The whole leadership package

Chris Meade is the whole leadership package–-author, motivational speaker, mentor, professor, and entrepreneur. Chris’ ability to bring relevant personal experience and humility to a leadership environment creates an atmosphere in which participants feel free to explore their own adventures and misadventures in a nonjudgmental, supportive, growth-focused environment. Warm, open, friendly and able to integrate humor into any situation, Chris blends well with any group or organization. His extensive knowledge of leadership through graduate and post graduate studies is remarkable. He is well read in trade and scholarly leadership materials and can easily blend that understanding to any situation in the business world. Masterful at prompting and facilitating discussion, Chris’ approach encourages reflection and growth at the personal and professional level. Chris’ books are wrapped in personal insight and can be profoundly moving. Having studied under his tutelage as a graduate student and worked with him on a long-term advisory committee, I would actively seek out Chris as a leadership mentor, speaker and trainer.

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