The Discipline of Unlearning

The Discipline of Unlearning Unlearning is one of the most under-utilized approaches to learning. We often picture learning as adding to what we already have. For example, we have a certain level of knowledge or proficiency about something. So, to learn is to increase. Many people think of learning as something like the image of opening up the top of a person’s head and pouring more knowl­edge into it. But that’s not always true. Sometimes we get more traction in our learning by knowing what to unlearn. Fruitfulness Is In Pruning, Not Adding Picture a logjam in a river. When it’s [...]

The Power of a Wisdom Community

Live Out the Kaizen Way We’re influenced by the books we read, by the media we view, and by the people we hang out with. I’ve also learned that there are other ways to keep evolving, expanding, and increasing in our personal growth, career devel­opment, and spiritual depth. In this next series of blogs, I suggest four practical ways to feed your hunger for learning and to help you maximize your potential. These principles have worked for me, as well as for many people I know. They will work for you, too. The Power of a Wisdom Community Many well-meaning people [...]

Becoming a Kaizen Leader

What A Kaizen Leader Really Looks Like One of my favorite stories about lifelong learning is attributed to Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo and a tenth-degree black belt. Mr. Kano is known as a role model who was committed to applying the Kaizen way of continuous growth in his personal, professional, and spiritual life. It has been told that on his deathbed, Mr. Kano, the highest-ranked black belt of his time, insisted that he be buried in his white belt instead of his normal black belt. The Secret of the White Belt A white belt was the sign of a [...]

Becoming A Voracious Learner

Increasing Capacity I love the saying, "God's gift to us in our potential, and what we do with our potential is our gift back to Him.” Fruitful lives are built as we discover, develop, and deploy our gifts, talents, and vocations (which in Latin means “calling”). One of the hallmark qualities of They desire to grow personally, expand professionally, and deepen spiritually. Wise men and women know that to do this they must be constantly growing and open to receiving instruction from a plethora of inputs. The wiser they become, the more they want to learn. Voracious learning is one of [...]

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