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DiSC Profile Workshop Facilitation in Vancouver, WA.

DiSC Facilitator, DiSC Corporate Trainer, Certified Coach - Chris Meade, PhD | Vancouver, Washington

Disc Classic Personality ProfileThe DiSC Personality Profile facilitated training workshop focuses on developing greater self-awareness and stronger people skills. All things equal, having stronger relational skills and emotional intelligence advances people in their organization faster and sets them apart from others in their professional careers. This high-quality DiSC Profile training seminar is facilitated in workshop style, and is targeted for newly formed teams, management training, team development, leadership training, and sales/marketing teams. The DiSC Personality Profile training workshop can be done in a 3-4 hour or 6-8 hour time block at your organization, a Vancouver area hotel or offsite.

(Each additional hour of training allows you to go deeper into the DiSC application and address other work place dynamics besides effective communication, such as: conflict management and resolution, effectively reading your customer and co-workers, developing a healthy team culture, motivating others who have different work style preferences and goals, effective selling approaches, etc. These one-hour modules can be added on to the core workshop).

DiSC Profile Workshop & Team Building in Vancouver, Washington:

This DiSC Profile workshop begins with a short but powerful online assessment based on the DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Model, which groups behavioral responses into four work-style dimensions or clusters. This behavioral learning instrument is a road map to effective interpersonal communications and teamwork and has proven its effectiveness in 30 years of use by more than 40 million people in 84 countries. Each participant is furnished with insightful handouts during this engaging seminar.

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DiSC Profile Workshop Training Takeaways:

  • Improve communication on teams
  • Resolve personal and teams conflicts
  • Understand the four main communication work-stylesDiSC Meade Model
  • Increase self and team awareness
  • Enhance team performance
  • Learn how to manage difficult personalities
  • Increase sales by adjusting selling strategies
  • Discover how to naturally motivate people
  • Improve customer service

DiSC Profile Develops Skills In:

  • Team building
  • Frontline Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Conflict Management/Resolution
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership

The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio-University1 copyThank you for presenting an excellent session on the DiSC Leadership to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Class. The Fellows were unanimous in rating you and your session as the highest rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with you breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. The insight the Fellows gained will help mold them into an effective team. Thanks for providing the ‘glue’ to bring this group together. We’ll be back and would love to have the opportunity to work with you again.  Nancy Cooper – Fellowship Coordinator, Ohio University

Very positive experience

Department of Veterans AffairsThe DiSC training experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team.  We appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. We highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your DiSC workshop was an incredible learning experience and we had a lot of “take aways” as well as some thoughtful reflection. We appreciate your openness and passion.  Thanks again for your wonderful training! Tammy Skrinski, Christie Neal – Veterans Service Representatives


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DiSC Profile Facilitator, Certified Coach, Corporate Trainer Vancouver, Washington

Dr. Christopher Meade is a skilled and experienced DiSC Personality Profile facilitator, corporate trainer and certified coach. He specializes in training managers and developing healthy, high-performing teams. He has coached over 1,000+ people through their DiSC Profile results and facilitated trainings for a 100+ teams/organizations. Some of his recent clients include: Nike, Microsoft, Salesforce, Walmart eCommerce, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Ohio University and the Department of Health and Human Services. Chris’ expertise is in front of the room leading team trainings, DiSC workshops, keynotes, and management retreats with corporate and government clients across all industries. Chris is also an author, entrepreneur, MBA professor, executive leadership coach, corporate trainer, and a motivational keynote speaker. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions, management retreats, and DiSC team-building training events in the Vancouver area and throughout the United States and China.

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Vancouver, Washington: Known as “The Couve.”

Vancouver is one of Washington’s thriving cities and a great place for conference and training events.

Vancouver, Washington, centered in Clark County, borders Portland, Oregon, is a vibrant community on the north side of the Columbia River. As I’ve visited Vancouver many times over the years, I’ve found it to be truly one of Washington’s most beautiful cities.

Home to Fort Vancouver and one of the oldest cities in Washington, Vancouver is a community rich in history, art, culture, dining, entertainment, industry, and the great outdoors. Vancouver is the 4th largest city in Washington with an approximate population of 165, 000 people. Rated by Money Magazine as one of the great places to live in the Pacific North West United States, Vancouver, Washington, is also the home of the largest enclosed shopping mall with more than 120 stores, five large retailers (Nordstroms, Macy’s, Sears, and JC Penney…I like the food court with 10 great restaurants to choose from!)

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Vancouver Business Industry

No doubt about it, there are many successful small businesses and innovative organizations in Vancouver, Washington, but the largest companies in Clark County are: Peace-Health Southwest Medical Center, Vancouver Public Schools, Evergreen Public Schools, Clark County, Fred Meyer stores, Battle Ground Public Schools, Bonneville Power Administration, Safeway, WaferTech, the City of Vancouver, Clark College, BNSF Railway and Kaiser Permanente. Vancouver is also home to Washington State University, Vancouver. The DiSC Personality Profile workshop is used in many Vancouver area businesses as a corporate training event, professional development module, and talent management strategy of keeping and developing their employees

For Vancouver, Washington, business visitors, there are many excellent hotel and conference facilities to choose from including the Hilton Vancouver and the Vancouver Convention Center. Dr. Chris Meade is DiSC Profile facilitator and trainer. He leads DiSC training seminars and workshops in Vancouver, Washington.