management and leadership training. Bodybuilding.com is an online retailer specializing in dietary supplements, sports supplements, and bodybuilding supplements. It is one of the Internet’s most-trafficked health and fitness websites, with over 1 million daily visitors.

Leadership Team within the Human Resource Department

Very insightful day

Thank you for a very insightful day. You did a fabulous job. I am getting great feedback from the leadership team on yesterday’s team training.

Shannon, Associate Director, Master Data & Analytics BD Biosciences & Medication Management Solutions
BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company)

The content was perfect and perfectly delivered

On behalf of OCP, I sincerely appreciate your time and presentation today. I can’t thank you enough for coming out to OCP and presenting to our leadership on “Trusted Servant-Leadership.” The content was perfect and perfectly delivered. It was well-received by all.

Sue, SPHR, SHRM-SP, Director of Human Resources

Everyone enjoyed the training

Thanks again, Chris! Everyone really enjoyed the training.

Wendy, President & CEO
Clarity Credit Union | (Forbes #1 Best in State Credit Union)

Received very positive feedback

Chris, it was a true pleasure working with you again. I received a lot of very positive feedback about your sessions last week. Thank you so much for making it over and presenting to our Senior Customer Representatives with ways to become better leaders. The key points of the “Trusted Servant Leadership” course will truly help with this endeavor.

Mike, Quality Service Manager
Clark Public Utilities (Winner of JD Powers Award for Customer Service 12 years in a row)

Well received by the team

Thanks so much for another wonderful session, Chris. The session was well received by the team. Good stuff!


James, Director of Pro Merchandising Strategy | Juli, Sr. Marketing Manager
Home Depot Quote Center

Positive feedback from our leaders

Your presentation on “Leading Strategic Change, Innovation, and Transformation” was relevant and right on the mark. We thoroughly enjoyed it and had a lot of positive feedback from our leaders. Thank you for your contribution to our kick-off leadership gathering.

Janeen, Managing Director, Business Development and Alliances; Erica, Director of Marketing and Alliance Operations

Came away with a sense of how to work together

Thank you for the training you did with our leadership team. We all really enjoyed it and came away from it with a whole new sense of how to work together. We would like to roll this program out to all of our current employees as well as our future hires.

Alicia, Office Manager
Puget Systems

Extremely valuable for the team

Thanks so much for a wonderful team session. The feedback was great. Everyone really liked it. We are all so pleased with how it went and what we learned…You had the team engaged and speaking openly even though some of them were uncomfortable. We appreciated the discussions and insights you provided. It was extremely valuable for the team.

Travis, Senior Vice President Product Management; Mandy, Senior HR Operations


Bravo! I appreciate your message and your personal story woven into the material. You made it come alive! Keep the fire burning!

Mark, Director, Strategy & Business Development in Large Medical Centers
Sutter Health Bay Area

Nothing but to say great things about the training

Thanks so much for yesterday. It was fun, engaging and relevant, and we truly enjoyed it. I have nothing but to say great things about the training and I will be happy to serve as a reference should you ever need it.

Orkun, Assistant VP and Chief Budget Officer
The University of Texas at Dallas

A valuable and informative investment

Thanks again for everything, Chris! Everyone enjoyed the team training. It was a valuable and informative investment. All of us thoroughly enjoyed your facilitation and appreciated learning more about our team dynamics.

PS –  I had taken a team training that was similar in some ways at a previous company training and I have to say that your session yesterday blew it out of the water.


Robert, Senior Director | Enterprise Customer Success; James, Enterprise Customer Success Manager; Ryan, Enterprise Customer Success Manager; Michelle, Enterprise Customer Success Manager;
Workiva Inc.

Enjoyed today’s sessions

Thank you, Chris. I absolutely enjoyed today’s sessions. Thank you again for working with us!

Juliana, Director of Talent Management
North Star Anesthesia

The timing, flow, content, and discussions were spot on

Thank you so much for the great session you led with our team yesterday. You were absolutely perfect! The timing, flow, content, and discussions were spot on, so we thank you immensely for leading us in a great discussion. Great work!

Doug, SVP & Chief Marketing Officer
Newport Beach & Company

Team enjoyed the presentation

Thank you, Chris! The team really enjoyed the presentation today. We appreciate your time.

