Valuable insights

We had great feedback from our team on your presentation. We were able to gain some valuable insight into collective talents and strengths. Everyone really enjoyed the concepts you brought forth. Thank you for being such an open, honest, and amazing speaker.


Demetrius,Technical Marketing Engineer; Lauren, Marketing Program Team

Opened our eyes

Thank you for coming to Ford Field. Your session was awesome…insightful…engaging…informative…enjoyable…and fun. I speak for all of us when I say that you really opened our eyes to how different each of us perceive the work place. It was a wonderful day. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our staff regarding your training. I’m sure it will improve our work performance collectively. You provided us take-aways that will last for a career. Great session!

Eliot, Vice President of Finance; Emily, Vice President of Marketing; Veronica, HR Manager; Karen, Director of Security: Didi, Senior Marketing Manager, Jared, Director of Business Development, Scott, CRM Manager; Liz, Operations
NFL Detroit Lions

Enriching team experience


Thanks so much for coming out and for leading such an engaging, interactive, and fun training…You brought some great insights to us. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the information you provided to us! Fun. Meaningful. Insightful. Valuable. Enriching team experience for my colleagues.

Elena, Global Talent Development; Kim, AMER Employee Relations; Kerry, Employee Relations Manager; Josh, Employee Relations Programs Manager; Reynaldo, Senior Accountant; Taylor, Employee Relations Manager

Much appreciated


Thank you again for facilitating our StrengthsFinder training session. Our teams are excited and energized with what we learned about ourselves and each other. Thank you for the coaching…much appreciated!  We will definitely utilize it.

Francis, Global Footwear Planning

You were a great addition

Thanks, Chris! You were a great addition to our leadership meeting and I enjoyed working with you!

Katie, Senior Manager, Communications
Comcast NBC

Knowledge, insights, advice, and leadership

Progressive Leasing

Thank you for coming out and sharing your Strengths Finder knowledge, insights, advice, and leadership with our 62 managers, supervisors, directors and VPs of our Progressive team. Several participates have expressed their appreciation for what was taught. In fact, there are a few executives that are considering hosting a similar training for their teams too. We will certainly keep you in mind for our other professional development modules in the future. Some of our executives may be requesting your services again!

Director and VP of Executive Team
Progressive Leasing

Nice job facilitating

Thanks, Chris. Really appreciated the session today. Awesome workshop. You did a nice job facilitating it and I love the extra materials you put together to compliment the training…really got a lot out of it…and great take aways from your session.

Josh S., Vice President and Retail Payments Product Manager; Rich B., Senior Network Engineer; Jairo S., Information Technology Services
Federal Reserve Bank

Great session

It was a great session. Thank you for your time and energy in lead us through this leadership training. The feedback from participants was very beneficial.  They liked the way it identified their personal strengths and how it was individualized to them as leaders.  They said it helped them recognize the bigger picture in using those traits to serve others and the greater good of the company.

Matt, Vice President, Sales Operations; Craig, Sr. Director, Human Resources; Christina, HR Director
ACCO Brands, US Operations

Well prepared professional

You are without a doubt a very well prepared and passionate professional. My team enjoyed the session and the way you walked us through the training. Very helpful. This includes the few that have been through similar training sessions before.

Ron, Vice President of Operations

Very Positive

Department of Veterans Affairs

The experience was very positive for us because you had such great insights. It was an enriching experience learning about ourselves as well as others on our team.  I appreciated the way you created an active learning environment. I highly recommend this training for other employers and their employees. Your workshop was an incredible learning experience and I had a lot of “take aways” and some thoughtful reflection. I appreciate your openness and passion.  Thanks again for your wonderful training.”

Tammy Skrinski, Christie Neal
Veterans Service Representatives

Training was spot on

You did a fantastic job. The training was spot on. Thanks again for everything. We had a great time.  Looking forward to this new season with our team. This will form the basis for building more trust and effective relationships going forward.

Mignon, H., Human Resources Manager
Menzies Aviation

He quickly gained the confidence of the engineering managers

Chris Meade facilitated two Strengths-Based Leadership sessions in the Intelligent Audio Division of Knowles; one with the senior leadership team and another with the broader management team. With his impressive knowledge of the subject, he was able to quickly gain the confidence of the engineering managers who pushed on the concepts and asked probing questions on the topic of leadership.  He is a very experienced facilitator with a genuine style that comes across immediately. This was definitely time well spent for our team and in fact, many of the managers are taking the StrengthsFinder concepts back to their teams in anticipation of building a trusting, development culture. We highly recommend Chris and look forward to working with him again in the future!

Colleen Cremerius, Vice President, Human Resources
Knowles - Intelligent Audio

We left engaged, self-aware and energized

The Taj leadership team would like to say thank you for the effort and expertise that you brought to our offsite training in April. Our team found the session to be very insightful and we have taken many things away from the training. We left engaged, self-aware and energized by the end of the day. All the attendees appreciated the way in which you broke down and simplified some of the seemingly complex principles. The training was a great success and we are already looking forward to the next one. We are confident that this gives us a strong base as a leadership team that we will continue to build on.




