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Strengths‐Based Teams: Why Leveraging Strengths Accelerate Business Results.


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One of the ongoing leadership questions is, “What are the attributes of a great leader?” If discovered, leadership development could be quantified and reduced into a known list of “Top 10” flavors. Gallup and others have discovered that great leaders don’t all share the exact attributes. Instead, they use and leverage the strengths they have as individuals and assemble a strong team around them to fill in the gaps.

Strengths-Based Teams: Why Leveraging Strengths Accelerate Business Results is a new book on achieving business outcomes by leveraging strengths and building a strength-based culture. This book is based on the research of companies, teams, and leaders who use their strengths to create momentum, alignment, and results in their projects and teams.

ISBN: 978-1-64316-185-3


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Talents and Strengths Are Accelerators to High Performance

High performance is connected to talents and strengths. Talents are present when we are young. Even though they are hard-wired into us, discovering them sometimes takes time.

For example, finding areas that kids naturally excel in at school or the right extracurricular activities to participate in doesn’t always happen on the first try. But if we pay attention to the emergence of talent, clues arise.

In fourth grade, the focus might be finding the right sport to join, or in the school band, finding the right instrument to play. Once discovered and developed, deploying talent becomes a rich source of joy, challenge, fulfillment, and healthy self-esteem.

Transforming Talents into Strengths

As life fast-forwards, the “talent principle” follows us to work. Often thought of as the second violin to skills, our talents are one of the most significant things about us. They are a source of passion and often describe “how we show up in the world.”

Talents flavor our personal brand, so to speak. They give energy and motivation to what we do. They bring a source of fulfillment to our work while we work. They are part of what makes us stand out from others in the marketplace. They are what make us unique.

Just like in fourth grade, when we exercise our talents, they grow. When we pay attention to them, they get stronger. Add complementary skills, education, competencies, experiences, and practice, and they supersize.

When we develop mastery of our talents, they transform into strengths. Not all talents get developed. Not all talents transform into strengths. But all strengths were once raw potential and talent.

We are born with talent. We develop strengths. Talents are awesome but often still raw. Strengths are honed and consistently produce positive results in relationships and tasks.

Cultivating talent development so it transforms into strengths causes individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive and excel in new ways. We achieve more than we could ever expect. Why? Because we’ve tapped into something powerful, and that’s a human being fully alive.

Building a Strengths-Based Team and Organization

Leveraging strengths in a team or organization creates momentum. It is a tangible synergy. As a kid, we enjoyed swimming at the neighborhood pool during summer breaks. Sometimes, we would get a bunch of friends together, and, in the shallow end, we would all run in a circle going the same direction. We would create a swirling circle of water in the pool that was building up energy while we were running. At the count of three, we would jump up and let the water carry us around in the circle we created until the momentum subsided and we started to sink again. Leveraging strengths builds powerful energy that swirls within teams and organizations.

When leaders know their own strengths, know the strengths of those on their team, and choose to bring them all together, they create a swirling synergy that carries others in the current. This human energy helps build trusted relationships, inculcates life into teams, solves complex problems, and generates innovative solutions. When you add this strengths current of leveraged strengths to already smart teams, something magical transpires. Their team culture begins to take on an energy of its own.

This book unpacks the elements that create a “whirlpool effect” in your team and organization. Explore these essential success components that unlock a strengths-based tsunami that will rise within your team. Discover how your company can organically increase workforce engagement, cultivate trusted relationships, and accelerate business outcomes as a result.

Strengths-Based Teams: Why Levering Strengths Accelerates Business Results:

  • Talents into Strengths
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • Strengths-Based Teams
  • Strengths-Based Organizations
  • Strengths-Based Cultures

ISBN: 978-1-64316-185-3

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