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Leading Strategic Change, Innovation & Transformation: The 10 Elements of Successful Change Leadership.


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Leading Strategic Change, Innovation and Transformation offer readers an insightful, concise, research-grounded visual strategic framework in creating custom foresight that generates insight that shapes strategic action for their organization in this historic time of change.

Foresight. Insight. Action.
This book is designed as a practical guide to leading strategic change, innovation, and transformation. It provides a visual framework with a clear-cut strategic process for moving a team and organization into the future. It aids leaders, managers, and strategic thinkers attempting to stay ahead of the curve and discover new horizons of transformation and opportunity.

ISBN: 978-1-64316-179-2

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Leading Strategic Change Innovation & Transformation: The 10 Elements of Successful Change Leadership

Strategic Foresight, Insight, and Action

Maps and compasses are important when traversing unfamiliar terrain and entering a new geographic territory. The same is true in business. Using strategic maps and visual frameworks assists companies and organizations in understanding and shaping their futures better.

Sensemaking in a world of big data, AI, complexity, disruptive technology, autonomous machines, Blockchain, and the swirl of unknowns is fast becoming a standout strategic-thinking differentiator. The abilities to glean insight, generate foresight, and know what to do have become the prized leadership competencies in this historic time of change.

Clarity for the Future Through Strategic Sensemaking

This book introduces readers to how to generate foresight that leads to insight that shapes strategic action in the present. It helps align teams across an organization with a common view of reality and is a tool for developing a coherent vision of the future.

This book assists strategic thinkers by provoking them to think about alternative futures and then helping them uncover relevant insights with a time-tested action process for their organization. Possessing strategic foresight that is clear, focused, intentional, while at the same time being nimble, market sensitive, and able to pivot, is crucial to success in the digital economy.

Simplicity is Still the Ultimate Form of Sophistication

Leading Strategic Change, Innovation, and Transformation is a simplistic, concise, research-grounded visual framework that clarifies the complex. It walks strategists beyond a process of change and into experiencing true transformation. Instead of focusing on surviving, leaders and managers gain mastery on how to create team cultures that embody foresight, insight, and strategic action that focus on thriving in the digital economy.

Using a strategic mapping process, whiteboard images, and set of visual frameworks, Christopher Meade, Ph.D., unpacks the key strategic elements that catalyze foresight, insight, and innovative solutions for the future.

  • Leverage change and disruption into opportunity and advantage
  • Create custom foresight and insight that shapes strategic execution
  • Align teams across an organization with a common view of the future
  • Acquire a framework around strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategic action
  • Gain skills on how to not just manage change but lead business transformation
  • Build an organizational culture around strategic sensemaking
  • Simplify the complex and gain confidence when embracing the future


I attended one of Chris’ one-day strategic conference workshops. When the time came for me to lead my strategic conference, I was able to provide my agency with the guidance to uncover its mission and strategic objectives successfully. Chris’ style of writing and presenting is very engaging. If you are looking for a deeper meaning within yourself or your organization, Chris can guide you through the discovery process! — Brent, U.S. Court Officer

ISBN: 978-1-64316-179-2

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