Corinna, General Manager; Sandeep, Director of Human Resources and Training
Taj Hotels, Palaces, Resorts & Sararis

Left our culture better by helping develop it

It has been such a pleasure working with you this past year. I appreciate the personal and professional development that I have gained from you during that time. Every month we have been able to learn something new to help with our business acumen. I have enjoyed seeing your passion to share knowledge but also passion to leave a culture better than the way you found it by helping it develop. Thank you for everything you have done and thank you for being who you are…The world needs more people like you.

Patty, Senior Manager Business IT; Andrew, Manager HR
Best Western Hotels & Resorts

The day was a hit

The day was hit! The evaluations were excellent. Folks were very engaged. Our CEO thought you were great. He told me he would like to work with you again. Really enjoyed your presentation on Wednesday; it was very eye opening. Thank you for for doing an amazing job. It was a truly worthwhile day. We look forward to carrying on our discussions in our all staff and team meetings.

Sally N., Director of Training and Organizational Development; Sue W., Director of Individual Giving; Kim S., Community Development Manager
National Psoriasis Foundation

Dr. Meade’s work with us is indispensable

I had the privilege of spending the last year and half with Dr. Christopher Meade who brought servant leadership education as part of Clark County’s Workplace Improvement Program. Although other trainers were evaluated, we were fortunate that a world-renowned expert on servant leadership was right in our backyard. Dr. Meade’s initial lecturette on what servant leadership was all about blew us away. He painted a much different role for the county’s leaders where it was our duty to be ambitious for the success of others, help them grow, and practice ethical behavior. We immediately signed up Dr. Meade to educate our 300+ leaders. We have found Dr. Meade’s work with us to be indispensable for new and incumbent leaders alike. The investments made in our people are already showing up in greater teamwork and improved productivity which has lowered our overall cost of doing business. Our plan is to continue to use Dr. Meade to help us further transform our culture as we model the servant leadership and collaborative teamwork for rest of the county.

Sam, Chief Information Officer
Clark Country Washington State Government

Helpful on many levels

Thank you for a fun training session. Really enjoyed it. We will use the tools at work and at home. Don’t change how you teach the class. You did a great job! Found it very helpful on many levels.  You’re a great instructor and have a lot to share. Already passed your information on to other HR professionals.

Rose H., Associate Governmental Program Analyst, Staff Development, Training Coordinator; Tony W., Labor-Employee Relations Specia; Sunny P., Human Resourceslist

You kept everyone engaged and interested

Received really good feedback from the wonderful and enriching classes you gave. The way you presented the material really kept everyone engaged and interested. I know I really appreciated getting a new perspective and understanding of ourselves and those we work with. Very grateful for how everything turned out. Thank you for your inspiration!

Michelle, Chief, Division of Human Resources; Kris, Deputy Director
CalTrans - State of California Department of Transportation

This will help the journey

Thank you, Chris, so much for partnering with Veeva Systems. We have received great feedback from the summit attendees. I have heard consistently today from the team that your session was great and one of the most beneficial topics we covered and how much they enjoyed learning more about themselves. You had a lot of great content for the team to leverage to not only better understand themselves, but also those around them. Thank again for the time and energy, it set a great tone for the rest of the two days for the team.  I also wanted to personally credit you on your style and ability to connect with the employee base. I hope we have the opportunity to work together again.

Tim, CFO; Michele, VP of Finance; Jenn, Director, Employee Success; Vonne, Director of Revenue Operations
Veeva Systems, Inc.

A great session

Thank you Chris for the time you spent with our sales and marketing teams this past week.  It was a great session and I think a lot of people learned about themselves and had some very good takeaways to continue their personal improvements.

Jeff C., Vice President of Sales and Account Management
CSA Travel Protection

Love hearing the buzz going around

Thanks Chris! The teams very much enjoyed the session, and our small teams are looking forward to following up in our small group team meetings next week. I love hearing the buzz still going around the office – people are definitely using “what are your strengths?” as a connecting point this week!

Megan G., Human Resources

The training was a phenomenal

Dr. Meade recently came to Emory University to work with our Fuld Fellows on leadership training. I found his training to be phenomenal and a great success….Thanks again for leading a wonderful session yesterday! We appreciated your willingness to work with our team! This is an incredible tool that will help to unite our office.



Jasmine, Associate Dean for Communications and Public Relations; Susan, Director of Corporate and External Relations; Melissa, P., Assistant Professor and Program Director, Kaitlin, Emory University School of Nursing
Emory University

Fabulous content and delivery

I continue to receive strong positive feedback from our teams about your sessions and I appreciate your help here at HCP. I feel like we can structure further sessions that willl further continue the discussion about strengths, values, and strategic direction of the organization. Thank you also for your fabulous content and delivery.  Look forward to implementing some of the practices you shared and continue to build on our strengths as individuals and teams.


Lisa, VP Human Resources
HCP, Inc.

