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Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

Certified Trainer, Coach and Facilitator - Christopher P. Meade, PhD

Emotional Intelligence Predicts Job Success

The Emotional Intelligence training workshop in Phoenix, AZ teaches the critical skills for personal and professional success. EQ sessions are both half-day or full-day. Training is provided onsite at your organization. EQ programs are engaging, interactive, and fun. EQ tests and appraisals are included. When teams and leaders get better, everyone wins.

Discover Why EQ Is More Important Than IQ

That’s why approximately 90% of all high performers in the work place have high emotional intelligence (also known as EI or EQ). Research shows that although IQ and a strong resume may get you the job interview, those with high EQ are more successful in a team and organization over the long-term.

Emotional Intelligence is more important for job success than IQ, experience, or technical ability for any job at any level in the organization. Studies across industries show that emotional intelligence predicts job performance 2 to 1 over any other job competency.

Workshop Training with Managers in a Fortune 500 High-Tech Organization.

Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop in Phoenix, AZ

This Emotional Intelligence training workshop in Phoenix, Arizona is a powerful and transformative experience for participants. The EQ team training program is a professionally prepared, dynamically delivered, in person, workplace training experience. It combines a facilitated classroom training with an EQ assessment, and follow-up tools that personalize the learning experience. Each participant is furnished with insightful supplemental learning materials and will leave the training with individualized development strategies and a list of personalized actions items ready to implement.

Half-day and Full-Day Emotional Intelligence Training Workshops In Phoenix, AZ – Onsite

The Emotional Intelligence workshop is designed for teams, staff, supervisors, high potentials, managers, and executives and is offered in both 1/2 day and full-day formats. EQ/EI workshops can be conducted at your organization, a Phoenix, Arizona area hotel, or offsite.

You Will Learn:

  • Gain greater self awareness of your strengths, development areas, emotional triggers
  • Learn the core skills of healthy emotional intelligence
  • Understand and learn how to manage your emotional reactions
  • Deal more effectively with difficult people and situations
  • Learn problem solving skills
  • Make smarter decisions
  • Bounce back quicker from tough times
  • Grow in empathy and the ability to connect with others
  • Resolve personal and teams conflicts
  • Enhance team awareness and performance
  • Discover ways to increase stress tolerance
  • Build trust and team cohesiveness
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Increase your leadership capacity

Training Workshop For Teams with a National Real Estate Firm.

Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop In Phoenix, AZ Builds More Than People Skills

Why do many well-intended, hard-working people stay as low functioning people who don’t lead well or relate effectively with their teammates? The answer is emotional intelligence. Employers know the contribution and value people with high EI bring to their organization. People with higher EQ are better able to remain calm under pressure, resolve conflict effectively, and demonstrate empathy toward their coworkers.

The 4 Core Emotional Intelligence Skills

Like four pieces of a puzzle, all four Emotional Intelligence skills are interconnected with each other. First made popular by Daniel Goldman, EQ consists of personal and social competence in four core areas: (1) Self-Awareness, (2) Self-Management, (3) Social Awareness, and (4) Social  Management.

The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio-University1 copyThank you for presenting an excellent session to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Class. The Fellows were unanimous in rating you and your training session as the highest rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with you breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. Nancy Cooper – Fellowship Coordinator, Ohio University

Very positive experience

Department of Veterans AffairsThis training experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team.  We appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. We highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your workshop was an incredible learning experience and we had a lot of “take aways” as well as some thoughtful reflection.  Tammy Skrinski, Christie Neal – Veterans Service Representatives

StrengthsFinder and DiSC Training Chris Meade

Emotional Intelligence Training Workshop In Phoenix, AZ Facilitator, Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer

Dr. Christopher Meade is a certified corporate trainer and educator. He brings nearly 25 years of entrepreneurship, business ownership and management experience to his role as President and Chief Training Officer at Leadership Alive® Inc. Christopher holds a PhD from the University of Idaho in Adult & Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. A former business school dean and award-winning MBA instructor, Christopher has trained over 10,000+ people and facilitated trainings for a 500+ teams and organizations.

Many of our clients reflect some of the nation’s top-tier Fortune 500 firms. They include: Apple, Nike, Microsoft, SalesForce, Cisco, NFL Detroit Lions, Federal Reserve Bank, Parker Aerospace, Comcast NBC, Dell, U.S. Department of Treasury and Commerce, C.R. Bard, Inc., TechBrands of GameStop, HCP, Inc., IHG, Providence Health, SCL Health, University of California Berkeley, Taj Hotels and Palaces and United Healthcare. Originally from Tucson, Christopher speaks regularly in Phoenix, Arizona area as well as at conferences and EQ leadership training events throughout the United States.