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Trust Accelerators™– Activating the Domino Effect That Accelerates Team Engagement, Innovation, and High-Performance.


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Trust Accelerators™ shows how trust is the foundation of effective relationships leading to exceptional business outcomes. It unpacks the core “accelerators” that catalyze a culture of trust that permeates into a team.

Like a domino effect that sets off a chain reaction, Trust Accelerators™ trigger a ripple effect within a team and organization that galvanize a group into a high-performing, health team. Leveraging Trust Accelerators™ is a formula for competitive advantage in today’s new economy.

Author, Christopher Meade, PhD, unpacks these accelerators (trust behaviors and agreements) that are part of every great team and company.

ISBN: 978-1-64316-181-5


Book Outline

Trust in Teams is a Non-negotiable

A team that doesn’t trust each other is just a group of individuals that work on tasks but never reach their full potential. They cannot bring forth exceptional shared results as a team. The bottom line: Low-trust teams don‘t perform well or produce outstanding business outcomes.

Low-trust teams argue over roles and responsibilities. They don’t consistently cooperate or collaborate. Riffs form. Doubt overshadows confidence. When the team environment weakens, everything begins to take longer and becomes more challenging. Commitment, productivity, innovation, and team engagement all suffer because trust is absent from the mix. Trust is the cornerstone of engagement. And engagement fuels innovation.

“High trust organizations outperform low trust organizations on total shareholder ROI by more than 280%.” –Towers Watson

Teams with high trust connect, collaborate, and allow team members to do their best work together. They support one another. They work smarter, faster, and accomplish more. They achieve outstanding business results because healthy and authentic relationships build trust.

Teams do their best work in a workplace that has a culture of trust baked into it. Bottom line: trust makes teams work because trust bridges the business need for results and the human need for connection.

Trust Accelerators™ Takeaways

  • Learn how trust affects engagement, innovation, and performance
  • Discover the proven behaviors that build trust on a high-performance team
  • Understand the common and often unintentional actions that erode trust
  • Acquire tips you can use to immediately to strengthen your trustworthiness factor
  • Improve collaboration, teamwork, and innovation

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ISBN: 978-1-64316-181-5

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