We received rave reviews of your presentation

We received rave reviews after your presentation. Thank you so much! We couldn’t be happier with the outcome…Truly enjoyed your presentation.  We would be happy to recommend you if given an opportunity.

Renee, CEO; Jason, Director of Marketing & Business Development

Informative and entertaining to learn

We really enjoyed having you at our leadership event this week. It was informative and entertaining to learn about the unique strength combinations of our team.  We referred to them often during the rest of the meeting!

Megan, Regional Manager
MWI Animal Health California

Best presenter we’ve ever had

Thanks for your contribution to our team retreat. We received many positive responses from everyone. We enjoyed your energetic personality and your presentation. You are the best presenter we have ever had. You kept everyone’s interest at all times. We reviewed our “Key Takeaways” and many of our board and staff members commented on how much they got from your presentation. Several key themes came up over and over again as well. We appreciated your energy. It was just right for our group. Hope we have the opportunity to work with you again.

Courtney, Director of Special Projects; Linda, Corporate and Board Coordinator
Omni Family Health

You are a great trainer

Thank you Chris! You are a GREAT trainer…Thank you for providing a great program that was both informative and personally and professionally beneficial.

Sal P., Chief Operating Officer; Janis, S. VP of Human Resources
Confluence Technologies, Inc.

Certainly powerful and insightful

Wonderful presentation! Thank you so much for what you offered, Chris. I have gotten really positive feedback on the experience from all who were present. Thank you so much for your time and wonderful presentation. Really enjoyed learning about all of our strengths and found it to be very helpful. It was certainly powerful and insightful for me. We’ll use what we learned very intentionally in our planning.

Steph. L., Director of Spiritual Wellness; Julie H., Senior Spiritual Wellness Provider
Canyon Ranch Resort

The session was very insightful

We truly enjoyed having you join us today and guide us! The session was very insightful and informative and will provide us a way to approach communication differently using a straight-forward method. Thank you so much, Chris!

Annalisa J., Pian L., Lori S.
Point B Management Consultants

The ‘glue’ to bring this group together

Ohio University

Thank you for presenting an excellent session on the DiSC Leadership to the Ohio University Health Policy Fellowship Class. The Fellows were unanimous in rating you and your session as the highest rated session of the weekend. They commented on how impressed they were that you were attuned to them to the point that you organized the session based on their interests and goals—the gold standard for an effective educator. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with someone with your breadth of experience and knowledge—as well as such a great facilitator. The insight the Fellows gained will help mold them into an effective team. Thanks for providing the ‘glue’ to bring this group together. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you again.

Nancy Cooper
Fellowship Coordinator

Great course. Well received.

Thank you Chris. Great course. The feedback on the training has been very positive and well received. I too also enjoyed the training experience you provided. Thank you for supporting us.

Rick, Director, Product Operations; Clark, Product Engineer Manager; Khim, Project Manager, Product Lifecycle Mgmt.
Cisco Systerms, Inc.

Your presentation was phenomenal

Your presentation was phenomenal and very engaging. Excellent session. Very Interesting. We were able to learn a lot about ourselves and how to work more effectively with each other as a team. Thank you for your time at the Leadership Mentoring Program.

Christophe, IT/IS Director; Matt , Senior Human Resources Rep; Hamid, Project Engineer; Brendi, Program Administrator
Parker Aerospace

A fantastic experience

Thank you from all of us here at the Washington State Wine Commission. This was such an inspiring day…a thorough and enjoyable training session! It was an excellent opportunity for us to further learn about ourselves and the others on our team…The experience was just what we hoped it would be…After you left, we all talked about how much we all learned about ourselves and each other…Truly a fantastic experience and will surely pass on the great knowledge we gathered!

Chris S., Cayenne C., David F., Stephanie L., Leah C., Jayne C.
Washington Wine State Commission

Pleasantly surprised by the results

Department of Health and Human Services

This was great having you join us. We were pleasantly surprised by the results. I’ve gotten only positive feedback from the supervisors and managers about the training. Everyone I spoke to felt they walked away with greater insight into their own leadership strengths. We enjoyed the your training yesterday! Appreciate you sharing your talents and strengths with us!

Dr. Tara Fairfield, Judy Mifflin, Rana Shanefelt, Jeff Thompson

Very impressed and greatly educated

We were very impressed and more importantly greatly educated by your presentation and information. Perfect fit for us. Your presentation was relevant and rewarding.  The evaluations were spot on and the exercises were a bit of an awakening.  I truly enjoyed participating in your training. Thank you.


Steve, Commander; Phyllis, Administrative Specialist
Bartlett Police Department (Chicago Suburb)

The team responded well

You did a great job yesterday and the team responded really well! We were really pleased with the whole day. I am hoping we can keep the momentum going! Thanks again for being with us.

Kristi K., Project Resource Manager
Net Tech

Appreciate your experiences, wisdom and energy

Your presentation was well received and snippets of it was used throughout the day as reference. I heard “In Dr. Meade’s talk…..” many time throughout the day. Thank you very much for getting the day started. We all appreciate your experiences, wisdom, and energy. It was the perfect lead in for the subject we covered throughout the day.

