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DISC Profile Workshop Facilitation in Washington, DC (Onsite and Virtual)

DiSC Facilitator, DiSC Corporate Trainer, Certified Coach - Chris Meade, PhD | Washington, DC

DISC Workplace Workshop and Team Building

The DISC Personality profile facilitated training workshop focuses on developing greater self-awareness and stronger people skills. All things equal, having stronger relational skills and emotional intelligence advances people in their organization faster and sets them apart from others in their professional careers.

DISC Profile Certified Facilitation

This high-quality DISC Profile training seminar is facilitated in workshop style and is targeted for newly formed teams, management training, team development, leadership training, and sales and marketing teams. This DISC Profile team workshop begins with a short but powerful online assessment based on the DISC Dimensions of Behavior Model, which groups behavioral responses into four work-style clusters. This behavioral learning instrument is a road map to effective interpersonal communications and teamwork and has proven its effectiveness in 40 years of use by more than 80 million people in 94 countries.

DISC Profile Team Workshop in Washington, DC (In-person and Virtual Offerings)

This Everything DISC profile team training workshop is a comprehensive, workforce development solution that engages every associate—regardless of title, role, or function. It helps participants build more effective and productive relationships at work. Teams learn the value that each individual brings to the workplace and how they can adapt to other communication styles.

The DISC Workplace team training workshop is an engaging, interactive, and fun half-day (3-4 hour) team experience at your organization, Washington, DC area hotel, or offsite. Participants receive online pre-work assessments, supplemental training materials, certified expert facilitation, and follow-up tools that personalize the learning experience. Both onsite in-person and live virtual online facilitation team training events are provided.

Virtual Online Option Available

Our virtual live online DISC Workplace team training workshop contains the exact same content as the onsite face-to-face workshop but delivered in a 2-hour, engaging, participatory, fast-paced learning experience. This virtual team training option enables you to continue to train and develop your employees when many of them are working remotely and outside the Washington, DC area.

Live video conferencing is easy, cost-efficient and allows teams across locations to meet face-to-face. We use the Zoom platform which allows you to connect with colleagues from anywhere in the world. When you participate in a live DISC Workplace virtual online team training session, we seamlessly share relevant content and bring teams together for a fun, insightful and interactive learning session.

DISC Profile Workshop Training Takeaways:

  • Increase self and team awareness
  • Improve communication on teams
  • Identify strategies to make more meaningful connections
  • Enhance team trust
  • Learn how to effectively work with difficult personalities
  • Identify stress triggers in yourself and others
  • Discover how to naturally motivate people
  • Reduce tension, solve problems, and increase performanceDiSC Meade Model

DISC Workplace Team Training Modules

Module 1: Discovering Your DISC Work Style – Participants discover how DISC styles affect their workplace communication and relationships and explore the priorities that drive them at work.

Module 2: Understanding Other Communication Styles – Participants learn what works for them and what challenges them when working with each DISC style.

Module 3: Building More Effective Relationships – Participants create strategies and an action plan to overcome challenges when working with people of different DISC styles.

Module 4: Building a More Cohesive Team Culture – Participants leverage their discoveries to create team strategies to overcome challenges when working together as a team. Team agreements are discussed on how to more effectively together going forward.

The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio-University1 copyThank you for presenting an excellent DISC session to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Class. The Fellows were unanimous in rating you and your session as the highest-rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with your breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. Nancy Cooper, Fellowship Coordinator, Ohio University

Very positive experience

Department of Veterans AffairsThe DISC training experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team. We appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. We highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your DISC workshop was an incredible learning experience and we had a lot of “takeaways” as well as some thoughtful reflection. Thanks again for your wonderful training! Tammy Skrinski, Christie Neal, Veterans Service Representatives

DISC Facilitator, Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer, Washington, DC

Dr. Christopher Meade is a skilled and experienced DISC Personality facilitator, corporate trainer and certified coach. He specializes in training managers and leaders and developing healthy, high-performing teams. Christopher holds a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in Organizational Learning with a concentration in Leadership. He is a recipient of the CEO Today Management Consulting Award.

He has coached over 10,000+ people and facilitated trainings for 500+ teams/organizations. Some of his clients include Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks, NFL Detroit Lions, Facebook, Salesforce, Sony PlayStation, Abbott Laboratories, UC Berkeley, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, Federal Reserve Bank, United Healthcare, Cisco, GameStop, IHG, U.S. Departments of Treasury, Veteran Affairs, Defense, and Commerce, eBay, Instagram, Emory University, US Olympic Committee, and Code.org.

