Chris Meade Books

Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture.

Because contemporary culture is changing, new practices are needed to better inspire, educate, and train emerging leaders of the 21st century. This book identifies the leadership attributes that effective leaders employ and explores which of those competencies are catalytic in the formation and development of "a new kind of leader for a new kind of world."  

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Financially Alive: Wealth Creation. Social Responsibility. Timeless Values.

Financially Alive is a strategy for creating wealth in several areas of our lives AND it’s about being socially responsive with our influence to help meet the needs of others through generosity and justice. This insightful and inspirational book is a mix of ancient biblical wisdom literature, modern MBA business thinking, and 21st century success principles. This book is more than just about making money; it's about how to make a life.  

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New Testament Alive: The Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John.

This book is an informative and inspirational devotional that focuses on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. Filled with personal life stories and insightful analogies, Dr. Chris Meade provides both a general overview of each chapter in the gospel as well as practical application for daily living.  

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Community Alive: Connection. Transformation. Human Flourishing.

This book unlocks the timeless truths and benefits of belonging to and interacting within an authentic Christ-centered community. Dr. Chris Meade illustrates how our lives expand, deepen, and flourish personally, professionally, and spiritually because of the Life-transforming force that is present within a healthy community, organization and work-team. Over 100 businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, and diverse work-teams are represented in this research-based project that was conducted in over 18 cities throughout the United States and China.   Coming Soon!