Rob, ODOT/OSP Wireless Communications Section Manager
Oregon Department of Transportation

Great story telling skills

Meridian Police Dept

As the coordinator of the Emerging Leaders Program for the Meridian Police Department, I immediately knew that I wanted Chris Meade to be one of our guest presenters. Talking to a group of police officers is not an easy task; however, Chris agreed to the challenge and has been able to connect with the program participants by using his great story telling skills that ties the key points of each story into a larger narrative. Over the years, we always enjoyed his insightful and thought provoking presentations on various leadership topics. He brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires people with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors. Chris has a unique way of getting me to think deeply and then act on what I’m learning. I’m a better leader today because of Chris’ insightful talks. During his talks, he is able to draw from his experience as a leader in business, the non-profit sector, a university professor, but more importantly from his sincere desire to see people grow and develop as leaders.

Sgt. John Gonzales
Meridian Police Dept

Excellent training

Thank you so much for an excellent training. Learned a lot about myself and my co-workers. The next day many of us discussed and explored more ways we could utilize the training in our respective offices and departments.

Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation

Awesome session

Thank you so much! It was an awesome session!

Tony C., Senior Application Analyst
SCL Health

Appreciated your style

Thank you so much! Your evaluations were fantastic! In particular, the content was so applicable and the managers really appreciated your style.  There were several positive comments about you sharing personal stories as well as the way you presented.  You were personable and brought the content into our real lives. We learned so much about ourselves that we can use moving forward.

Karen G., Regional Director & Associate Administrator; Andrea S., Practice Manager
Austin Heart

Great discussion, valuable, and fun

Thank you, Chris, for presenting the DiSC to our team! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about our different styles and approaches and definitely plan on using what I learned with my staff…The day was so well received! I enjoyed it and thought it was helpful in understanding my co-workers. I would recommend it to other people as well….Your presentation was wonderful. I learned a lot…You made the presentation fun and your time is very much appreciated….I enjoyed the workshop very much – it inspired a lot of healthy discussion and reflection…This was especially valuable to me.  Great stuff!

Beth C., CEO; Dr. Sharon P., Testing Specialist & Psychometrician; Robin Y., Manager; Kathleen R., Exam Coordinator; Julie M.; Stacy T., Office Manager
Western Regional Examining Board

Received great feedback

Thank you again for the amazing job you did with our team. It really opened up conversations that needed to be had. We received great feedback from the team as well. A month and half later I truly believe our team is more cohesive and functioning better as a result.



Emily C., Manager of Emergency Services
Compass Health

Engaging and worthwhile presentation

Thank you so much for such a wonderful presentation! Thank you again for a very engaging and worthwhile presentation!

Kady F., Executive Assistant to the President
Western Wyoming Community College

The team appeared riveted

Thanks again, Chris, for your time this morning. The team appeared riveted with the discussion. We wish you all the best.

Brian W., VP of Human Resources
HCA Healthcare - MountainView Hospital, Las Vegas

Helps open the door for discovery

Brad Rumsey

I’ve had the opportunity to study and apply the principles that Chris has taught. The principles have made a difference. Chris’s leadership style is empowering and motivates people to look inside their own life to answer those difficult questions. Chris simply helps open the door for discovery. I’ve taken the same servant leadership principles and applied to my leadership style.

Brad Rumsey
Planning Operations Manager

A great session

Thank you again! It was a great team session and a pleasure to meet you. I am going to check out your other workshops for a future session….stay tuned!

Cheryl P., VP of Human Resources
Providence Health Centers

Me Ke Aloha Pumehana

Rocky Lima

Chris’ vision, passion and love for others is pure and authentic. He has a unique way of getting us to think deeply. His experience, fresh ideas, and timely messages have inspired both of us. My wife and I are better parents and friends with each other today because of his compassion and love he gave us. Me Ke Aloha Pumehana.

Rocky Lima

Deep passion and energy

John Purtill

Chris brings a deep passion and energy that has caused me to dig deep and reflect on who I am. Through this process one develops a holistic skill-set to be a more competent leader in today’s dynamic, ever changing world. No greater example of this approach can be found than what is offered in Chris’ writings. As I’ve listened to the Leadership Alive Audio Book, I find it reinforces the principles he has taught over the years. Chris’ message has served not only as a guide to my professional life but it has transcended into my personal life as well. Because of this process, I have better defined my values, morals and ethos. As a result, I have become a more centered individual.

John Purtill
Process Manager

Great team training workshop

Thanks again for a great class and workshop! Great insights. Let’s stay in touch.

Michael, President & CEO
Oculus, Inc.

Dynamic and inspirational

Aneke Binford

Chris Meade is one of the most dynamic and inspirational people I have had the opportunity to know. Chris has an electric personality and possesses the ability to ignite passion, inspire change, and encourage growth. He challenges those around him to develop new ways to view their realities. Chris absorbs his surroundings and can turn an ordinary interaction into an extraordinary learning experience. Chris commands an in-depth understanding of leadership and is driven to pass this knowledge on to others. Chris has a wealth of knowledge, but is humble and modest in his instruction. His passion for people and his desire to help them achieve their highest goals is genuine. I feel blessed to have had to opportunity to know and learn from Chris, and my life is truly more enriched as a result.

