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StrengthsFinder Training Workshop Facilitator Santa Clara, California

On-site and Virtual Team Options | Gallup-Certified | Santa Clara California


StrengthsFinder Training Workshop Facilitator in
Santa Clara, California

Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder training workshop facilitator, Dr. Christopher Meade, helps teams leverage their strengths to build trust, increase engagement, and cultivate stronger relationships. StrengthsFinder has become a popular tool for conducting team building at corporations around the globe.

Leverage Your Team Strengths

Based on the #1 Wall Street Journal and Business Week bestseller, the StrengthsFinder training course in Santa Clara, California helps individuals and teams understand, apply, and leverage their strengths in their respective roles and teams.

Start With Talent; End With Strength

StrengthsFinder helps individuals and teams discover, develop, and deploy their unique talents and strengths. When teams understand each other’s unique strengths and discover “what’s right with each other” rather than focusing on “what’s wrong with one another,” teams experience greater engagement, stronger alignment, and improved performance.

Gallup StrengthsFinder Training Workshop in Santa Clara, California (In-person and Virtual Offerings)

This StrengthsFinder workshop is geared to help individuals and teams discover how they can use and develop their natural strengths and talents in a way that brings out their best contribution. We focus on each participant’s Signature Strengths and how to best leverage them together as a team.

StrengthsFinder Workshop Materials and Resources

This engaging and interactive team workshop includes:

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder online pre-assessment
  • Personalized strengths profile for each participant
  • Supplemental workshop materials
  • Gallup-certified expert facilitation
  • Interactive, participatory, fast-paced, fun
  • Gallup’s best break-out activities, team conversations
  • Customized team and department strengths map
  • Follow-up materials with team and manager resources
  • Admin of the entire process, start to finish

The StrengthsFinder Training Workshop in Santa Clara, California can be done in a 4-hour (half-day) onsite format or a live, 2-hour, accelerated virtual online session.

StrengthsFinder Live Virtual Online Team Option

A live virtual StrengthsFinder team training event is a cost-effective way to bring your team together and provide a world-class team-building experience. Our virtual training option enables you to continue to develop your associates remotely outside the Santa Clara, California area.

Bring Your Team Together

The virtual delivery option is perfect for smaller teams on a budget. When you participate in a live StrengthsFinder video-conferencing session, we seamlessly share Gallup Strengths content in a way that brings teams together.

Virtual Online Video-Conferencing Workshop

  • The connection is quick, easy, and efficient
  • Live, personal, engaging, interactive, fun
  • HD video, audio, and HD screen-sharing
  • Break-out rooms, team conversations and activities
  • Collaborate with team members across locations in real-time
  • Expand beyond a Santa Clara, CA area workshop to meet the needs of today’s remote professionals

StrengthsFinder Team Workshop Takeaways:

  • Gain greater self-awareness and team alignment
  • Increase employee engagement and team performance
  • Gain techniques to address team challenges
  • Understand how to build effective team partnerships
  • Transform relationships in the workplace
  • Increase business productivity
  • Learn how to leverage individual strengths in order to improve team results

StrengthsFinder Training Workshop Chris Meade

Appreciate your prework and passion

Chris, thank you so much! It was a fun day. We had great feedback on the session for our marketing leadership team. We were all so appreciative of your prework and passion in the leadership and team StrengthsFinder event! Emily, Senior Vice President, Starbucks Marketing USA; Kyndra, Vice President, Global Marketing, Starbucks Rewards & Partnerships

Tangible. Relatable. Actionable.

It was a great session. I had almost every single leader on my team comment to that effect. I think we’re making progress on getting folks to work together and see the best in their colleagues’ actions. Today was another step on the path to making this team really hum! I thought you did a fantastic job of making our team training tangible, relatable and actionable. Thank you again for your time. Travis, Senior Vice President, ISG Sales, Global Business Operations Dell Computers EMC

StrengthsFinder Training Workshop Facilitator, Gallup-Certified, Santa Clara, California

Dr. Christopher Meade is a Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder training workshop facilitator in Santa Clara, California. He specializes in building strong leaders and developing healthy teams. He has coached over 10,000+ people and facilitated trainings for 500+ teams and/or organizations across all industries.

A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Christopher holds a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in Organizational Learning with a concentration in leadership. He is a recipient of the CEO Today Management Consulting Award.

Some of his clients include Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, US Olympic Committee, Starbucks, NFL Detroit Lions, Salesforce, Walmart eCommerce, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Sony PlayStation, U.S. Departments of Veteran Affairs, Treasury, Defense, and Commerce, UC Berkeley, Instagram, Citibank, Abbott Laboratories, Federal Reserve Bank, Emory University, IHG Hotels, and United Healthcare.

