Experience Personal and Professional Transformation In The Age of Acceleration and Innovation.

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Transform You. Transform Business.

Experience Personal and Professional Transformation In The Age of Acceleration and Innovation.

Transform You. Transform Business.

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Disruption, change and transformation are some of the new buzzwords that have emerged over the last few years. Often the words “change” and “transformation” are used interchangeably, but they are very different. Change is an event. It’s about using external influences to modify external actions to achieve desired outcomes. Change needs to be monitored and maintained.

Transformation Is An Inside

On the other hand, transformation begins first inside a person or team and then works its way out to external actions. Transformation is an inside job. Because it originates inside a person (e.g., their thinking, perspectives, nature or function), transformation is much broader in its ripple effect for achieving lasting results.

Transformation is a process of renewal, metamorphosis, and new beginning. It is an internal fundamental change in a person, team or organization’s beliefs or culture that motivates and fuels external action and outcomes. Transformation does not require any external influence to maintain, and because of its nature (inside-out), transformation is more likely permanent.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

The old axiom, “What got you here won’t get you there” is more true today than ever before. To “get there” companies need a constellation of leaders that not only understand business transformation but have experienced personal transformation. If you want to transform business you first have to learn how to transform yourself.

Transformed People Lead Differently

When a person’s leadership style has been influenced by personal transformation it has a profound effect upon how business transformation unfolds. When a leader or team experiences personal growth and transformation it has a direct and powerful affect on and through him/her. There is a ripple effect. Transformed people lead differently because they are different. This was true of world-class leaders such as Mahatma Gaudi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, and it’s true for us. They transformed themselves before they transformed the world.

Transform You. Transform Business.

Personal Transformation Unlocks Business Transformation.

Transformed leaders leverage strengths and manage limitations in themselves and with others more effectively. They possess clearer self-awareness and honed self-management skills. They handle stress better. They employ communication strategies that connect with colleagues. Especially, in times of stress, chaos, pressure and conflict. Because they connect better with people they build trusted relationships. This gives them more credibility because trust is the new currency in business. Transform You. Transform Business.

The Solution

This keynote presentation unpacks the five catalytic drivers behind personal and professional transformation. It will demonstrate how these personal drivers tie directly into business transformation. This talk will inspire and inform audiences on how to “disrupt themselves” and experience a new dimension of leadership growth and capacity that can impact your company in profound ways. Attendees will be able to assess where they need to adjust their cadence and routines in order to set themselves up to “ride the wave” of transformation. They will learn how to be transformation and not just do change. Transform You. Transform Business.

Keynote: What You Can Expect

Christopher Meade, PhD, provides you with a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered keynote presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience. Presentations are customized to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Keynote: Presentation Structure

A standard keynote talk is approximately 45-60 minutes. Topics are customized around your conference theme and/or event objectives.  We can also deliver keynotes in a more interactive format (up to 1.5 hours) if that serves your goal and event better. To do this we add an element to the keynote such as a small group breakout to discuss some questions around the keynote topic or your conference theme. High-quality visual slides are used during the keynote as well.

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Dr. Chris Meade - Leadership AliveDr. Christopher Meade brings nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership, management and leadership experience his role as President at Leadership Alive, Inc.,®., a leader-building organization. Christopher holds a PhD from the University of Idaho in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. A former university business dean, award-winning MBA professor, executive leadership coach and author, Christopher have been speaking publicly for more than 25 years and has keynoted close to 100 events in the United States as well as spoken in 15 cities throughout China. He has trained over 500+ teams and organizations, many are top-tier firms such as: Nike, Microsoft, NFL Detroit Lions, Salesforce, Game Stop, Cisco, United States Treasury & Commerce, Abbott Laboratories, University of California Berkeley, Bard Medical, Hewlett Packard, Taj Palaces & Resorts, United Healthcare, Federal Reserve Bank, Dell Computers, Parker Aerospace, ACCO Brands, Avery Dennison, HCP, Inc., Code.org and Children For The Nations.  Christopher devotes his time to speaking, training, teaching and writing.