Aneke Binford


Brent R. Flock

Chris Meade is inspiring both personally and professionally. Chris shares his lessons of leadership in a way that are easy to understand and applicable to dailylife. I attended one of Chris’ one-day strategic conference workshops. When the time came for me to lead my own strategic conference, I was able to provide my agency with the guidance to successfully uncover their mission. Chris’ style of presentation is very engaging whether it be through his writings or seminars. If you are looking for a deeper meaning within yourself or your organization, Chris can guide you through the process of discovery!

Brent R. Flock
U.S. Probation Officer

You inspire us

Cacee and Art Valencia

One of the greatest joys in our life is to know that you have led us out onto the playing field of life, ready to play, and play hard. You inspire us, even in our bumps, bruises, wins, and losses; it’s all a part of the game. We feel so privileged to have played on your team. Our goal is to never sit on the sidelines because of how you have inspired us! We will always push forward because of your legacy.

Cacee and Art Valencia

Second to none

Spencer Molnar

Chris Meade’s speaking ability is second to none. His passion and knowledge will keep you interested in every word. Chris’ guidance affected my ability to achieve my goals in both my work and home life. I have yet to see a speaker better than Chris Meade.

Spencer Molnar
Sales Manager

One of those unique and rare individuals

Keith Nyquist

Throughout my decade or so of professional work experience and higher education, there have been one or two people who I feel have earned the title of a leader in this sense of the word; Chris Meade is one of those unique and rare individuals. Not a single day goes by where my actions are not influenced by the tremendous value that Chris instilled upon me. In Chris’ book, “Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture,” Chris describes the key elements to being successful in business and in life. I have recommended his book to several people in my business and personal life, and all those who have used his principles in their lives have found it not only rewarding and successful (when implemented), but also powerful and transformative. What makes Chris unique and special is that he absolutely, unequivocally lives his words and is a truly inspiring person to those around him. Pupils of Chris are often transformed into better leaders because of his unique ability to add real and immediate value to their lives. I am a better person because of Chris Meade and I believe he can and will serve many people in the future in a similar manner.

Keith Nyquist
Sales Distributor

Dynamic and introspective approach

Tracy Olsen

Chris Meade brings a dynamic and introspective approach to leadership development. His ability to empower people with skills to learn from within before leading others provides for a strong leadership foundation. Chris’s passion to teach was immediately evident from the moment I first met him. His Leadership Alive brings a worldview perspective that enhances ones paradigm. Chris makes learning fun, fulfilling and exciting. He has made me a more comfortable and confident leader.

Tracy Olsen
Operations Manager

Experience in the business world

Lynn Seibold

Chris is an inspirational, sometimes humorous, engaging, and motivational speaker with experience in the business world, the university, and to the non-profit arena. He brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires people with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors. Chris has a unique way of getting me to think deeply and then act on what I’ve learned. I’m a better leader and person today because of Chris’ insightful discussions. Chris brings energy wherever he goes, and pulls everyone’s ideas and strengths into the discussion. I have shared with others several of his patented leadership techniques, such as the “Head-Hands-Heart Model” and built many of his techniques into my leadership style.

Lynn Seibold
Director Shared Services

The team training was awesome

The team training was Awesome! It enlightened us in how to more effectively work with our teams. Hope we can expand your training to other departments. The information was priceless and will help us in preparing for future career goals and professional growth. You are an excellent trainer and instructor. Four hours seems like a long time for a training session, but at the end of day we did not want the training to end. Thank you!

Marcie, IT Project Leader, Shared Technology Services
Avery Dennison

Unique ability to communicate

Kevin Jackson

I’ve had the great opportunity for several years of listening to Chris Meade speak many times. I can attest to his unique ability to communicate so that people are able to grasp profound concepts and truths as well as anyone I have ever listened to. Chris places the “a-ha” component in his topics that clarifies many difficult issues and topics. There is a passion and awareness to his audience’s needs that is dynamic and life changing as he speaks. His insight and character have dramatically changed me as a person and has also caused me to look at challenges in life with a different perspective.

Kevin Jackson
Technology Sales Representative

Timely and extremely appropriate

Debbie Geyer

Thank you so much for your willingness to come and speak at our recent Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association (ICCTFOA) Institute. The information that you presented was very timely and extremely appropriate for the members in attendance. Your presentation style is captivating and I received several positive comments about your thought-provoking material and the wonderful illustrations used to clarify the message. Personally, I have taken to heart the material you presented and actually returned to my workplace with a new vision for improvement. I know that others will also benefit from hearing you speak.

