Transformative session

Thank you, Dr. Meade, for joining us a our keynote speaker at our national leadership conference, Chris. It was a very transformative session. Attendee responses to your keynote, "Developing Trusted Servant Leadership - A New Kind of Leader for a New Kind of World" were fabulous. Here are just a few statements from the evaluations: amazing and engaging speaker...genuine...great takeaways...held my attention the whole time...interactive and relevant...animated and dynamic...great presentation without fakey feel-good stuff...inspiring. Appreciate you sharing your passion for leadership with our leaders.

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Great sessions yesterday

Great sessions yesterday! Thank you, Chris, for your helping us learn about our Strengths and Emotional Intelligence. You have helped raise our awareness in discovering the important role these play in our teams and how we can grow in greater performance as a team. The executive leadership group looks forward to working with you.

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Effective In Bringing Experience To The Real-World Scenarios We Encounter

Hi Chris. Thanks so much for your training you provided at Apple. We equally enjoyed our time with you and our class. Liked how you brought personal experiences in to illustrate the real-world scenarios we encounter. We appreciated your flexibility with the scheduling and making it so easy to do business with you. Thanks for coming to Cupertino!  

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