Dee, Senior Product Manager
MCG, Data Science Solutions

Wonderful session

Thank you so much, Chris! It was a wonderful session for our team. What a great way to head into the weekend in introspection and thoughtfulness!

Rosa, Partner Success Manager

Team Training US Olympic Committee

Dr. Meade provided leadership training and development to a large, diverse leadership team at the United States Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. These women and men served in various roles within the Leadership Team, Business Affairs, Finance, Board of Relations, and Development divisions for Team USA.

Megan, Sr. Associate General Counsel, Development
United States Olympic Committee

Very positive feedback

Thank you so much for working with our teams. The feedback we have received about the team training has been very positive. Our teams are excited to continue developing their skills. We look forward to connecting with you soon.


Tracy, HR Business Partner Communications; Bindu, SVP, Account Director at GSW Advertising
Syneos Health & GSW Advertising | New York City

Thank you for inspiring change and awareness

We have gotten numerous compliments on how impactful your session was; thank you for inspiring change and awareness in each of us personally and professionally. Our national team really enjoyed it. Thanks again and safe travels as your adventures continue!

Erica, Senior Compliance Advisor; Enterprise Compliance Enterprise Compliance & Ethics, Chief Risk Officer
USAA Insurance

Thank you for a terrific experience.

Thank you for a terrific experience. The entire team has spent some good conversation cycles and now that we’re back in the office, we are ready to dig in and incorporate our findings into the way we do things here. We appreciate you helping us as a company find and leverage our leadership strengths.

JP, CEO & Founder; Crista, People Matters Manager

Most meaningful training ever taken

Thanks again, Chris, for your facilitation today. You did a great job. This is probably the most meaningful training I have ever taken in a long time for its contents and actionable items. At the personal level, it helps us to know ourselves better. Thanks for helping us spend time to invest in ourselves and learn a little more about one another to be stronger together.

Michael, Senior Consultant/SOX Manager
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. and Hospitals

You were awesome

Thank you, Chris! We all enjoyed the experience. You were awesome! And we will be reaching out to you for our future trainings.

Connie, Administration
Hitachi High Technologies America

Enhanced our relationships

Thank you, Chris, very nicely done. It was comprehensive and beautifully facilitated. Everyone has happy with how you moderated the event and how you made things so clear. We now have a better understanding of each other’s styles which will only enhance the relationships and camaraderie that already exists. All are eager to share their insights. Thank you for making this a memorable experience!

Irma, President & CEO
Employment & Training Centers, Inc.

Lots of useful information

Chris, you did a great job, lots of very useful information. Thank you for your time with our team last Friday!

Brian, Executive Director; Aili, Trust Manager
Oregon Arts Commission | Oregon Cultural Trust

Your passion, knowledge, and energy were incredible!

Thank you for the wonderful sessions. Your passion, knowledge and energy were incredible! I’ve also heard some great feedback. Thank you for a fun and productive day. You would be beneficial to our entire organization.

Jane, Manager, Learning and Staff Development, & Talent; Janine, Director, Integrated Marketing and Communications
American Dental Association

Our group enjoyed your presentation

Thank you for coming to our organization. The group truly enjoyed your presentation, and I’m excited to see some positive changes moving forward. It was a delight to work with you!

Casey, Human Resources & Development
Utah System Of Higher Education | Governed by the Board of Regents Utah's Eight Public Colleges & Universities

Helpful follow-up resources

Thank you so much for today’s session. The team thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks also for the helpful follow-up resources and documents for the team.

Kathlene, EA, Marketing
Twitch TV

Dynamic and inspirational speaker

Chris is a great presenter. He is dynamic and inspirational. He definitely motivated me to reinvigorate my efforts. The team training was excellent. I heard a lot of positive feedback. There were great leadership and emotional intelligence exercises to engage in with my team. Chris helped me specifically in conflict resolution, clear communication, and having those difficult and crucial conversations with others as well as how to be more effective in giving and receiving feedback.

Susan, Director of Human Resources; Greg, Actuarial Manager; Barb, Accounting Manager
Guarantee Trust Life

Received positive feedback

Chris thanks so much for facilitating the team session for NCRC today. I received a lot of positive feedback on it. Thanks for a fun session and appreciate all you do for NCRC.