Debbie Geyer
Caldwell City Clerk

Thought provoking

Lindsey Wallgren

I have known Dr. Chris Meade for many years. I have read several of his books, attended many of his speaking engagements. Without a doubt, Dr. Meade is one of the most energetic, thought provoking, and engaging speakers I’ve heard. He has a tremendous ability to take concepts, break them down, “unpack” them, and apply them to the individual or group. Every opportunity I have had to learn from him has resulted in significant personal and professional growth. Most recently I attended a presentation on “Financially Alive,” which goes beyond simple financial stewardship, and challenges the learner in other areas of work and life. I highly recommend and endorse Chris for any group or individual who wants to go deeper and accelerate growth and development.

Lindsey Wallgren
BSU Student Services

Leadership Alive is different

David Cutbirth

Unlike many leadership programs and consulting services, Leadership Alive, Inc, is different because they not only help train local leaders but they also assist leaders throughout the country at no charge who are either under-served or who are unable to take advantage of traditional training programs. Leadership Alive, Inc. is led by, Christopher Meade, Ph.D. who has worked as a small business owner, entrepreneur, MBA university professor, non-profit leader, and life coach. Chris brings a unique perspective that is insightful and helpful in developing the whole person. Chris helps bring together the heart, mind, and hands of a person to not only “know” but “do”. Today, I’m in an expanded role as a leader and I’m living proof that Chris has added value and acumen into my skill-set and into my life as a leader and lifelong learner. Chris has not only equipped me, but he has helped me lead others to develop their vision and passion as well.

David Cutbirth
President, DC Engineering

The ability to “unpack” a truth

Konrad Ziesing

I am pleased to recommend to you Dr. Christopher Meade. My life has been indelibly marked by his life and teaching. His perspectives on leadership have helped define my own leadership style and I am a better leader for it. One of the unique gifts that Chris has is the ability to “unpack” a truth, to get to its core, but more importantly, to discover how that truth applies to life, business, and leadership. Chris’ thorough introspection challenges me to look beyond the surface, but also not lose sight of the big picture. As a result, I believe I lead with more compassion and grace and the end-sum gain is truly transformational. If you would like to see your organization rise beyond status quo, you need someone who can skillfully speak to the heart‐core of your leadership. Dr. Chris Meade is one person I know who can do that effectively, genuinely, and passionately. You will not be disappointed!

Konrad Ziesing
Pastor & Adjunct Professor

A renewed sense of inspiration

Kory Taylor

Chris Meade, as an instructor and a speaker, has brought me a renewed sense of inspiration on the subject of leadership and public speaking. Speaking as someone from both a military and corporate background, leadership qualities can often fall to those who shout the loudest and potentially be the most ruthless in their personal quests for achievement. Chris has shown qualities that exemplified the idealism of progressive team building and becoming a voice for the people rather than over them. During my enrollment with Chris, he has demonstrated, repeatedly, great measures of patience and understanding, while also providing a sense of passion to both the learning of my fellow students as well as a desire to understand each and every one of us in the progression of our education. One of my most esteemed measures of leadership is the ability to have a compassionate understanding of those who follow them and the utmost desire to see the best in them, regardless of personal and spiritual creed and Chris, on numerous occasions, has shown himself truly capable of such a measure.

Kory Taylor
CS Technical Representative

Quickly able to relate

You were able to quickly relate to our team and learn how to best draw them out. That is no easy feat when you have a group of engineers in one room so thank you for working so hard to do that! I have heard nothing but great feedback as I am sure you will see with your follow-up survey. It was a pleasure to have you.

Kimberly, R&D Program Manager

Genuine, caring and deliberate

Johnny and Sabrina Chapman

We have had the opportunity of knowing Chris Meade for over 20 years. Chris has been our mentor, teacher and friend. Chris is genuine, caring and deliberate. Any interaction with him, formal or informal always leaves you feeling encouraged and inspired. Chris has a wonderful way of helping you to pursue the dreams and goals deep within your heart without compromising relationships or values. His communication style is engaging and warm. Whether listening to a message or reading his books, there are wonderful, life changing pearls of wisdom that immediately impact our lives. We are ecstatic that Chris continues to investment in leaders and businesses. We fully endorse Chris Meade and Leadership Alive.

Johnny and Sabrina Chapman
Lead Pastors & Divsional Superintendents

A man of integrity

Jim Adams

I have known Chris Meade for twenty years. During that time he has proven to be a man of integrity who has remained faithful and fruitful in season and out of season. For two decades I have watched him manage an extremely demanding career while also cultivating a thriving relationship with his wife and children. Chris is interesting and insightful and has the ability to stimulate creative thinking in those who know him. If you get to know him, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Jim Adams
Lead Pastor

Very helpful

Darin Gere

Leadership Alive resources have been very helpful to me in my counseling practice. As a motivational speaker and consultant, Chris Meade has added value and acumen into my skill-set as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Several of the principles Chris teaches have proven extremely effective for me and for my clients. Each time I have heard Chris speak I have been inspired by his mix of wisdom, humor, energy, and insight.

Darin Gere

Connecting to people

Jeremy Thompson

I have been impressed by the numerous ways Chris has demonstrated leadership and encouraged others to be leaders in their own fields. Every time I hear Chris speak, I am able to take something away that I can apply to my life, home, classroom, education and personal life. Chris has a way of connecting to people and making them more aware of their strengths and potential.

