Emotional Intelligence – The Other Kind of Smart – EQiAlive.com™

Available in Kindle eBook: Emotional Intelligence: EQiAlive™- The Other Kind of Smart unpacks the core elements of Emotional Intelligence and how to supersize it. Blending the best of the three most respected EQ and EI theories in use today, EQiAlive™ is a concise, all-encompassing, research-based model that assesses emotional intelligence in the workforce. It is used in a plethora of organizations and industries today across the U.S. in high-performing organizations and leadership teams. ISBN: 978-1-64316-188-4

ETHIC: Leveraging The Human Factor In the Age Of Artificial Intelligence and Accelerated Change.

Available in Kindle eBook: By 2030 close to 30 percent of occupations in the U.S. will be automated and there would be a huge impact and dislocation as a result of these technologies. What is the future of work? What impact will these new technologies have on skillsets, jobs and wages? What value will being human have in the future? In our pursuit of advanced technologies are we unintentionally losing our humanity in the process? About Human ETHIC: ETHIC unpacks the five unique attributes of what it is that makes us to be human. Dr. Christopher Meade shows how these human attributes are needed now more than ever in work, life and leadership. These human ingredients are the recipe for building not only a life that matters but a company that thrives. ETHIC is timeless, concise, and simple human manifesto of what makes us uniquely human. And leveraging being fully human in an age of accelerated automation will be a competitive advantage for companies in the next-gen economy. ISBN: 978-1-64316-180-8

Everyday Alive: Maximize Your Potential. Work with Purpose. Live with Passion.

Available in Kindle eBook: It's been said that 80% of success is showing up. When we show up with a sense of purpose, passion, gratitude, optimism, joy, mindfulness, drive and humility something magic transpires. Potential accelerates. Work transforms from a job to a calling. Life begins to take on a new sense of meaning and something artful and beautiful is comes into focus..a a life that is alive and fully human. This book is designed as an inspirational and informative tool to aid lovers of life in experiencing, as Aristole called it, "The Good Life." And when we live into the Good Life we will find that our work takes on new meaning, energy, and fulfillment. ISBN: 978-1-64316-186-0

Financially Alive: Wealth Creation. Social Responsibility. Timeless Values.

Available in Kindle eBook: There are many ideas in our culture of what financial freedom looks like. Financially Alive is aimed at helping readers visualize and experience an integrated, full and holistic life when thinking about wealth, money and relationships. Financially Alive is a model for creating wealth in several areas of our lives (financially, relationally, vocationally, physically, spiritually), AND it’s about being socially responsive with our influence and affluence to help meet the needs of others and our world through generosity and justice. Being Financially Alive is more than just how to make a living; it’s about how to make a life…a life that makes a difference in others and our world. SBN: 978-1-64316-189-1

Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture.

Available in Paperback, Kindle eBook, Audio CD: We are now living in the most demanding and perplexing times that leaders have ever faced. Because contemporary culture is changing, new methodology and practices are needed to better inspire, educate and train new and emerging leaders of the 21st century. Many Christian leaders need direction as to which core leadership competencies and qualities are central to their development and effectiveness in our changing postmodern world. This book identifies the core competencies effective Christian leaders employ and explores which of the competences are catalytic in the development and future training of a new kind of leader. This book is research based and is founded upon interviews with 20 national Christian leaders.

Leading Strategic Change, Innovation & Transformation: The 10 Elements of Successful Change Leadership.

Available in Kindle eBook: Leading Strategic Change, Innovation and Transformation offers readers an insightful, concise, research-grounded visual strategic framework in how to create custom foresight that generates insight that shapes strategic action for their organization in the next-gen economy. Foresight. Insight. Action. This book is designed as a practical guide in leading strategic change, innovation and transformation. It provides a visual framework with a clear-cut strategic process of moving a team and organization into the future. It aids leaders, managers and strategic thinkers, who are attempting to stay ahead of the curve and into discover new horizons of transformation and opportunity. ISBN: 978-1-64316-179-2

Servantology: The Periodic Elements of Servant Leadership.