Other responses from the team:

  • Helped get to know teammates more
  • Gained greater respect and appreciation for others
  • Opportunity to better know my colleagues
  • See differences in strengths of staff
  • Learn how to build off each other’s strengths
  • Knowing/leveraging team strengths = productivity, efficiency, innovation
  • Better understand each other
Tamara, SHRM‑CP, PHR, Director, HR & Operations
National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Team found it informative

Chris – Thank you again for your insight and presentation today. I think our team found it very informative and we’ll continue the discussions around our strengths!

Stacie, Director External Affairs Region 8 | Jamie, Public Affairs Specialist External Affairs
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Made our conference a big success

Thank you very much for helping make our conference a big success. You did a great job and we have heard very positive feedback. We all learned a great deal and I think everyone appreciates the chance to focus on one area of emotional intelligence to improve in over the next few months. In addition, it provides a chance to broaden the awareness of EI in our organization. You were a vital part of making our conference a success!

Lisa; Sondra; Ronda; Corporate Commiunication Projections OPS MARCOMM Group
Power Engineers, Inc. | Global Engineering Company

Our team found the training extremely helpful

Thank you for your time and expertise last week. Our team found the training extremely helpful personally and professionally. It’s really cool to see something that I’ve found helpful applied to so many at our company…You knocked it out of the park…Lastly, we have read through the surveys that we ask each person to complete after Team Days. Your presentation, by far, was everyone’s favorite. You made a huge impact that we hope to grow in as a company.

Matt, President; Autumn, Energy HR Team; Steve, Evergreen Consulting Group
Evergreen Consulting Group

Learned new strategies

Thank you for your keynote presentation on “Trusted Servant Leadership” at the California Department of Health Care Services’ state-wide leadership event. Not only did I learn new strategies today, but I was also reminded of core messages and efforts to reinvent myself as a leader effectively. Much appreciated!

Rudy, Section Chief at State of California Department of Health Care Services
California Department of Health Care Services

Feedback from the team has been fantastic

Thank you very much for the “Emotional Intelligence” team training you delivered and for the extra materials you provided. We really enjoyed the experience. This training was very informative and will help us achieve our goals and go to the next level in the future. The feedback from the team has been fantastic. I look forward to building further upon what we have started.

Felix, Director; Alexander, Senior Consultant
Miebach Consulting, Inc.

Our management team enjoyed yesterday’s training

Chris – thank you again for all of your help with our trainings this summer. Our management team enjoyed yesterday’s team event. We are discussing strategies to implement and train on key aspects that can help our leadership continue to evolve around improved self and situational awareness and the knowledge of our individual proclivities for interacting with one another.


Jay, Director
NIAID Scientific Review National Institute of Health

The training was thought-provoking

I found the content of Monday’s training thought-provoking. I hadn’t really considered it before, but my approach to change management follows your description of the traditional model: identifying and correcting weaknesses. I will definitely consider the strength-focused model as I move forward and I’m interested to see how it impacts the projects and teams of which I’m a part. Thanks again!

Ann, Management and Program Analyst
Bureau of Land Management | Northwest Oregon District

This was an event we needed

Thank you for leading us through our team workshop. This was a team event we needed together. We enjoyed the time and the work to become a better team.

Laury, SVP and Chief Information Officer | Shirley, Associate Director Human Resources
Seattle Genetics (Seagen)

Informative and inspiring session

Hi Chris. Thank you very much for your presentation on Friday to our SHRM State Council leadership teams. Indeed, it was an informative and inspiring session! Again, we are appreciative that you were able to be with us!

Sandy, President

One of the coolest most valuable offsites ever

Thanks, Chris. This was one of the coolest and most valuable offsites I’ve ever participated in. The team loved the chance to reconsider how we work together and learn about how to leverage our strengths. Everyone really loved it!


Jennifer, Communications Director | Nate, Communications | Josh, Admin Leadership Team

Engaging, thoughtful, relevant leadership presentation

Chris put together a very engaging, thoughtful, and relatable presentation on Servant Leadership for our management and leadership team at our recent company conference. Not only did we learn about the concepts, but Chris also took us on a deep dive into how each of us can become leaders by implementing ways to build and lead more engaged, cohesive teams. Our team thoroughly enjoyed their time with Chris, and we received a lot of positive feedback from our event.

Andrew, Human Resources Director
Eenhoorn, LLC
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