Jeremy Thompson
Teacher & Educator

Chris is an asset

Alex Domingo

I have had the good fortune of counting myself as one of Chris Meade’s students in recent years. I’m cautious not to take on the moniker of former pupil, as I truly believe Chris has awakened the “life‐long student” that has been hibernating within me. I will always be a student of Chris’ as he continuously has something to offer, and more importantly he considers himself a student of those who he works with or instructs. Chris’ collaborative approach to leadership development is based on the tenants of trust, respect and ethics. For these reasons alone, Chris is an asset to any project or organization that he contributes to. Chris’ value is the manner in which he is able to extract the all important real‐world experiences of the participants. It is these experiences that form the bedrock of lessons and impactful techniques that leaders can return to their organizations and effect positive change in areas such as work culture and productivity. In order to encourage leaders to open up about their own experiences amongst their peers, it helps to have a leadership coach with outstanding packaging. Chris’ packaging comes in the form of a servant helping to eliminate the roadblocks that prevent students from realizing all they have to offer as leaders. I wish everyone could enjoy Chris’ humble, inspirational, and indispensable insight on today’s approach to developing leadership in the workplace and within our communities.

Alex Domingo
Sr. Marketing & Business Development Professional

Inspirational, entertaining and energetic

Tami J. Faulhaber

I have had the privilege of hearing Chris Meade speak on the subject of leadership numerous times over the years. Chris addresses leadership with an inspirational, entertaining and energetic approach. He has a unique way of reaching people, infecting people with his excitement for the topic of leadership. My current leadership skills are greatly influenced by Chris and his instruction.

Tami J. Faulhaber

Easily understandable

Kevin Hudgens

Chris Meade brings a unique and inspiring perspective to the discipline of leadership. He is able to present in terms that are easily understandable, and definitely applicable to anyone who aspires to improve their leadership abilities. His inspirational and interactive style encompasses real world experience with proven techniques, which have allowed me the opportunity to introspectively explore my own unique style, while embracing the ideas of others. What I appreciate about Chris is not only his energy and enthusiasm, but his message to never stop learning, which has inspired me to be a lifelong learner, and has definitely made me a better leader within my organization.

Kevin Hudgens

This is a standout for everyone

It was great to spend time learning more about ourselves and ways to better lead our teams. I have heard nothing but great feedback from everyone, which should also reflect in the surveys. We’ve had many training sessions over the years but this one seems to stand out for everyone. The topics and the way you presented the material was fantastic and just what we were looking for. You have a true and genuine passion for leadership and it really shows in your presentations.

Lisa, Director of Customer Service; Mike, Quality Service Manager
Clark Public Utilities

Stands apart from the multitude

Trent Stoker

Dr. Chris Meade stands apart from the multitude of leadership trainers who teach others to think like they do. Instead, Chris will challenge you to think for yourself. He is a gifted instructor, a passionate learner, and a deep thinker who does not shy away from the whole truth. He introduced me to principles and practical skills that I continue to apply to my professional and personal life. I gained greater confidence in myself as a leader thanks to Dr. Chris Meade.

Trent Stoker
Director of Claims Services

Inspiring and engaging

Abel Moore

Chris’ ability to present information in an inspiring and engaging way will linger in your thoughts for many days. Chris’ ability to inspire others through his dynamic and awe inducing presentation style will leave you thirsty for both more information and a deeper understanding of some of the most important aspects of our lives.

Abel Morel
MBA Graduate

The whole leadership package

Maureen O'Toole

Chris Meade is the whole leadership package – author, motivational speaker, mentor, professor, and entrepreneur. Chris’ ability to bring relevant personal experience and humility to a leadership environment creates an atmosphere in which participants feel free to explore their own adventures and misadventures in a nonjudgmental, supportive, growth-focused environment. Warm, open, friendly and able to integrate humor into any situation, Chris blends well with any group or organization. Chris’ extensive knowledge of leadership through graduate and post graduate studies is remarkable. He is well read in trade and scholarly leadership materials and can easily blend that understanding to any situation. Masterful at prompting and facilitating discussion, Chris’ approach encourages reflection and at the personal and professional level. Chris’ books are wrapped in personal insight and Christian scripture and can be profoundly moving. Having studied under his tutelage as a graduate student and worked with him on a long-term advisory committee, I would actively seek out Chris as a leadership mentor, speaker and trainer.

Maureen O’Toole
Leadership Consultant & US Army Reserve Officer

Valuable presentation today

Thank you very much for your valuable presentation today. It was a very good morning. Your topic and your presentation style was very much appreciated by the entire group. We are going to follow up by following through with the challenge you gave us. We loved the materials your provided for the teams too.

