Go Deeper With the Full 34 Gallup Strengths Team Training - Part 2

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Gallup StrengthsFinder Full 34 Team Training Part 2 (Onsite and Virtual Options)

Go Deeper With the Full 34 Gallup Strengths Team Training - Part 2

Move Beyond Top 5 Strengths

The Full 34 Strengths Team Training Part 2 is an engaging and interactive team event for those who have already completed Gallup’s StrengthsFinder Part 1 – Top 5 Strengths training. This workshop is a follow-up StrengthsFinder team event that goes deeper into understanding and applying your strengths.

StrengthsFinder Full 34 Team Training Part 2

Gallup’s research finds that people who use their strengths are more engaged and productive at work and 3x more likely than others to have an excellent quality of life. People who use their strengths achieve their goals, have greater confidence and are less likely to experience negative emotions like worry, sadness, and stress.

Full 34 Strengths Team Training Part 2 Includes

  • Fast-paced, Engaging, Interactive, and Fun
  • Online Full 34 Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment
  • Personalized Profile Reports
  • Strengths-based Development Materials
  • Gallup-certified Coach and Facilitation
  • Follow-up E-Learning Module
  • Expert Advice via Gallup Access
  • Your Theme Sequence Report
  • StrengthsFinder 2.0 E-book
  • Strengths Insight Guide
  • Your Signature Theme Report
  • Follow-up Resources

Full 34 StrengthsFinder Training Objectives & Outcomes

1. Learn how to recognize and appreciate your own and others’ talents
2. Discover strategies to increase effective interpersonal communications
3. Increase team alignment and overall engagement
4. Increase individual and team productivity, performance and effectiveness
5. Transform relationships by cultivating trust in the workplace

The 34 Ways to Describe What You Naturally Do Best

Being your best self means playing to your strengths at work and everywhere else. Discover your strengths and learn how to use them to thrive with Gallup’s full 34 strengths. Your Strengths themes are your talent DNA. They explain the ways you most naturally think, feel, and behave. Workshop participants will be able to plot the strengths of their teams based on the four domains of leadership strengths (Executing, Influencing, Relationship Building, and Strategic Thinking).

StrengthsFinder Full 34 Team Training Part 2 Workshop (Onsite and Virtual Offerings)

This StrengthsFinder Full 34 team training Part 2 workshop can be conducted at your organization, an area hotel, or offsite. It is presented in either a half-day, 4-hour, onsite (if participants have already taken the foundational Gallup StrengthsFinder Team Training Part 1). If not, an 8-hour, full-day, onsite session is available. The first half of the workshop covers StrengthsFinder Part 1 and the second half dives into StrengthsFinder Full 34 Part 2. We also offer accelerated, live, virtual online team sessions.

StrengthsFinder Full 34 Team Training Part 2 – Virtual Option

A live virtual StrengthsFinder Full 34 team training Part 2  online workshop is a cost-effective way to bring your team together and provide a world-class team-building experience. Our virtual training option enables you to continue to develop your teams through video-conferencing. It helps team members relationally connect with each other remotely.

The virtual delivery option is perfect for teams on a budget. When you participate in a live StrengthsFinder Full 34 virtual session, we seamlessly share Gallup’s StrengthsFinder full 34 content in a way that brings team members together in an engaging, participatory, interactive, and fun learning session.

Virtual Online Video-Conferencing Workshop

  • The connection is quick, easy, and efficient
  • Live, personal, engaging, interactive
  • HD video, audio, and HD screen-sharing
  • Team building and talent development on a budget
  • Collaborate with other team members across locations in real-time
  • Expand beyond traditional team and trust-building workshops to meet the needs of today’s professionals

Our teams are excited and energized


Thank you again for facilitating our StrengthsFinder training session. Our teams are excited and energized with what we learned about ourselves and each other. Thank you for your coaching. It was much appreciated!  We will definitely utilize it. Francis, Global Footwear Planning, Nike

Pleasantly surprised by the results

Department of Health and Human Services

We enjoyed your training yesterday! We were pleasantly surprised by the results. I’ve gotten only positive feedback from the supervisors and managers about the training. Everyone I spoke to felt they walked away with greater insights into their own leadership strengths.  Dr. Tara, Judy, Rana, Jeff – Department of Health and Human Services USA

StrengthsFinder Full 34 Team Training Part 2, Gallup-Certified Coach and Trainer

Dr. Christopher Meade is a Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder coach, trainer, and dynamic facilitator. He specializes in building strong leaders and developing healthy teams. Dr. Meade has coached over 10,000+ people and facilitated trainings for 500+ teams and/or organizations across all industries.

A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Christopher holds a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. He is a recipient of the CEO Today Management Consulting Award.

Some of his clients include Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, US Olympic Committee, Starbucks, NFL Detroit Lions, Salesforce, Walmart eCommerce, Johnson & Johnson, Dell, Sony PlayStation, U.S. Departments of Veteran Affairs, Treasury, Defense, and Commerce, UC Berkeley, Instagram, Citibank, Abbott Laboratories, Federal Reserve Bank, Emory University, IHG Hotels, and United Healthcare.

As an author of several books, Dr. Meade speaks regularly at leadership conferences and Gallup StrengthsFinder team training events throughout the United States. He spends his time speaking, training, teaching, writing, and leader-building.


Gallup Strengths Coach Chris Meade

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