Available in Kindle eBook: Servantology: The Period Elements of Servant Leadership™ unpacks several timeless leadership elements found in the practice of Servant Leadership. Like a Periodic Table that contains chemical elements that are ordered by their atomic number, Servantology is a Periodic Table of the elements found in Servant Leadership. These 21 elements are ones that both the leader employs and that her associates, direct reports, and/or team members experience. Set Off A Chain Reaction With Your Leadership: Based on the research findings of over 300 high-capacity ethical leaders and 50 top world-class companies, author Christopher Meade, PhD, explores the unique attributes of each of the 21 periodic elements of Servant Leadership that function like catalysts and shows how they set up a culture that is alive, healthy and achieves exceptional business outcomes. ISBN: 978-1-64316-184-6

Strengths‐Based Teams, Leaders and Organizations

Available In Kindle eBook: One of the ongoing leadership questions is "What are the attributes of a great leader?" If discovered, leadership development could be quantified and reduced into a known list of "Top 10" flavors. Gallup and others have discovered that the great leaders don't all share the same attributes. Rather, they use and leverage the strengths they have as individuals and assemble a strong team around them to fill in the gaps. Strengths-Based Teams, Leaders and Organizations is a new book on how to achieve business outcomes by leveraging strengths and building a strength-based culture. This book is based on the research of companies, teams and leaders who use their strengths to create momentum, alignment and results in their projects and teams. ISBN: 978-1-64316-185-3

Team Accelerators: Clarity. Connection. Collaboration. Coopetition. Celebration.

Available In Kindle eBook: Organizations today put a premium on teamwork. Why? Horsepower. But not all teams are “high-performance” teams. There is a difference between adding horsepower and generating force-power. Force-power is exponential energy that is generated by a force-multiplier. Force multipliers are tools, elements or a combination of factors that dramatically increase the effectiveness of a group. They supersize outcomes and outputs. A force-multiplier is a team of four squared that now generates the outcomes of 16. High-performance teams cultivate force-power in their team chemistry along with the standard expectations of skill, technical ability, and experience. Team Accelerators™ unpacks the five force multipliers that transform work groups into teams, and teams into high-performance partnerships that multiply its outputs to achieve exceptional business outcomes. The best companies know that Team Accelerators™ help them compete, innovate, scale and seize opportunities. ISBN: 978-1-64316-183-9

The DISC Model Alive: Self-Awareness: A Game Changer For High-Performing Teams.

Kindle Edition - E-Book: Accurate self-awareness is one of the most powerful things a person can possess. To know yourself is the foundational cornerstone to bolstering your emotional intelligence. Knowing your strengths, limitations, skills, emotions and motivations fuel self-confidence. Humility is present when self-awareness is clear. It influences our attitudes, behaviors and relationships with others. It is also important to have awareness on how other people perceive us and experience us. Self-awareness is strong when perceptions about ourselves and perceptions others have of us are in alignment. If they are not, we can assume there is a disconnect somewhere. Bridging this disconnect is critical to maximizing professional effectiveness. Business is about relationships. Trust is the currency. When others do not perceive us the way we perceive ourselves, two realities now exist and trusted relationships can waffle. The DISC Model Alive helps provides insights, tools and practical strategies in how to increase personal and team self-awareness so that individuals can flourish and work groups transform into high-performing, emotionally intelligent teams. ISBN: 978-1-64316-182-2

The Truth About Change: Discovering Opportunity In the Midst of Disruption.

Available in Kindle eBook: We live in our world that is changing at breakneck speed. Change is the new normal. It is a TGIF world (Twitter, Google, Instagram and Facebook). Change often evokes negative feelings and anxiety in many, but it doesn’t have to. The future is bright for those who understand, embrace and leverage change. In a world of unprecedented change, how can we not just survive but thrive? This book explores some of the major changes shaping the cultural landscape and presents the transformational qualities that every forward-looking leader possesses when embracing and leading change. More than ever, now is the time that teams and organizations need leaders who can discover opportunity in the midst of disruption, choas and change. The future is bright for those who understand the times and know what to do. ISBN: 978-1-64316-187-7

Trust Accelerators: Activating The Domino Effect That Accelerates Team Engagement, Innovation and High-Performance.

Available In Kindle eBook: Trust Accelerators™ shows how trust is the foundation of effective relationships leading to exceptional business outcomes. It unpacks the core “accelerators” that catalyze a culture of trust that permeates into a team. Like a domino effect that sets off a chain reaction, Trust Accelerators™ trigger a ripple effect within a team and organization that galvanize a group into a high-performing, health team. Leveraging Trust Accelerators™ is formula for competitive advantage in today’s new economy. Author, Christopher Meade, PhD, unpacks these accelerators (trust behaviors and agreements) that are part of every great team and company. ISBN: 978-1-64316-181-5