Bonnie, Director of Mission; Diana, Manager:
Providence Medical Center & Health Services

Propel your team to new heights

Caroline Keegan

Dr. Chris Meade’s enthusiasm and expertise in leadership application can propel your team to new heights. His presentations will capture the attention of any work group and generate sustained dialogue resulting in new ideas and improved teamwork. I had the privilege of being mentored by Dr. Meade in graduate school. I attribute much of my leadership exploration and development to his thought provoking books and classes. He focuses on wealth as a balance among several aspects of one’s personal and professional life, giving your team the opportunity to reflect on the many benefits that balance can offer in terms of productivity, morale and profits. The opportunity to be part of Meade’s audience is one I hope for your organization.

Caroline Keegan
Business Manager

A new level of understanding

Adam Cuneo

Dr. Chris Meade has been instrumental in guiding me along during my journey to grow as both a human being and as an authentic leader. Chris has the ornate ability to zone in on the individual and group in order to expand their mind and perceptions to a new level of understanding. His lessons on the subject of life, ethics, and leadership are both relevant and truly captivating. Please do yourself a favor and learn about the variety of Chris’ resources that can help elevate your trajectory of growth forever. I then challenge you to model and engage.

Adam Cuneo
Sales Professional

Learned a lot about ourselves

Thank you for your presentation. The training was a wonderful experience and you did a great job! I think that everyone enjoyed it and we had fun, too.I t was engaging, interesting and valuable. We learned a lot about ourselves and our colleagues through this experience. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and hard work.

Marlene, Regional Marketing Officer; Amber, Administration
St. Vincent Hospital Network

Insightful and critical

Aaron Howard

Chris Meade’s Financially Alive seminar is both insightful and critical to personal and professional development. The depth of content that is focused on and the energy he brings to his subject matter is unparalleled. This inspiration and connectedness is what the business world needs to understand the new evolution in business and the true meaning of ethical capitalism. As Dr. Meade states, “It is more than just how to make a living; it’s about how to make a life.

Aaron Howard
Business Leader

Tremendous teacher

Marita Neve

I had the privilege of having Chris Meade as my mentor for five years. I also gleaned much from the 19 months I served as his administrative assistant. Chris’ wisdom, experience, and humility make him a tremendous teacher and the lessons he has taught me will adhere for life. He has profound passion, insight, and skill for developing leaders. Growing in leadership is made personal and practical with Chris’ expertise, encouragement, and sense of humor. Chris taught me that to lead is to serve, and Chris does this with humility and sincerity.

Marita Neve’ King
Medical School Graduate Student

Wonderfully engaging

Steve Yoest

Christopher Meade is a wonderfully engaging speaker and talented coach. He is a powerful communicator leveraging a true ability to synthesize and illustrate leadership concepts and teachings through life stories. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wishes to grow personally, expand professionally, and deepen spiritually. He has dedicated his talents to leadership development in others and through “Leadership Alive” provides an array of quality books and resources to learn from. He also hosts a web-based creative educational experience that will help you maximize your potential, gain new insights, and live life with more purpose and passion. Today, I’m in an expanded role as a leader and I’m living proof that Chris has added value into my skillset and into my life as a leader and lifelong learner.

Steve Yoest
Team Leader

One of my favorite mentors

Rajesh Kanaparti

Dr. Chris Meade became one of my favorite mentors, especially in the subject of leadership. His teaching was filled with passion, motivation, and experience. His knowledge in the latest trends in social media and entrepreneurship simply amazed me. Chris gave me a unique perspective in the world in which we live and in the world of business. He stretched my thinking, challenged me to examine my belief system, and helped me to creatively solve problems both in my business and my personal life, while improving my relationships with everyone I touch. I’m a better leader and person today because of Chris’ mentorship and coaching in my life.

Rajesh Kanaparti
Founder & CEO

Precise, challenging, and memorable

I’ve known Chris for nearly 15 years now and have always admired his ability to thoughtfully prepare his thoughts when he speaks. His delivery is precise, challenging, and memorable and woven artfully with both wit and wisdom. Whether speaking in a small group or at a dinner banquet, Chris is able to engage, inform and inspire audiences.

Steven Reames
CEO Genesis World Mission

Time well spent

Thanks for everything you did for us…and sharing valuable insights and how to capitalize upon them.  Time well spent. One of our departments had a real breakthrough. Appreciated all your help with our teams. Guiding us in ways to improve our interactions, realizing our strengths and building trust, benefited us all.


Beth, Chief Executive Officer; Robin, Director of Dental Hygiene Operations
Western Regional Examination Board

Great presentation

Our team really enjoyed your presentation. It was a great presentation. Thank you for your help and insights. Our team really enjoyed your presentation. It was an interesting experience.

John, Partner; Trish, Firm Administrator
Lyons Gaddis Attorney's & Counselors

Legacy Health & Randall Children’s Hospital

Legacy Health Systems

Tangible. Relatable. Actionable.

It was a great session and I had almost every single leader on my team comment to that effect. I think we’re making progress on getting folks to work together and see the best in their colleagues’ actions. Today was another step on the path to making this team really hum! I thought you did a fantastic job of making our team training tangible, relatable and actionable. Thank you again for your time.

Travis, Senior Vice President, ISG Sales - Global Business Operations
Dell Computers EMC