Christopher’s expertise is in connecting with people, leading engaging team trainings, DISC workshops, keynotes, and retreats with corporate and government clients across all industries. Christopher is a former business dean, author, entrepreneur, award-winning MBA professor, executive leadership coach, and motivational keynote speaker. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions, management retreats, and DISC team-building training events in Washington, DC and throughout the United States.

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner JPEG copy

Washington, D.C.: “The Capital of the Free World,” “The Federal City” and “The American Rome.”

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States and has a population of approximately 694,000 people. During the workdays, the city’s population swells to a million, due to commuters from Virginia and Maryland suburbs. At the same time, the Washington metropolitan area is home for around 6 million residents. It’s the country’s sixth-largest metropolitan area. All three federal branches are located in Washington D.C. Those are the Congress, the President of the United States, and the Supreme Court. Washington D.C. is an international city and there are 176 embassies of different foreign countries are situated here. Washington DC also has the most international organizations’ headquarters and numerous international cultural centers. Approximately 15% of the city residents speak one or several foreign languages. The city has quite a rainy climate, receiving around 39 inches of rainfall annually.

Washington, D.C. Interesting City Facts

The world’s largest library is situated in Washington D.C. The Library of Congress contains a collection of over 162 million objects. And 12,000 items are added to the library’s funds every day. The National Archives is where you can find the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the US Constitution originals. The oldest fish market in the USA is the Maine Avenue Fish Market, which has been operating continuously since 1805 in Washington, DC. Every spring, the Tidal Basin observes the blossoming of numerous cherry trees, which were brought here as a gift from Tokyo’s mayor in 1912. It is really fascinating and worth seeing the attraction. If you head to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, you can see the process of printing real money.

Washington D.C. Business Landscape

The business industry in Washington D.C. is flourishing. The number of companies increases continuously. Many of them, as well as non-profit organizations, prefer their headquarters to be situated in or near Washington D.C., in order to be closer to the federal government. The government itself, as well as education and tourism, are the major employers of the area. Tourism, in fact, is the region’s second-largest business industry and brings over 5 billion US dollars into the local economy annually. Most all of today’s businesses and organizations in Washington, DC are done in high-performing teams and the Everything DISC profile assessment helps teams get better and build more trust.

Washington D.C. Top Businesses

The federal government is, of course, the largest employer in Washington D.C. Besides government, top businesses of District Columbia are Medstar Health, INOVA Health, Marriott International Inc., Booz Allen Hamilton, Giant Food, CSRA Inc., Deloitte, Verizon Communications, Leidos Holdings Inc., and the University of Maryland. We have trained many leaders and managers in the Washington, DC area with the DISC profile assessment team training workshops and other team-building events.

Washington D.C. Education and Universities

Washington D.C. is home to a number of great universities and other educational institutions, such as the University of the District of Columbia, the Howard University, Catholic University of America, the Dominican House of Studies, Georgetown University, Trinity Washington University, and Gallaudet University. There are three medical schools: Georgetown University School of Medicine, George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Howard University College of Medicine. There are six law schools in the area: the University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law, Howard University Law Center, Columbus School of Law, George Washington University Law School, Washington College of Law, and Georgetown University Law Center. Other educational institutions are American University, Institute of World Politics, Wesley Theological Seminary, Human Resources University, National Defense University, and St. Paul’s College. Many Washington, DC Colleges and universities career centers and business classes use DISC profile assessment in their course material as well as the DISC profile personality assessment team training events for staff at team-building events. Most MBA programs today use the DISC profile and DISC assessments in their leadership and management courses.

Washington D.C. Entertainment Facilities

Washington D.C. is not only the federal and business center of the country. You will find a lot to do here culture and entertainment-wise. When in the city, don’t miss the National Mall, the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Washington Monument, the US Capitol, the Library of Congress, the Tidal Basin, the National Archives, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. We guarantee you will have a great time visiting these places.

Dr. Christopher Meade facilitates the Everything DISC profile assessment team training workshops in the Washington, DC area. He also facilitates DISC Management team training, DISC Customer Service training, DISC Sales training, DISC Work of Leaders Training, and DISC Workplace Communication workshops and team training.

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