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Dr. Christopher Meade is a top professional speaker and author on Entrepreneurship and Small Business. He is an inspirational, sometimes humorous, engaging speaker who brings a fresh and timely talk that inspires entrepreneurs and energizes small business owners with vision and passion to pursue excellence in their endeavors and improve in their businesses. Chris speaks at conferences, conventions, and training events on the topic of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership.

Entrepreneurship Keynote Talks

The Entrepreneurial Leader: Strategic Principles On How To Navigate a Successful Business

entrepeneurship chris meadeAs a house needs a structural design and sturdy foundation in order for drywall to be hung and walls to be painted, and as a garden needs a lattice so its plants and vines can grow upward and flourish, so too does every business, large and small, need a framework that sets it up from long-term success and sustainability. This informative and inspirational keynote unpacks the timeless truths about change, creativity, strategy, team-work, problem-solving, and betterment, and weaves them together for a recipe of success.

Fully Alive: Accelerate! Increasing Capacity and Performance By Doing More With Less

fully alive rocks balance chris meadeMany people feel maxed out energy wise and are running on empty. Work and life feel stuck on “fast forward.” What’s a person to do? The answer is to do more on less. This motivational keynote talk focuses on how managers, supervisors and leaders can expand their professional capacity and gain greater performance outcomes in life and work by learning how to tap into unused energy reserves found within their own lives. This presentation helps create physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual alignment in order to give you the leverage and advantage you need. This talk, filled with personal life stories, will help participants tap into greater creativity, increase their energy levels and learn how to solve problems better… all while still getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep!

Discover Your Entrepreneurial Strengths

“Entrepreneurs create prosperity by using their talents to turn an idea into a customer.”

entrepreneurship chris meadeWhether you are interested in launching a business, running a small business, starting a career, or pursuing your education, this keynote is for you! Gallup has studied thousands of successful U.S. entrepreneurs to understand how they start, sustain, and grow successful companies. Gallup-certified Strengths coach, Dr. Chris Meade, explores the 10 talents of highly successful entrepreneurs in this informative and inspirational keynote presentation based on Gallup’s research findings. You will discover how to start with talent, discover, develop and direct your entrepreneurial Strengths, build key relationships, and then take action.

Speaking to a leadership team at Nike, Inc. in Portland Oregon.

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Speaking at the Adjutant General’s Leadership Day.

Chris Meade Keynote Speaker

Speaker. Entrepreneur. Author. Professor. Leader-Builder.

Dr. Chris Meade - Leadership Alive“Dr. Christopher Meade is an author, leader-builder, entrepreneur, former business dean, award-winning MBA professor, and small business owner who has started four businesses. He is an energizing and inspirational keynote speaker who specializes in motivating, coaching and training entrepreneurs, small business owners, and high-performing teams. He speaks at conferences, conventions, and training events throughout the United States. Chris accelerates growth in leaders, galvanizes work teams together, and trains and inspires entrepreneurs, managers and leaders how to boost employee engagement within their organizations in order to maximize performance, increase customer engagement, and improve business outcomes. Chris is the author of Leadership Alive: Changing Leadership Practices in the Emerging 21st Century Culture. He serves as a business leadership coach to a wide range of executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, small business owners, teams, and organizations.

Gallup Strengths Coach Chris Meade