As an author of several books, Dr. Meade speaks regularly at leadership conferences and Gallup StrengthsFinder team training workshops and events in the Santa Clara, California area, and throughout the United States. He spends his time speaking, training, teaching, writing, and leader-building.

Gallup Strengths Coach Chris Meade

Santa Clara, California: “The Mission City” or “All-America City”

Demographics in Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara, CA is nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley and is famous for its Mission Santa Clara, and the presence of several high tech corporations. The city of about 126,000 people is punctuated with 19 mi² of tree-lined neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and bustling shopping centers. According to The Centrum® Healthiest Cities report, Santa Clara, CA is one of the healthiest cities in the U.S. The median age is a tad above 34, with Asian (39%) and white people (35%) constituting the largest demographic cohort. Also, the median household income of $110,110 is substantially more than the state average of $67,739. Moreover, as of 2016, the per capita income is $47,046.

Interesting City Facts About Santa, Clara, CA

The city is synonymous with Silicon Valley today. However, back in the day, it was known for its fruit production. The land hoisted with concrete structures and expressways was once ornamented with orchards. Moreover, Santa Clara, CA, is home to the NFC West Division football team San Francisco 49ers, and since 2014, Levi’s Stadium is the official base of team training and NFL matches. Additionally, the city is renowned for its state of the art Santa Clara swim club and International swim center.

Businesses Landscape in Santa Clara, California

Due to the presence of innovative infrastructure, low utility rates (courtesy owning Silicon Valley Power), and rapid development more than 12,000 businesses are present in the city to find their mission. The city of Santa Clara is a melting pot of technology and technological innovation. It is because minimal business license fees, coupled with the one-stop Permit Center is enabling organizations to thrive in a progressive ambiance.

Most all of today’s business is done in high-performing teams and the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment and team training help work teams get better and build more trust.

Top Santa Clara Businesses

The city’s unemployment rate is 3.7% against a U.S. avg. of 5.2%. As per the City’s 2016 Financial Report, the top employers in Santa Clara, CA are Applied Materials, Intel, California’s Great America, Avaya Inc., Santa Clara City Hall, EMC Corporation, Macy’s, Santa Clara University, ON Semiconductor, and LSA Global. We have trained many leaders and managers in the Santa Clara area with StrengthsFinder 2.0 team training events and other team-building events.

Top Places To Work In Santa Clara, CA

Some of the top places to work in Santa Clara, CA are NVIDIA, Marvell Semiconductor, Oracle, Sun Microsystems. Meanwhile, the following are the fastest growing companies in Santa Clara, Hitachi Vantara, Alto Networks, Droisys, iCracked, and ServiceNow.

Education in Santa Clara, CA, and Universities

The public schools in Santa Clara commit $15,355 per student, compared to the national average of $12,383. The city is served by the Santa Clara Unified School District and is home to 19 K–8, elementary, and high schools such as Bowers elementary school, Wilcox High School, and Buchser Middle School. Moreover, Golden State Baptist College and Mission College offer higher education facilities. However, the most venerated educational facility of the city, Santa Clara University, is also the State’s oldest private institution. It was founded in 1851 and offers higher learning at individual and team training level in the modern and historic architecture. Many Santa Clara colleges and universities career centers and business classes use StrengthsFinder 2.0 in their course material as well as StrengthsFinder team training events for staff at a team-building event. Most MBA programs today use Gallup’s StrengthsFinder and Strengths-based leadership in their programs.

Entertainment in Santa Clara, California

According to TripAdvisor, HYATT House Santa Clara is the top spot to stay in Santa Clara, CA, as it is merely a couple of miles away from the Great America Theme Park, and the famed Levi’s Stadium. The former is a 100-acre theme park with water attractions, live entertainment & food courts, while the latter is a stadium that can seat 68,000 people (The 49ers outlay $1.3 billion building it). Moreover, the Intel Museum offers exhibitions about technological milestones such as the making of the silicon chip, while the Triton Museum of Art promotes an expanded array of contemporary California art. Lastly, head to The Halford, Woodhams Sports Lounge, or Evolution Bar & Cafe to have a fun time dining in Santa Clara, CA.

StrengthsFinder trainer, Dr. Christopher Meade, facilitates the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 team training workshops in the Santa Clara, California area as well as the certified Gallup Strengths-based leadership and management strengths finder training workshops.

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