About Leadership Alive, Inc.®

Building Strong Leaders. Developing Healthy Teams.

Leadership Alive, Inc.®, a nonprofit organization, helps inspire, coach, and resource leaders, teams and organizations to grow personally, expand professionally, and deepen spiritually in order to maximize their potential, work with purpose, and live with passion.Chris Meade

Christopher Meade, PhD

Leadership Alive, Inc.® is led by, Chris Meade Ph.D., a skilled motivational keynote speaker, author of five books, small business entrepreneur who has started four businesses, university graduate business professor, and an executive life and leadership coach. He currently serves as the Dean of the College of Business at George Fox University in Portland, Oregon. He speaks regularly at conferences, conventions, and training events.

Accelerate. Galvanize. Focus. Achieve.

Chris accelerates growth in leaders, galvanizes work teams together, focuses organizational strategy, and helps achieve an environment of success where employees are happier and the bottom line is stronger. Based out of Portland, Oregon, Chris travels throughout the United States. He is an experienced and skillful motivational speaker, Gallup-certified StrengthsFinder coach, leadership trainer, and author.


Speaking. Training. Resourcing.

"Dr. Chris Meade became one of my favorite mentors, especially in the subject of leadership. His teachinLeadership Alive Rajg was filled with passion, motivation, and experience. His knowledge in the latest trends in social media and entrepreneurship simply amazed me. Chris gave me a unique perspective in the world in which we live and in the world of business. He stretched my thinking, challenged me to examine my belief system, and helped me to creatively solve problems both in my business and my personal life, while improving my relationships with everyone I touch. I'm a better leader and person today because of Chris’ mentorship and coaching in my life." Rajesh Kanaparti, Founder & CEO