Large, diverse, global leadership team

Provided leadership training and development to a large, diverse and global leadership team at Nipro Medical Corporation. The leaders present were from United States, Japan, Canada, Latin America. These women and men served in various roles such as Senior Managers, Directors, Division Heads, VPs, and Presidents throughout the Nipro business (Sales, Operations, Supply Chain, Clinical Training, Finance, HR, Cardio-Med, Customer Service, IT, Business Operations, Production Management, and Regulation and Quality).

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Leadership Acceleration

(Worked with Senior team from Bank of Montreal. The Bank of Montreal, doing business as BMO Financial Group, is a Canadian multinational investment an and financial services company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and offices in the US.)

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By far the best I have seen

Thanks so much for a wonderful team sessision. The feedback was great. Everyone really liked it. We are all so pleased with how it went and what we learned...Being in HR, we have seen numerous facilitators conduct sessions and you were BY FAR the best I have seen. You had the team engaged and speaking openly even though some of them were uncomfortable. Appreciated the discussions and insights you provided. Extremely valuable for the team.

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Bravo! Appreciate your message and your personal story woven into the material. Made it come alive! Keep the fire burning!

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