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National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Overview of Case: Organizational Culture Transformation.

Implemented a customized talent activation program for the NOAA to increase workforce engagement, elevate employee morale, galvanize two divisions into one new unit, and cultivate deeper trust among leaders, supervisors, teams and departments across the organization.

NOAA | Washington, D.C. & Seattle, WA.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is an American scientific organization under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Commerce that focuses on the conditions and stewardship of the oceans and the atmosphere. The NOAA monitors and warns of dangerous weather patterns and counsels around the use and protection of ocean and coastal resources and conducts scientific research to provide insights and recommendations to improve the care and concern of our environment. The NOAA has over 11,000 employees and is under the leadership of the Under Secretary of Commerce.

We are still basking in the glow of a successful team training event for our 50 leaders. It continues to generate discussion and insight. Thanks so much for being a part of our leadership event and making us a stronger, more cohesive team.” –Scott, Biologist & Manager/Coordinator

Strategic Scope and Solution

We worked with this federal agency in both Washington, D.C. (national headquarters) and in the Seattle, Washington branch. Focused on training their leaders, managers and teams. We helped them go to the next level in talent activation and provided workforce solutions that engaged the various teams in how to transform into high-performing units.

Many of the NOAA teams are dispersed throughout the nation and had the added complexity of being cross-functional and/or remote work units. As well, the Seattle NOAA branch underwent a merger of two large divisions into one combinded division located in the Pacific Northwest. Work was done to integrate the two divisions to become one high-functioning unit as well as unify and galvanize the new culture created by the merger.

Additional executive coaching was done for leaders and senior managers on how to lead strategic cultural change and transformation going forward and how to better engage all teams in the process.

Organizational Outcomes

  • Galvanized teams together as a cohesive division
  • Infused leaders and teams with inspiration and vision for the future as newly formed division
  • Provided supervisors and team members with new-found self and team awareness on their different communication styles, preferences and potential barriers to trust-building
  • Resourced supervisors with new strategies to build a more inclusive and engaged team culture
  • Provided executive leadership coaching around team barriers to performance and productivity by creating strategies to engage in productive conflict
  • Ongoing executive leadership coaching to senior managers

“Leadership Alive, Inc. helped make us a stronger and more cohesive team.” –Scott, Biologist & Manager/Coordinator

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